Ear Worm: Advertising

i agree the lyrics are genius. but they won't get out of my bloody head. seriously, i haven't slept for a week.
kgoonie, commenting about the Garmin "Carol Of The Bells" ads on Youtube

If you are annoyed by commercials, the sticky songs they use make it even worse. Of course, the entire point of advertising jingles is to be an ear worm so that you don't forget the name of the brand.

Phone numbers set to music
  • JG Wentworth: 877-CASH-NOW!!!
  • Empire Carpets: Eight-Hundred, Five-Eight-Eight, Two-Three-Hundred, Em-piiiiire! (Today!) This one has been around since the 1960's, when Empire was a Chicago-only business, and the phone number didn't start with 1-800. Many folks who first heard it back then think the "1-800" ruins the meter.
    • The holiday jingles were just as earworm-ish.
  • Stanley Steemer: Call 1-800-STEEMER, Stanley Steemer gets your carpet cleaner!
  • Speaking of Pizza hut: "Call 648-8888..." (This number, set to the melody of the William Tell Overture, reaches Pizza Hut delivery in one or two area codes.)
    • Call 488-8888! Pizza Hut Delivery is really great!
  • A taxi ad which appeared in September '07, EVERYWHERE in Australia. "1-3-1, double 0 8. So many taxis, why wait?"
  • [2], 1-877—ARGH!
  • Call 8 2-5 2-5 2-5! The Denver Post guaranteed classified...
  • 0-800-double 0 - 1066
  • "1-800-SAFE-AUTO..."
  • Coldseal Windows 0800 double two double one double five!
  • ((BROKEN))"1-800-94-JENNY!" (or 95-, 96-, etc.) (Jenny Craig)
  • "Call 1-800-EAST-WEST"
  • "1-3-double OH-6-triple 5-0-6".
    • Well, at least I'll never forget the number, even if I forget how to read and write.
  • "The Heavy Hitters are all you need, call 1-800-LAW-1333!"
  • Regional example from ITV in the UK: "Ring YTV's Christmas Line on Leeds double four-eight-one-NINE-NINE!
  • For those of us in the US state of Illinois..."United Auto Insurance...773-202-5000 We've got you covered...Chicago!
  • 1-800 MY SEATS! (1-800 MY SEATS!)
  • Whenever I visit family in Toronto, I always get that damn Alarm Force jingle stuck in my head.
    • 1-800-267-2001! ALARM FORCE!!!!!!
  • 773, 202, (Bee-beep-beep-beep), LUNAAA...
  • Who do you call when your windshield's BUS-ted? 1-800-FIF-ty four- GI-ant!
  • Everyone from the greater LA/Inland Empire will recognize "Well, you won't get a lemon..." "I wouldn't have got a lemon?" "at Toyota of Orange!"
  • Here's a ZIP CODE set to music for all the ZOOMers in the house!!
  • Northern Nevadans, sing with me: CARSON CITY TOYOTA SCION, if you're not buying here, YOU SHOULD BE!!!
  • For a lot of us in the NYC metropolitan area, there's this relentless ear worm... Six-six-six, six-six-sixty-six! REMEMBER SIX!!
    • This literally comes on EVERY. SINGLE. Commmercial break.
  • 1-1-8-24-7, give them a call it's directory heaven.
    • This is the reason you know the Yellow Pages number. It even inspired Magical Trevor...
  • 1-800-267-2001, Alarm Force!
  • Call 267-8433, because the next best thing to do is Dalworth Clean *ding*
  • Also in Chicago (we seem to love earworms) "(773)783-8300 call Galaxie! *ting*"
  • and "Glen Lerner is the lawyer for you...call 222-twenty-two twenty-two!"
  • In the 1980s the tourism board of Prince Edward Island, Canada, commissioned country legend "Stompin' Tom" Connors to write a jingle. I can't remember where my keys are, but what's the phone number for Tourism PEI?
    "Eight-seven-seven, five-six-five, seven-four-two-ONE!"
  • Who do you call when your windshield's busted? Call Giant Glass. 1-800-54-GIANT!
  • The Jenny Craig ads, which changed each year in the 90s to include the last 2 digits of the year.
  • If you live in West Virginia (specifically Cabell County), you've had the Danny Kline * Let your NEW life begin, call 1-800-Get-SLIM! stuck in your head. * Danny Kline is the way to go, call 346-5990!!"
  • Do any Edmontonians remember, or still hear in their head, "dial 4-73-73-73"
    • PIZZA 73! Pizza zone....
  • Call Goldberg! 800-600-6014!
  • "Come on, everybody, get it done, you know the one...Call 1-800-HANSONS...get it done!"

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