Drinking Game: House

Drinking game for House:

This game is meant to be played with a low-alcohol content drink such as beer. If you play with anything stronger, than we suggest you call the hospital beforehand.

  • Drink every time you see an overhead pan shot of Princeton Plainsboro's exterior.
  • Drink whenever House or someone on his team breaks into a patient's home.
    • For the bold: Start drinking when they get inside, keep drinking until they leave. (Sidenote: This WILL kill you.)
  • Drink every time vasculitis, lupus, or sarcoidosis are floated as potential diagnoses.
  • Drink every time a Walk and Talk moves into the elevators.
House specific:
  • Drink whenever House calls someone an idiot
  • Drink whenever House leaves without speaking
  • Drink whenever House says something that would get him fired if he wasn't, y'know, House
    • Two drinks if House does something he by all rights should get arrested for, but doesn't.
  • Take a drink whenever House takes a Vicodin.
  • Drink whenever House says something with blatant sexual innuendo
  • Take a shot whenever House fires someone
  • Take a drink whenever House calls a member of his team by a nickname
    • Take two if the nickname is offensive.
Wilson specific:
  • Take a drink whenever he calls House an Ass
  • Take a drink whenever Wilson and House have a “Bromantic” moment.
  • Take a drink whenever Wilson uses House’s team.
  • Take a shot whenever Wilson outsmarts House
Cuddy Specific:
  • Take a shot whenever Cuddy is left speechless by something House does
  • Take a drink whenever Cuddy tells House he can’t do something
    • Fun Variation: If you know Cuddy will eventually say yes, take a drink for every line of dialogue she has between her initial no and her eventual yes.
Patient Specific:
  • Take a drink whenever an organ fails
  • Take a drink whenever the patient develops a gross symptom.
  • Take a drink whenever a patient or patient's loved one physically attacks one of the doctors.