* Parodied in the ''Literature/WarriorCats'' fic ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/4400697/1/His-Eyes-of-Amber His Eyes of Amber]]''.
-->''I don't care if Tigerclaw was evil; he was still an amazing cat.''
* Played straight in the ForWantOfANail fic ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11667304/3/Into-the-Forest-and-Into-the-Wild Into the Forest and Into the Wild]]''. After [[Literature/WarriorCats Tigerstar]] murders Redtail out of nothing more than lust for power, he somehow feels so immediately, totally regretful over it that he freely admits his crime to the resident FixerSue, "his eyes filled with guilt and self-loathing". (As opposed to, you know, ''canon'', where Tigerstar gloats over the murder, threatens Ravenpaw to keep his crimes a secret, and kills many other innocent cats in pursuit of power.) For some reason, said FixerSue isn't at all bothered by Tigerstar ''killing someone'' [[note]]someone who the narrative [[InformedAttribute claims]] was "like a father to her", no less[[/note]] and promises him her eternal friendship.

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* ''Super TabletopGame/{{Munchkin}}'' invokes this trope with an enemy named "Misunderstood Man." He's depicted as a [[{{Adorkable}} bespectacled supervillain in slacker clothes]] surrounded by fawning heroines, and female characters cannot fight him.
* Invoked humorously in ''TabletopGame/{{Nobilis}}'' 3rd edition. Lord Entropy is a cruel tyrant who has outlawed love for Nobles. Even so, some observers were surprised that no one seems to have fallen in love with ''him'', despite him being a "deeply troubled, handsome, dangerous celebrity." Experiments seem to prove that it's ''impossible'' to love him, and it's likely that he's either responsible for the phenomena or glad that it exists.
* ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'':
** Servants of Khorne tend to get this treatment. In fanon, they're NobleDemon {{Proud Warrior Race Guy}}s who spare non-combatants and {{Worthy Opponent}}s, a belief which stems from previous depictions of Khorne followers from older versions of the game, and the fact [[KickTheSonOfABitch they oppose the decadent followers of Slaanesh, who torture their victims to death]]. But in reality, or at least the newest versions of the game, Khorne worshippers are all murderously psychotic [[TheBerserker berserkers]] who slaughter civilians, combatants and [[FriendOrFoe even their fellows]] indiscriminately. [[http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Kharn Kharn the Betrayer]], the most kill-happy of them all, gets entire fanfics centered around this interpretation. Don't worry though, [[MemeticMutation he's actually a really fun guy]]. [[BlatantLies We promise]].
** A really understated example is Imperial Commissars. Due to the popularity of characters like [[Literature/GauntsGhosts Ibram Gaunt]] and Literature/CiaphasCain, the average Commissar is often thought of in the fandom as AFatherToHisMen, maybe a JerkWithAHeartOfGold ''at the absolute worst''. What people forget is that Gaunt and Cain are ''the exception'', not the rule. The average Commissar will execute Guardsmen over trivial offences and gladly send them to die horribly in pointless assaults and {{Last Stand}}s, a practice which disgusts the alien Tau.
** This could apply to a lot of the "good guy" factions in ''Warhammer 40000'', to be honest. And Creator/GamesWorkshop don't take kindly to that. The Imperium looking too justified in their extremism? Next edition, add more deluded {{Knight Templar}}s screaming '''''"HERESY!"'''''. The [[SpaceElves Eldar]] looking too sympathetic? Play up their TheFairFolk tendencies by showing them orchestrating events which lead to the deaths of billions of human civilians to save the lives of a handful of Eldar. The Tau looking too hopeful and progressive? Add [[spoiler:recently confirmed]] rumours of mind-control, sterilization and generally treating their auxiliary races like second-class citizens. The Orks looking too much like PluckyComicRelief? Make [[VideoGame/Warhammer40000SpaceMarine a game]] where Orks are seen laughing gleefully as they massacre women and children. ''Warhammer 40000'' is straight up EvilVersusEvil, ''maybe'' BlackAndGrayMorality at the best of times, so the moment any faction begins being viewed as "good guys" or at the very least "alright", lore will update showing that faction committing horrible atrocities to remind everyone that ''no-one'' should be cheered on in this series.
* [[http://www.cracked.com/article_18417_the-lighter-side-dark-side-5-villains-who-were-good.html This Cracked article]] is the TropeCodifier. Bizarrely it tries to say Sauron never does anything wrong and is only trying to help oppressed minorities, even though the first minutes of the movie say that Sauron was trying to gain dominion over Middle-Earth.
** Also from Cracked is [[http://www.cracked.com/pictofacts-107-33-useful-words-english-language-needs-to-add/ a word for the concept]], "malamorous".
* "[[Music/TheBeatles Maxwell's Silver Hammer]]" is about a psycho med student who murders people with a silver [[DropTheHammer hammer]]. The final verse has fangirls storming the courtroom as he's tried for homicide, demanding that Maxwell be freed. [[DeconstructedTrope The final refrain has Maxwell murdering them, too.]]
* There is a very strange case of this with Uncle Ernie from Music/{{Tommy}}. Every adaptation does nothing to hide the fact that he's a greedy, alcoholic child molester (admittedly less so in the movie adaptation) who molested the titular character (a deaf, dumb and blind boy), and gets little to no comeuppance for his actions. However, because most of the people who play Uncle Ernie tend to make him a LargeHam (and the movie's version is played by [[Music/TheWho Keith Moon]], the band's drummer), the fans seem to ''adore'' him and sometimes even defend him because he's "cute".
** Cousin Kevin, Tommy's other abusive relative who talks about putting him through all kinds of physical torture, doesn't have nearly as large of a fanbase as Ernie, but he's just about as bad. It doesn't help that plenty of actors who have played Kevin are also at least slightly attractive.
* Rolling Stone got accused of doing this to the Boston Marathon bomber when they put his picture on the cover.
* Parodied in the video ''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLxFDdezjTA If Joffrey Was The Hero]]''. It splices together various ''Series/GameOfThrones'' clips to make it appear that [[KidsAreCruel Joffrey]] was a wise and compassionate ruler whose murder was a great tragedy. In canon, ''the exact opposite'' is true, something which the video's creators gleefully acknowledge.
* Lampooned in Music/{{Eminem}}'s [[Music/TheMarshallMathersLP "The Real Slim Shady"]]
-->''Feminist women love Eminem\\
(Chicka chicka chicka Slim Shady)\\
"I'm sick of him, look it him, walkin around, grabbin his you know what, flippin' to you know who"\\
"Yeah, but he's so cute though"''