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Drinking Game: Semi Homemade Cooking
Drinking game for Sandra Lee's Semi Homemade Cooking:
  • Take a drink every time Sandra Lee pronounces beautiful "Beeee-youtiful."
  • Take a drink every time Sandra Lee pronounces delicious "Duhhh-licous."
  • Take a drink every time Sandra Lee Title Drops the show name.
  • Take a shot of bottom shelf vanilla vodka every time Sandra Lee says "Cocktail Time."
    • Take two shots if she makes an initially alcohol-free drink then tells you how to make it a cocktail.
    • Optionally, drink whatever she's making.
  • Take a drink every time Sandra Lee emphasizes that "No one will ever know" the meal wasn't made from scratch.
    • Take two drinks if she adds vanilla extract to store bought frosting as a way to ensure that people think it's made from scratch.
    • Finish the glass if it looks like something if people would know it was mostly storebought or it looks so disgusting, no one would admit that they made it.
  • Every time Sandra Lee makes an overly complicated tablescape that would be too expensive or ridiculous to eat from, take a drink.

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