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Drinking Game: Transformers Prime
  • Take a shot whenever someone balls their hand into a fist while talking.
  • Take a shot each time there's a shot of a full moon during a night scene.
  • Take a shot each time Bulkhead's in danger of dying.
  • Take a drink each time Arcee angsts about a dead partner.
  • Take a drink every time Starscream whines about something.
  • Take a shot if Knockout mentions his paint and/or finish. Take an extra shot if it gets scratched by the end of the episode.
  • Take a shot whenever the kids are the only ones in a position to save the day.
  • Take a shot whenever Jack outsmarts a Cybertronian.
  • Take a shot whenever Miko throws herself into a mission without the others' knowing.
    • Take two if it's one of the other humans that does it.
  • Take a shot whenever Fowler winds up in a delirium.
  • Take a shot whenever Ratchet shouts "I NEEDED THAT!"
  • Take a shot whenever Dreadwing mentions his dead twin, or goes against orders.
  • Take a shot whenever Jack and Arcee suffer the Relationship Writing Fumble.
  • Take a shot whenever Megatron uses or mentions Dark Energon. Take two if it's post season 1.
  • Take a drink every time Megatron or Starscream injure or kill one of their own Mooks.
    • If you're feeling really dangerous, drink every time a Mook dies.
    • Down the bottle each time a named Decepticon dies.
  • Take a shot every time Starscream's Evil Gloating gets interrupted by a realization that he's not so capable of achieving his grand plans.
  • Take a shot whenever Megs mentions his gladiator background.
  • Take a shot every time someone makes a joke or pun about Soundwave's silence.
  • Take a shot whenever Shockwave speaks about logic.
  • Take a shot whenever Optimus says "It stands to reason..."
  • Take a shot whenever Starscream brings up killing Cliffjumper.

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