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Drinking Game: Invader ZIM
Drinking game for Invader Zim:

  • Every time a character mentions "tacos" ,"pigs", "monkeys", or "doom", take a sip. Have 911 at the ready when trying to survive GIR singing "The Doom Song" in the first episode.
  • Every time Zim screams. Good luck surviving the first five minutes of the series.
  • Every time Zim laughs. Optional difficulty if you wish to include the intro.
  • Take a drink any time Dib provides rambling exposition, and two any time it's lampshaded that he's talking to himself or to someone apathetic to the episode's plot.
  • Whenever someone makes fun of Dib, drink.
  • Whenever Gaz beats up Dib, drink.
  • Whenever Zim blurts "Zim" with any variety (like "I am Zim!", "Obey Zim!"), drink.
  • Whenever Zim says "Silence!" or any from of the word "lie", take a sip. Good luck; you'll need it.

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