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Dye Job: Mahou Sensei Negima!
So many that it needed its own. Negima!? changes also apply to the Spring and Summer OVAs.

      Manga Introduction OVA Negima! Negima!? Ala Alba OAD
    Negi Red Brown Brown Red Red
    Asuna Green / Blue Teal/ Blue Green / Blue Blue Teal / Blue
    Nodoka Purple Blue Blue Red Blue
    Setsuna Brown Brown Brown Red Brown
    Konoka Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown
    Chisame Red Gray Blue Brown Orange
    Makie Reddish Purple Brown Purple Green Pink
    Sakurako Purple Green Red Blue Red
    Satomi Dark Green Gray Blue Dark Green Dark Green
    Evangeline Blue Blue Green Blue Sky Blue
    Misora Brown Gray Gray Brown Grayish Brown
    Yue Purple Dark Blue Purple Purple Purple
    Kazumi Purple Gray Red Sky Blue Pink
    Haruna Brown Gray Grayish Purple Orange Red
    Kaede Blackish Blackish    Green
    Ku Fei Green Brown Gray Green Green
    Chachamaru Green Blue Blue Green Green
    Anya Red Brown   Green Green
    Chao Reddish Brown Brown Off-Blue Golden Yellow Red Orange
    Mana Reddish Pink Brown Purple Gold Red
    Sayo Reddish Orange Gray Red Orange Red
    Satsuki Red Brown Blue Dark Red Brown
    Ako Red Orange Dark Red Golden Yellow Red
    Natsumi Green Gray Gray Olive Green Sea Green
    Yuna Red Gray Orange Purple Red
    Akira Reddish Purple Dark Gray Reddish Purple Blue Red
    Ayaka Green Green Green Green Sea Green
    Chizuru Brown Gray Gray Purple Pinkish Orange
    Fuka Red Brown Purple Red Pink
    Fumika Red Brown Blue Blue Pink
    Misa Red Brown Green Red Maroon
    Madoka Purple Gray Blue Gray Gray
    Kotaro Dark Purple     Reddish Purple

      Manga Introduction OVA Negima! Negima!? Ala Alba OAD
    Asuna Orange Orange Orange Orange Orange
    Nodoka Purple Dark Blue Purple Blue Purple
    Setsuna Brown Black Dark Blue Dark Blue Black
    Konoka Brown Black Brown Dark Brown Blackish Brown
    Chisame Orange Orange Forest Green Brown Orange
    Makie Pink Red Pink (1st half), Red (2nd half) Pink Pink
    Sakurako Orange Orangish Brown Red Blonde Orange
    Satomi Black Dark Brown Blue Black Black
    Evangeline Blonde Blonde Light Brown (almost white) Blonde Blonde
    Misora Red Red Brown Sandy-Brown Grayish-Brown
    Yue Bluish Purple (then purple) Dark Blue Blue Purple Purple
    Kazumi Dark Pink Red Off-Pink Red Pinkish Red Dark Pink
    Haruna Brown Black Olive Green Faded Green Faded Green
    Kaede Greenish Brown Brown Gray Greenish Nrown Greenish Brown
    Ku Fei Blonde Sandy Blonde Sandy Blonde Sandy Blonde Sandy Blonde
    Chachamaru Light Green Light Green Light Green Light Green Light Green
    Anya Pinkish Red Brown Brown Pinkish Red Pinkish Red
    Chao Black Dark Brown Dark Purple Dark Purple Black
    Mana Blackish Brown Dark Brown Dark Gray-Blue Black Black
    Sayo White (with a blue tint) Gray Gray Gray White (with a blue tint)
    Satsuki Brown Brown Brown Maroon Brown
    Ako Light Blue Light Blue Gray Gray Blue Light Blue
    Natsumi Orange Red Brown Green Pink
    Yuna Dark Brown Dark Brown Light Brown Brown Dark Brown
    Akira Brown Black Blue Brown Dark Brown
    Ayaka Blonde Dark Blonde Yellowish Blonde Blonde Blonde
    Chizuru Pinkish Red Light Brown Brown Red Pinkish Orange
    Fuka Pinkish Orange Orangish Brown Pink (1st half), Red (2nd half) Pink Faded Pink
    Fumika Pinkish Orange Orangish Brown Pink (1st half), Red (2nd half) Pink Faded Pink
    Misa Pinkish Purple Reddish Brown Purple Light Purple Pinkish Purple
    Madoka Dark Blue Black Dark Gray Dark Purple Dark Blue
    Kotaro Black —— —— —— Black
    Shizuna Blonde Light Brown Blue Green —— Blonde

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