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Drinking Game: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
  • Drink whenever you hear CHUNG-CHUNG.
  • Drink whenever someone says the word "rape".
    • You'll be hospitalized before the end of the episode
  • Drink whenever you recognize the special guest star.
    • Optional: drink once when you recognize the name in the opening credits, and once when you see them in person.
    • Double your drinks if you recognize the special guest star from Oz.
    • Triple your drinks if you recognize them from a previous SVU episode.
  • Drink whenever Cragen calls someone into his office.
  • Drink whenever Munch makes a sarcastic comment.
  • Drink whenever Fin says something to the effect of "That's messed up."
  • B.D Wong- half your beer.
  • Drink whenever Captain Cragen calls somebody a "Son of a bitch"
  • Drink whenever Cragen scolds a detective, and says something nice as they leave the office
  • Drink whenever Olivia has a flashback of something
  • Drink whenever Elliot yells at a Suspect
  • Drink whenever Kathleen does something bad
  • Drink whenever an episode cuts out before the end of a trial
  • Drink whenever a Suspect is racist to Fin
  • Drink whenever Oliva mentions Elliot as "My old partner"
  • Drink whenever Oliva gets a new haircut
  • Drink once for every foot chase- twice if it's a car chase.
  • Drink whenever someone gets physical in interrogation and has to be removed.
  • Drink whenever Dr. Warner reveals a surprising plot twist.
  • Drink when someone says "OBJECTION!".
  • Finish your drink if the case is a mistrial.
  • Drink whenever Olivia's conception is referred to.
  • Kathy and the kids- drink twice.
  • Drink if Casey is wearing a new hairstyle.
  • Drink when Alex's glasses are on in once scene and off in the next.
  • Drink whenever there is something that could be construed as Alex/Olivia subtext.
  • Drink whenever you see Casey's thank you poster in her office.
  • Smash the bottle if any of these events take place:
    • A major character (character in the opening credits, NOT just recurring character) dies, and it's actually confirmed that they are dead.
    • Cabot smiles.
    • Munch gets some action.
      • Trust us, you'll be fine.
      • Except one of the above has happened more than once
  • Drink whenever Alex bends the rules and doing so makes Judge Donnelly mad.
  • Drink whenever two people involved in a relationship involving statutory rape claim to be in love.
  • Drink whenever someone is threatened with obstruction charges.
  • Drink whenever a suspect is threatened with "what they do to guys like you in prison."
  • Drink whenever one of the detectives is Mistaken for Gay.
  • Drink whenever a criminal or opposing attorney refers to a female character with a condescending term like "honey" or "sweetheart."
  • Drink whenever a witness or perp is casually racist to one of the non-white main characters.
  • Drink whenever Barba wears pink.
    • Two drinks when Barba's suspenders and socks match.
  • Drink whenever Olivia's ticking biological clock comes up.
  • Drink whenever Rollins' gambling debts are mentioned.
  • Drink whenever a female character comes on to Amaro.
    • Finish the bottle if a male character does.
  • Drink whenever Amaro or Barba get to use Spanish.
    • Twice if they're talking to each other.
  • Drink whenever Barba is visibly exasperated with the SVU detectives.
  • Drink whenever Barba makes a face at whatever the defense attorney is saying.
  • Drink whenever Olivia drinks.
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