Dresses / Gundam

  • Rebellious Princess Relena of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing is specifically bashed by some fans because of her princess-like girliness and her pink limousine. Made stupider by the fact that as Relena gets Character Development, she starts wearing pants more often. In fact, during the Endless Waltz OAV she was wearing a light pink office suit with pants... apparently the same one she wore in her last scene in the TV series.
    • Back in the day, there was even a Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Yaoi fansite that specifically said "girls who don't act like men are always bitches".
    • And not to mention, many "fandom feminists" claimed that it was "a feminist duty" to hate Relena and denounce her as a bad example for little girls since she oh-so was "an obsessed and pathetic Rich Bitch who followed Heero like a yapping lapdog and only lived for him". Because starting a series as a desperately lonely and naive girl who latched on the first person who didn't mask his thoughts in front of her right after her father's tragic death and later growing into a more mature young woman able to help others to find peace is so horrible and offensive. (Not to mention, it was a-okay for some of them to turn Duo into a pathetic and obsessive yapping lapdog that only lived for Heero".)
    • In-universe, this is inverted by Trowa with Dorothy. When informed of Treize's death, Dorothy is devastated but doesn't cry, to which Trowa says to her, "That's sad. A woman who can't cry." Once Trowa leaves, however, she breaks down in tears.
  • In Mobile Suit Gundam 00, we have Soma Peiries, a likable and kickass Dark Action Girl. Then, this personality went dormant and replaced by the original one: the gentle, sensitive Mysterious Waif Marie Parfasy. Fan reaction was very unkind that she chose not to fight and temporarily be a Bridge Bunny rather than remain a kickass Action Girl, to the point that she was in danger of being kicked to The Scrappy Heap, though this was not solely because of this trope. Drifting Out of Focus also played a signficant role.