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Drinking Game / John Cena

  • The crowd chants "Cena sucks!" take a shot.
    • Two if it's in response to "Let's go Cena!"
    • Chug if it's "John Cena suuuuucks!" to the tune of his theme song!
  • Cena does his Five Moves of Doom, drink the whole entire bottle.
    • Likewise if Cena refers to his opponent as "jack" during a promo.
    • Drink half if he makes it to his "You can't see me!" taunt but gets interrupted before he lands the Five-Knuckle Shuffle.
  • He mentions his mixed reaction, take a shot.
  • Cena kicks out at Two.
    • Two shots if it was a finisher.
      • Chug if all it took was one Attitude Adjustment to end the match.
  • Chug if he blatantly no-sells the credibility of any character he feuds against that's a serious threat to his persona with false shoots, blatant lies, and/or offensive-yet-unfunny jokes.
  • Cena picks up a very huge guy.
    • Two shots if he picks up two people.