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Drinking Game: PAYDAY: The Heist
While robbing a bank or anything in the game is cool, try not to get too plastered in the game when the following happens as you are robbing for millions:

  • Every time you level up, drink.
  • Whenever one of the robbers shout "IT'S A MOTHERFUCKING/FUCKING [Insert special unit here]!" you drink.
  • Take a sip every time you go down.
    • Take two sips if you are taken into custody.
      • Take three sips if you are exchanged back into the game.
      • If the entire time gets wiped, everyone must finish their drinks.
  • Take a sip for every two or more cops you kill with a grenade launcher/trip mine blast.
  • Take a drink for every civilian you kill.
  • Take a drink every time a Cloaker instantly downs you.
    • Take a drink if you get downed by a Taser.
      • Take a big glup if you are downed by a Bulldozer. Not recommended on higher difficulty levels where Bulldozers tend to spawn in frequently (sometimes up to 4 at once)!
  • Every time a male civilian screams OH MY GOD, take a sip.
    • Every time a female civilian shrieks, take a sip.
  • In the Panic Room heist, every time Alex nags you to clear the roof, take a sip.
  • In Diamond Heist, if you get spotted by the guards, take a sip.
    • If the codes do not work, take a sip.
    • If Mr. Garnet refuses to give you the codes, take a sip when the CFO is booted out of the chopper.
    • If Ralph has to be used to get the codes, take a sip if the wait time for the vault is 30 seconds, two sips for 1 minute, or three sips for 3 minutes.
  • Take a sip every time a saw or drill or code-breaker jams and has to be reset.
  • Take a sip every time a smoke bomb/flashbang gets tossed at you.
  • Payday 2 stealth player? Still plenty of chances to drink.
    • Take a sip each time you answer a pager. Finish the drink if answering the pager sets the alarm off anyway because you forgot how many you answered.
    • Take a sip each time you shoot out a camera. Finish the drink if someone sees the broken camera long after you forgot about it and calls the police.
    • Take a sip each time you use an ECM Jammer.
    • Take a sip each time you shoot a civilian because you ran out of cable ties.
    • In Ukrainian Job, take a sip each time Bain nags you about finding the tiara.
    • In Bank Heist, take a sip each time you shoot a civilian to stop them from hitting a panic button.
    • In Shadow Raid, take a sip each time you secure a bag that isn't money or coke. Two for artifacts. Finish the drink if you get all four pieces of samurai armor and escape.
    • In Framing Frame Day 1, take a sip for each painting you secure in stealth. Finish the drink if you accidentally walk through the motion sensors.
    • In Framing Frame Day 2, take a sip if you get ambushed. Take another sip if you have to override the keypad locks.
    • In Framing Frame Day 3, take a sip each time Bain compliments the apartment. Hope you finish before you black out. Finish the drink if you set the alarm off while putting the coke in the vault room.
    • In Election Day Day 1, take a drink if you skip the computer and tag a truck right away. Finish the drink if you're wrong.
    • In Election Day Day 2, take a sip each time you successfully hack a machine. Finish the drink if you stealth hack every machine but get caught on the way out.
    • In GO Bank, take a sip each time you answer the phone.
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