Dresses / Berserk

  • The fact that Casca becomes Guts' love interest at one point is enough to make even the inexplicably numerous and fanatically loyal Berserk fans to criticise their favorite anime for making the perfect Action Girl into a mere chick whose only purpose is to satisfy Guts' ego.
    • And having her Go Mad from the Revelation after being BRUTALLY tortured and raped by Femto/Griffith equals to Chickification. Yeah, how dare she completely break over all the Break the Cutie, and let's conveniently forget that almost everyone else in the Band of the Hawk got gruesomely killed off (except for Guts, Casca, and young Rickert) when Griffith aka Femto offered them as Sacrifices. Noooo, Casca MUST have been Chickificated to Hell and back, how dare she show damage from all of that shit.
      • Even worse are the fans who say she's been Defiled Forever by Femto raping her and she should've "gotten over it" like Guts. This falls flat on its face for several reasons. Guts was sold to a pedophile by his hateful foster father, which did traumatize him to the point where he had a panic attack after sleeping with her for the first time, but Casca was raped by the equivalent of Satan, after all of her comrades had been eaten alive, some of them trying to keep her alive. The evil power Femto was radiating at that point was enough to turn her unborn child into a mutant, so of course Casca reacts badly when she's touched after that. While the event reduced her to a Cute Mute and The Ophelia, you also have to take into account the kind of character Guts is - before Character Development, he was bloodthirsty, rude, used innocent bystanders as human shields, and abandoned Casca for a long period of time. Some fans call her weak or an idiot for running from Guts, even if he means well and is fighting off the demons who are after them both...but conveniently forget that his Enemy Within wants her dead, and is not above possessing Guts to achieve it.
      • Not to mention that one has to take into account that Casca's mind regressed into something that is almost animalistic. As degrading as it sounds, Casca doesn't think with logic and is really dependent on her instincts for survival, so when someone poses a clear and present threat to her, she reacts to protect herself, hence, the reason why she fears Guts for the time being.
      • Possibly the most disgusting part of this whole thing is where some fans use this traumatic experience to turn the tables by saying that Casca was a bitch in order to give Griffith the benefit of the doubt after his Moral Event Horizon by claiming that Casca enjoyed being raped by Griffith, that she was feeling such physical pleasure that she merely said "stop", "no", and "don't watch" just so the act of she and Griffith engaging in intercourse wouldn't offend Guts, and that Guts is so mad at Griffith because he managed to give Casca the ultimate pleasure while he couldn't as her official love interest. And as surprising as all this is, even though they blast Casca for it, many fans use this argument to support their ship for Griffith and Casca as a couple (or to at least downgrade the rape and its effects on the story arc). I'm not kidding.
      • One MORE thing. Remember the brand which signals a free human meal to every apostle in a ten-mile radius? Yeah, people tend to forget that that thing doesn't only bleed, it hurts - really, really, really, really, REALLY badly depending on how close you are to a power apostle. Guts is overflowing with raw power and muscle and he can just barely stand being in the presence of Femto at the beginning of the story. Now, let's get back to Casca, who was, in all actually, the closest ANYONE has physically been to a Godhand, the most powerful of the apostles. And this all happens when she is being held in place and raped in very horrific ways in front of a man she loves while at the same time being subjected to EXCRUCIATING PHYSICAL PAIN... needless to say: SHE CANNOT POSSIBLY BE ENJOYING THIS!!
  • Let's not forget how Princess Charlotte is bitched out for being a girly Na´ve Everygirl, nevermind how her girly girl Ojou status is NOT portrayed as being necessarily a super good thing.