Dork Age: Radio

  • In late 1999, despite its well-earned reputation as a family show for the past sixteen years, Adventures in Odyssey was re-tooled specifically to appeal to younger listeners. This was apparently interpreted to mean "water everything down." Simplified stories with morals more anvilicious than ever showed up, peaking with a wave of ten-minute "twofer"-style episodes. Characters stagnated, continuity dried up, and some of the series' most interesting characters (including Katrina, whose appearances had been rare enough to begin with, and Whit's son Jason) dropped off the map altogether. While a few good episodes still got by, the listener backlash was strong enough that the series got back on track by the same time next year.
  • Global Radio rebranding Galaxy to Capital and attempting to make a national station out of it (well, according to Digital Spy, which has lampshaded this on multiple occasions. "Local radio" Capital, done in the same way as Minster FM, Stray FM or 96.4 The Eagle (UKRD) would work. However, their digital presence (websites etc.) have not yet fell into a Dork Age; they're well-designed and easy-to-use, with understandable schedules and nice DJ photos.
  • GMG Radio, their competitor, has fell into this trap too; Ryan Seacrest has a syndicated show, Monday - Friday 11pm-1am, which does not fit in with their image one bit.

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