Drinking game for Series/BurnNotice:

* Every time someone mentions Michael's burn notice, Take a shot.
* Every time Fiona or Larry [[MurderIsTheBestSolution suggests shooting someone]], take a shot.
* Every time Sam is seen with a beer, take a shot (will probably kill you).
* Every time Larry flashes a creepy smile, take a shot
* Whenever somebody uses duct tape, take a shot.
* Whenever Michael is [[ShirtlessScene seen shirtless]], take a shot
** If Sam is seen shirtless, down the whole bottle you're gonna need it.
* Whenever Mike is seen repairing the Charger, or looking for parts for it, take a shot.
** Down the bottle if there is no explanation for where the damage came from.
* Whenever you hear Mike doing a voiceover, take a shot.
* Whenever someone makes vague threats against Michael's life, take a shot.
* Whenever a vllain seems to be [[FoeYay getting too cozy]] with Michael, take a shot.
* Whenever someone suggests using C4, take a shot.
** Take another if it is actually used.
* Whenever Michael's mother is brought up, take a shot.
* Whenever you see someone eating yogurt, take a drink.
* Whenever a member of team Westen takes a bullet, down the whole bottle.
* Whenever Michael or Fiona gets flirty, take a shot.
** Take two if it's with someone other than each other.
* [[NotEvenBotheringWithTheAccent Whenever Fiona suddenly remembers she's Irish.]]

Alternative drinking game:

To be played with beer or equivalent mixed drink. 1 drink per episode limit is advised, as some episodes have much more than others.
* Whenever Michael narrates, take a drink.
* Whenever Fiona advocates violence, take a drink.
* Whenever Sam mentions a ladyfriend, take a drink.
* Whenever a caption appears on screen, take a drink. If the caption changes, drink again.
* Any time yogurt is seen or mentioned, take a drink.
* Any time the name "Chuck Finley" or its variants are mentioned, take a drink.