There are two games for Labyrinth: the regular "drinking game" and David Bowie's Package.

!!The Regular Game

'''One drink:'''
* Someone whines
* Someone gets Hoggle's name wrong
* Sarah says "It's not fair!"
* Hoggle is being a selfish jerk (changing loyalties, lying, ect)
* You see a clock on the screen
* Toby does cute baby stuff (ex: giggling, cooing, saying "dada")
* Sarah does something stupid
* A labyrinth creature turns out to not be helpful. (does not include Hoggle or Jareth)
* Every time you see a Labyrinth character's counterpart in Sarah's room at the end before they appear "for real". (Ludo, Hoggle, Jareth, Didymus, and a Firey).

'''Two Drinks:'''
* Anyone but Sarah says "It's not fair!"
* Hoggle does something good or kind
* You notice the clock only has twelve numbers on its face
* A labyrinth creature actually turns out to be helpful (does not include Didymus, Ludo, or Ambrosius)
* You spot a milk bottle
* Sarah does something smart with help from others
* Jareth says "baby" in an alluring way.

'''Three Drinks:'''
* Jareth gets Hoggle's name right
* Sarah does something smart on her own

!!Davie Bowie's Package
This is a group game requiring at least two players, the more the merrier!

Anyone who has watched Labyrinth is aware that Davie Bowie (playing the Goblin King) is wearing tights that leave nothing to the imagination and frequently juggles crystal balls during this film.

* Whenever you see a little too much of what Bowie's packing, shout "David Bowie's Package!" The last one to shout must drink.
* Whenever Bowie starts juggling the crystal balls, shout "He's playing with his balls again!" The last one to shout must drink.
* If you call "David Bowie's Package!" or "He's playing with his balls again!" incorrectly you must drink instead.
* '''Optional extra rule''': whenever a character who is ''not'' played by Bowie starts a song, shout "Stop that infernal racket!" The last person to do so must drink. This only counts if the first person to sing is ''not'' Bowie.
** If you call "Stop that infernal racket!" and Bowie ''was'' the first one to start singing, you have displeased the Goblin King: drink until the song ends.

Have fun!