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Dwarf Fortress: Drunk Fortress
"There seems to be a minor issue with lava containment."

The siege is broken! We are victorious!!!!! Also, the exterior of the fortress continues to burn.
Jervill, drunken player

Dwarf Fortress is often lauded as one of the most complicated games of all time. The interface is opaque, the learning curve a cliff. It's hard enough for experienced players to keep their forts safe and secure on the best of days.

So, what happens when a bunch of players play a succession fort while completely inebriated?

Drunk Fortress is a Dwarf Fortress succession game in which each player takes a turn playing while totally plastered. It's run on a "First Drunk First Serve" basis, in which whoever is consuming alcohol at the moment is the next player. As can be expected from such playing conditions, the fortress quickly became a labyrinthine mess of half-finished projects and forgotten passages, with magma leaking into the fort from every direction and hosting at least three tantrum spirals. And it is glorious.

See the madness here. Action starts on page 7. Needs some Wiki magic.

Drunk Fortress provides examples of the following tropes:

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