Dropped A Bridge On Him / Web Original

  • In the Battle Royale based RP Survival of the Fittest, characters are often killed off in this manner, particularly inactive ones. A good example would be the death of Joe Cande, who passed out shortly before his handler became inactive; He was killed by a bullet that hit him in the neck when it ricocheted off of a weapon being held by someone else.
    • Subverted with the escape attempts in v3 and v4. Both examples made it look like a mass bridge-dropping at first, until further updates revealed that they weren't dead. In v3 it turned out that they had all removed their collars and were fighting to get off the island, and in v4 the escapees were revealed to have successfully left the island and were now in a hospital in Canada.
  • The Music Video Show has the second season host dead on the ground, out of nowhere at the third season finale. Until Episode 100.
  • In the lonelygirl15 story "Prom: It's To Die For", Gina Hart was shot by Edward Salinas, so that he could be promoted to Elder. Then, a week later in "Hangman's Noose", Salinas was killed off.
  • In Red vs. Blue, as of the miniseries Relocated, this would seem to be Sister's fate. Lopez casually mentions that he killed her. Grif, having once seen her spend three hours in freezing water and come out not only alive but pregnant, doesn't believe it. He is ultimately proven right when she reappears as a cameo in the season 13 finale.
  • In Bunnykill, Snowball's partners have a tendency to get cheaply killed by the Big Bad. Then again, death doesn't seem to slow down the characters of this series much.
  • Aydin from Darwin's Soldiers is reported by a newspaper to have committed suicide in a Cornova, TX convenience store. The heroes find out about it from a local newspaper.
  • As of Episode 38 of Shadow of Israphel, Knight_Peculier has seemingly gone this way, having fallen into a pool of radioactive waste, much to Lewis Brindley and Simon Lane's horror. One reckons the writers did this deliberately, as opposed to the accidental death of Um_Bongo (who has had an Unexplained Recovery for the survival maps and mod spotlights).
  • Dragon Ball Z Kai Abridged Episode 2 kills off the entirety of the Ginyu Force as soon as they're introduced by having Goku's ship crash-land on them.
  • In We Are All Pokémon Trainers, upon finding a treasure room which turned out to be Larva and Metentis' summer house, Brudy was abruptly eaten by Larva the Cofagrigus after Metentis the Dusclops told her she couldn't have any servants.
  • Sgt. Frog Abridged has this has happen to Putata, via gory headshot for both Rule of Funny and for being The Scrappy in both the original show and the abdriged series.
  • The Lazer Collection - Quite literally, replace the bridge with a piano, which ends both the life and the three-second cameo of Dr. Octogonapus.
  • Parodied in the Strong Bad Email about the origin of the stick where Mr. Bland and Señor are crushed by a falling Bubs' Concession Stand.