Drinking Game / XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Drinking Game for X-COM: Enemy Unknown.

Take a sip:
  • Every time one of your soldiers misses a shot
    • Take another if they say "Dammit"
  • Every time one of your soldiers get flanked
  • Every time you stun an alien and take it prisoner instead of killing it
  • Every time one of your soldiers is critically wounded
  • Every time a UFO pops up
  • Every time you launch a satellite. Two if it won you a continental bonus
  • ENEMY WITHIN: Every time EXALT pops up to make your life difficult.
  • ENEMY WITHIN: Every time a gene mod triggers on the battlefield.

Take a shot:
  • Every time your team takes down an alien in one shot.
  • Every time a Heavy misses with his or her rocket launcher
  • Every time you unlock a new piece of equipment or upgrade
  • Every time you kill an alien you were trying to take prisoner
  • Every time one of your soldiers is killed
  • Every time Bradford shows a lack of smartness(for your own sake, don't do the tutorial mission if you're playing this drinking game).
  • Every time Vahlen complains about your use of explosives, or her interrogation skills or enthusiasm are brought up
  • Every time Shen comments on how uneasy he feels about alien technology
  • Every time Vahlen and Shen disagree
  • Every time you finish a mission without any of your soldiers taking any damage at all.
  • ENEMY WITHIN: Every time a Seeker starts strangling one of your soldiers. Finish your drink if the soldier is killed by it.
  • ENEMY WITHIN: Every time you kill an alien by punching them with a MEC Trooper
    • Two shots if you get the achievement for doing such.
  • Every time a Terror Mission pops up.
  • Whenever one of your soldiers panics, and then fires upon a fellow soldier. Two shots if they kill or critically wound them.
    • Finish the bottle if they fire on and kill an alien you were trying to take alive.

Finish your drink:
  • Whenever you encounter a new type of alien
  • Every time Vhalen and Shen agree.
  • Whenever you lose a satellite
  • Whenever you lose a council member. Two drinks if a 5-panic country stays aboard at the end of the month
  • Whenever one of your troops is mind-controlled.
    • Finish your drink, then grab another one and finish it if you successfully finish the mission with none of your troops dead or wounded anyways.
  • Whenever you send a soldier into a darkened room that turns out to be full of aliens
  • Whenever you get a Code Black
  • Whenever someone on your team misses a 90% or higher shot. If they get killed by the alien they were shooting at afterwards, drink until it stops hurting.
  • Whenever someone on your team makes a low percentage (below 30%) shot. Two drinks if it crits.
  • Whenever a heavy misses with their rocket launcher and blows up a team-mate instead.
  • Whenever you spot a Meld canister with 1 turn left and can't secure it on that turn.
  • Whenever you manage to mind-control an Ethereal. Take a sip of the next drink if you do such in Enemy Unknown.
    • Finish your drink, then grab another one and finish it if you use a mind-controlled Ethereal to mind-control another Ethereal.
      • This is impossible to do in normal gameplay, as the "Mind controller" and "Mind controlee" are considered psionically linked, much like the sectoids can fuse their minds with another sectoid. Thus, daisy-chaining is impossible.