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Double Standard Abuse Female On Male: Web Original
  • Heavily subverted amongst the reviewers of That Guy with the Glasses, where the men and women beat each other up indiscriminately, are all shown as a bunch of miserable jerks for it, and it's Played for Laughs both ways. Unfortunately played straight occasionally with the Misaimed Fandom.
  • In Allecto's rather... interesting interpretations of Firefly, she screams about misogyny when Mal leaves Patience trapped under a horse, which he did in response to her double-crossing and trying to kill him (plus the repeated mentions of Prudence having shot Mal previously, which he apparently thinks was no big deal). When Saffron kicks Wash in the head and knocks him out, Allecto cheers Saffron on, says that she's the only one doing anything remotely "feminist", and considers it wrong of Mal to chase Saffron down and threaten her for trying to kill him and his crew. Saffron kicked Wash in the head while he was trying to explain to her how much he loved Zoe, which Allecto uses as justification, because it's fine to attack a guy, just because he's talking about boring stuff.
  • Averted in Worm, with Kevin Norton, a homeless man who was driven onto the streets after abuse from an ex-girlfriend. The story takes his abuse seriously, and the trope is conversed when Kevin talks about not getting support because nobody expects a man to be abused by a woman.
  • Inverted in this video, which is a deliberate Gender Flip of stereotypes of men and women at the bar. A woman gropes a man, who slaps her in return.
  • Specifically averted in this blog post. The blogger was asked for advice about how to write a compelling female character, and one of the points she made was:
    I hit boys! is not a strong feminist statement.
    Buffy Summers how I loathe what was done to this character ended up forcing oral sex on a male character over his repeated verbal objections. To a musical sting. The writers, I am fairly certain, did not actually realise they had written a rape, particularly as this same character later attempted to rape Buffy, which was not treated as at all amusing.
    See also: Men forcing demonic power into the First Slayer = metaphysical rape and utterly despicable. Buffy using Willow to force demonic power into possibly thousands of young women = empowering!
    Women are entirely capable of stupid or evil decisions. But those decisions should be treated as such by the text, not lauded as a turning of the sexism tables.

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