Drinking Game for ''Series/{{JAG}}'':
* One shot for every title card with a ZULU time.
* Another option would be one shot for every [[MilitarySalute hand salute]] rendered onscreen.
* Yet another would be every time the words ''Sir'' and/or ''Ma’am'' are spoken.
* One shot for every [[ThatWasObjectionable objection]] made by either trial or defense counsel in a courtroom.
* Take a shot every time Harm (ostensibly a lawyer) gets an opportunity to take a flight in a jet. Two shots if he sees action while flying or if it's a jet he shouldn't be qualified on (like the Russian MiG 29 or Boeing 747 airliner from OceanicAirlines...), not counting the brief period in the fifth season where he got transferred back into flying duty (in which case take a shot [[BusmansHoliday every time he ends up lawyering...]])