Drinking game for ''Anime/TheVisionOfEscaflowne''.

Drink every time:
* Van unsheathes his sword and loses
* Hitomi cries or faints
* Merle says "Lord Van" as its own sentence (this is a doozy)
* Allen's full name is used
* Someone is "beamed up"
* Someone says "little lady"
* Dilandau tells something to burn ("Moero!")
* An episode has the word "destiny," "fate," or "fortune" in its title
* Finish your drink when Dilandau's secret past is revealed.
* A female character gushes over Allen.
* Dilandau slaps one of his {{Mooks}}
* They say "Escaflowne". [[OhCrap This includes background music]].
* Dilandau references the scar Van left on his cheek.