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Drinking Game: Seven Little Killers
Welcome to the Seven Little Killers Drinking Game! Prepare yourself...

  • Take a shot any time you cringe.
  • Take a 2 shots for every mind screw moment.
  • In later chapters, take a shot anytime you can't keep track of which twin is which.
  • Take a shot anytime there's a Break The Cutie moment.
  • Down a glass for every death that is pure Nightmare Fuel.
  • Take a shot for every time you get so confused you have to stop reading.
  • Take a shot for every new theory in-universe or otherwise that arises about who the killers are.
  • Take 2 shots everytime you want to hug a Woobie.
  • Take a shot for every Higurashi referance.
  • Take a shot for every slash or Ho Yay moment
  • Take a shot for every time you tear up.
    • Two for every time you cry
      • Three for every time you flat out start bawling
  • Down a glass every time you find Japan's indecisiveness or America centered mind annoying. Obviously YMMV.
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