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Distracted By The Sexy: Web Original
  • Fey, in the Whateley Universe. After she had a near-burnout and grew, boys were walking past her dorm room to get a look. And were walking into the wall, falling down the stairs...
  • Doctor Steel's Toy Soldiers has a Distraction Division, presumably to invoke this trope.
  • During The Nostalgia Critic's review of Bebe's Kids, he rants about a useless music video included, until camera focuses on the main female's butt which results in a quick "Dayum" before he returns to ranting on how useless the music video is.
  • When it comes to David Bowie's PACKAGE, The Nostalgia Chick just can't help going off-track. And who can blame her?
    • In the middle of her Matilda review, while Nella tries to convince The Nostalgia Chick and Mara Wilson to join forces instead of fighting each other, she gets distracted by Mara's breasts and tries to touch them.
  • This Bash Org quote.
  • Youtube star Miss Hannah Minx, who makes videos about random things she finds or does, as well as teaches random Japanese words and their kanji. However, I'm sure people have watched all her videos and still don't know a damn word in Japanese. Here's probably the biggest example. So much so that even Michael Swaim could not resist her Fanservice! She lampshade this here
    • One wonders if she purposely invokes this trope given the kinds of clothes she wears and camera angles she utilizes. Seriously, this troper doubts that she didn't know she's always wearing something revealing and/or very tight and has high camera angles to.....well you know.
  • This April Fools article from Jalopnik calls for the banning of "road head" while driving since it supposedly distracts other people on the road from driving and is thus a road safety hazard.
  • Tobuscus has a Catch Phrase devoted to this phenomenon, "Hothothothothothot," which also falls under the category of Gibberish of Love, and appears to be endearing to many of the women he meets.
  • Men make more short-term-oriented decisions after exposure to sexual stimuli, as explained in #3 of Cracked}'s 5 Unrealistic Movie Cliches That Are Scientifically Accurate.
  • In the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who panel video, Peter Davison begins talking about the legendarily Narm-inducing decision for Peri to be leaning over his Doctor's face in a super-low-cut top during his regeneration scene, itself an example of this trope. Only as he carries on talking about it, the other old Doctors become noticeably distracted by the large-breasted sign-language interpreter on stage right as she mimes the sign for 'cleavage', dropping their sentences and losing focus. Except for Tom Baker, who acts completely oblivious, and doesn't turn around to look even after Peter Davison points her out to him and starts miming the sign himself to indicate what he's missing. And then double subverts it by suddenly turning around and delivering a very flirty "hello".
  • In the Wiiviewer's review of Dragons Lair Trilogy, he gets so caught up in seeing Princess Daphne on the screen that he forgets what he's talking about.
  • Matt Santoro did a Q&A video, and someone asked him who he thought the hottest female was. He said Kate Upton, and to prove it, he played a clip of Kate Upton dancing in lingerie, which he stared at for a few seconds before regaining focus.

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