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Driven To Suicide: Tabletop Games
  • In the origin story for the Ravenloft setting, grieving bride Tatyana throws herself from the clifftop castle wall, rather than be turned into a vampire by her fiance's murderous brother, Strahd von Zarovich. Strahd's karmic punishment as a Darklord is to continue driving Tatyana's reincarnations to suicide (or be otherwise directly or indirectly responsible for her death) again and again as the only thing he truly wants - her - keeps slipping from his grasp.
  • One of the Deathlords in Exalted, during his first life as a Solar Exalted, was inducted into a Circle (adventuring party) to replace their lost member, who had carried the same Shard. After enduring a decade of them demonstrating why the Solars ended up being overthrown, he killed himself. Then, after spending a fair while as a brooding ghost, the rest of them managed what he saw as a Karma now he wants to destroy all life.
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