Driven To Suicide: Mythology

  • Greek Mythology
    • Psyche has a track record of this trope: twice after she loses Cupid, and once after each of the last three impossible tasks Venus orders. Considering the raw deals she has got, it is hard to blame her.
    • In most versions of the story of Oedipus, Jocasta hangs herself once she realizes the man she has married is her son and her husband's killer. Oedipus, however, punishes himself in a far-more long-lasting way.
    • Heracles' third wife Deianira hangs herself in grief when she realizes that she's been tricked into poisoning his robe, which eventually leads to the hero's death.
    • Some versions of Ariadne's myth claim that she hanged herself, when she realized Theseus left her on Naxos to die.
  • Judas after betraying Jesus.