Dropped A Bridge On Him / Animated Films

  • In Toy Story 3, a great number of the toys have been sold, broken or lost in the time period between 2 and 3 making for a Darker and Edgier feel. Especially saddening is the absence of Bo Peep, Woody's love interest — when she is mentioned, Woody looks utterly miserable.
  • In the Shrek series, both Lord Farquaad and Prince Charming have pretty mundane deaths; the former is simply eaten by Dragon, and the latter has a piece of scenery from the stage production he's running fall on top of him (pushed by the same dragon).
  • Sir Lionel in Quest for Camelot. You'd think a death of the father of our heroine would be a bit more spectacular. But he gets whacked in the head with Ruber's rock-hard mace as they try to fend him off. It isn't dramatic either. Ruber flees at the end of the scene and then they notice Sir Lionel is dead.
  • Subverted with Rex, King, Boss, and Duke in Isle of Dogs. It looks like they were fed unceremoniously into a trash incinerator, but they show up later in the movie perfectly fine. It turns out that the incinerator wasn't working right, so the four dogs were able to escape unscathed, albeit covered in soot.