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Drinking Game: Pacific Rim
Drinking game for Pacific Rim

Take a sip:
  • Every time a Jaeger throws a punch
  • Every time a weapon/ability is revealed for a Jaeger/Kaiju
  • Every time Stacker has a nosebleed
  • Every time Chuck is a douche
  • Every time a body part on a Jaeger/Kaiju gets damaged or torn off.
  • Every time the word "kaiju" is said
  • Every time Stacker Pentecost grimaces
    • Death by the start of Act III.

Take a shot:
  • Every time the main theme starts playing
  • Every time the science doesn't check out
  • Every time a Jaeger kills a Kaiju or vice versa (take 2 if it is Gipsy with her chain sword)
  • Every time the breach is mentioned
  • Every time Mako does something awesome
  • Every time Gipsy Danger's warning horn sounds ("That loud BWOOOOM that sounds like Hans Zimmer's wet dream")
  • Every time the word Shatterdome is said or shown yell it in it's awesomeness and take a drink.

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