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Drinking Game: XCOM: Enemy Unknown
Drinking Game for X-COM: Enemy Unknown.

Take a sip:
  • Every time one of your soldiers misses a shot
  • Every time one of your soldiers get flanked
  • Every time you stun an alien and take it prisoner instead of killing it
  • Every time one of your soldiers is critically wounded
  • Every time a UFO pops up
  • Every time you launch a satellite. Two if it won you a continental bonus
  • ENEMY WITHIN: Every time EXALT pops up to make your life difficult.
  • ENEMY WITHIN: Every time a gene mod triggers on the battlefield.

Take a shot:
  • Every time your team takes down an alien in one shot.
  • Every time a Heavy misses with his or her rocket launcher
  • Every time you unlock a new piece of equipment or upgrade
  • Every time you kill an alien you were trying to take prisoner
  • Every time one of your soldiers is killed
  • Every time Bradford shows a lack of Genre Savvy (for your own sake, don't do the tutorial mission if you're playing this drinking game).
  • Every time Vahlen complains about your use of explosives, or her interrogation skills or enthusiasm are brought up
  • Every time Shen comments on how uneasy he feels about alien technology
  • Every time Vahlen and Shen disagree
  • Every time you finish a mission without any of your soldiers taking any damage at all.
  • ENEMY WITHIN: Every time a Seeker starts strangling one of your soldiers. Finish your drink if the soldier is killed by it.
  • ENEMY WITHIN: Every time you kill an alien by punching them with a MEC Trooper
    • Two shots if you get the achievement for doing such.
  • Every time a Terror Mission pops up.

Finish your drink:
  • Whenever you encounter a new type of alien
  • Whenever you lose a satellite
  • Whenever you lose a council member. Two drinks if a 5-panic country stays aboard at the end of the month
  • Whenever one of your troops is mind-controlled.
    • Finish your drink, then grab another one and finish it if you successfully finish the mission with none of your troops dead or wounded anyways.
  • Whenever you send a soldier into a darkened room that turns out to be full of aliens
  • Whenever you get a Code Black
  • Whenever someone on your team misses a 90% or higher shot
  • Whenever someone on your team makes a low percentage (below 30%) shot. Two drinks if it crits.
  • Whenever a heavy misses with their rocket launcher and blows up a team-mate instead.
  • Whenever you spot a Meld canister with 1 turn left and can't secure it on that turn.
  • Whenever you manage to mind-control an Ethereal. Take a sip of the next drink if you do such in Enemy Unknown.
    • Finish your drink, then grab another one and finish it if you use a mind-controlled Ethereal to mind-control another Ethereal.
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