Drinking Game / Fullmetal Alchemist

Drinking game for Fullmetal Alchemist.

Take a sip whenever:
  • Somebody performs an alchemy to attack.
    • Take two if its without a transmutation circle.
  • Someone mentions the Philosopher's Stone.
  • Ed, Al, or someone speaking to/about them says something about them getting their bodies back.
  • Ed reacts to being called short.
  • Ed loses his jacket.
  • Alphonse shows someone his blood seal.
  • Alex Louis Armstrong loses his shirt.
  • Ed wrecks his automail.
  • Winry hits Ed with the wrench.
    • A second if it's in response to him wrecking his automail.
  • Roy can't use his flame alchemy due to being wet, from rain or otherwise.
  • Envy freaks out because someone pissed him off.
  • Ed gets injured.
  • Maes Hughes shows someone a picture of his family.
  • Ling Yao leaves Ed with a massive dinner bill and runs off.
  • Wrath (from the first anime) cries.
    • Take two sips whenever he says "Mommy".
  • Take a sip whenever Wrath (Manga/Brotherhood version) gets injured in a fight... pretty sober huh?
  • Riza takes out a gun or is shown using one.
    • Two sips if she uses two at a time.
    • Three sips if her actions save Roy.
  • Gluttony asks Lust if he can eat something/one.
  • Hohenheim is referred to as "that bastard".
  • Ed calls Father "that bearded bastard".
  • Anyone repeatedly hits something or someone while crying.
  • Brotherhood's "lurking" theme plays.
  • (First anime) Something bad happens to Rose.
  • Someone compares a character to an animal.
  • Anyone mentions Equivalent Exchange.
  • Wrath (Manga/Brotherhood) curb stomps somebody.
  • Izumi mentions that she's a housewife.
    • Two whenever she spits out blood.
  • Someone Ed or Al meets figures out that they attempted human transmutation.
  • In the original anime, whenever somebody says "dog of the military" or a similar term.