Dropped A Bridge On Him / Newspaper Comics

  • Stephan Pastis kills off characters all the time in Pearls Before Swine (and then inexplicably brings them back months later). The most humiliating might be Leonard, who was brought in as a new roommate to Rat and Pig, but whom Pastis quickly decided didn't fit in. So Leonard got his head stuck in the toilet and drowned.
    • Made particularly painful by the fact that the first three panels of said comic consisted of Pastis saying that he wanted to give Leonard a good, dignified death.
    • The same strip is notable for the Show Within a Show "The Adventures of Angry Bob," in which Rat (sitting at a typewriter) subjects Angry Bob to a variety of inglorious and meaningless deaths. Angry Bob is unfortunate enough to have the ability to "un-die", thus leaving the door open for Dropped a Bridge on Him to become a Running Gag.