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Drinking Game: The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
  • Take a drink each time something Tony Stark does (whether that's an attack, a suggested plan, a scientific idea, etc.) is immediately rendered utterly pointless.
    • Take two if it's upstaged by Black Panther.
  • Take a drink each time Thor or Hulk is "co-incidentally" removed from play just before a fight starts.
    • Take three if it's both of them at once.
  • Take a drink each time Wasp has the audacity to act surprised that, no, her energy blasts still never do anything to anyone except Whirlwind.
  • Take a drink each time Dr. Pym does something that he said he wouldn't... earlier in the same episode.
    • Alternately, any time he says he refuses to do something and doesn't immediately do it, finish the bottle, throw all your remaining alcohol on the floor, use it to burn down the building you're in, then retreat to upper Mongolia. This rule is safer than the one above.
    • Take a drink each time Ant Man jobs for whoever he's fighting, especially in giant form.
  • Take a drink each time a villain shows up and nobody (including themselves) mentions even one of: (a) their powers, (b) their motivation, (c) what crimes they're supposed to be permanently imprisoned for.
  • Take a drink for each oblique reference to Wolverine and the X-Men.
  • Take a drink for each power you see used that could totally moot the entire plot of Wolverine and the X-Men.
  • Take a drink whenever someone says, "Destroy them all!"
  • When watching the second season, take a drink whenever at least one of the Avengers appears to have turned evil.
    • Small sips, mind you, or you will die of alcohol poisoning.
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