Driven To Suicide / Mythology

  • Greek Mythology
    • Psyche has a track record of this trope: twice after she loses Cupid, and once after each of the last three impossible tasks Venus orders. Considering the raw deals she has got, it is hard to blame her.
    • In most versions of the story of Oedipus, Jocasta hangs herself once she realizes the man she has married is her son and her husband's killer. Oedipus, however, punishes himself in a far-more long-lasting way.
    • Heracles' third wife Deianira hangs herself in grief when she realizes that she's been tricked into poisoning his robe, which eventually leads to the hero's death.
    • Some versions of Ariadne's myth claim that she hanged herself, when she realized Theseus left her on Naxos to die.
    • In one version of the story of Arachne, Athena's intended punishment is a curse intended to teach humility and respect; it works too well, filling her with guilt and causing her to hang herself. Athena grants a small consolation by turning her into a spider.
    • One version of the story of Jason and the Argonauts says that Jason ultimately, after breaking his vow to Medea and thus losing Hera's favor and becoming broke and destitute, tried to hang himself from the stern of the Argo, only for it to break off and crush him. (And that's the compassionate ending. The crueler one says he went to it to commiserate, saying it was his only friend; then it fell on him.
  • Judas hangs himself from a tree after betraying Jesus, according to Matthew's Gospel, although this is contradicted by Acts of the Apostles.