Disproportionate Retribution / Advertising

  • A series of commercials for UK charity The Anti-Smoking Society showed people giving cigarettes to others who had annoyed them in some trivial way - "Encourage someone you hate to start smoking. Smoking kills." Apparently lung cancer and emphysema are perfectly justified punishment for such things as making a bitchy remark to a friend, kicking a football into someone's garden, or even a boyfriend "finishing" too early in bed.
  • The "Respect the Pouch" ads for Capri Sun juice. For the unforgivable crime of not respecting the pouch, innocent kids are subjected to ridiculous Body Horror tortures, like having their hands and feet turned into whoopie cushions, having their entire body, except their head deflate, and one kid being being turned into a dog's chew toy. Somehow, the kids get along pretty well in the online cartoons and the games.
  • This GameFly commercial features a video game store customer responding to getting only nine dollars for a game he's turning in by trashing the entirety of the store.
  • A rather mean-spirited example in a "Got Milk?" ad featuring Poppin' Fresh, the Pillsbury Doughboy. Did you drink all the milk before the cookies were ready? YOU WILL BURN.
  • Two Infiniti commercials. In one, a man is pelted with a few snowballs by a neighbor, so he rolls a giant monster snowball that utterly destroys the neighbor's car. In the other, the same man is hit by a single snowball by the neighbor, so he calls his son and recruits all the children in the neighborhood to pummel the neighbor with snowballs as he gets out of his car.
  • Commercials for Jello Temptations revolve around parents punishing their children for eating their adult pudding! In one, the mother uses storytime as a not-so-veiled threat that she's going to make all her daughter's favorite things disappear FOREVER because she stole her snack; another uses a campfire horror story about 'the Chocobeast' to terrorize her kids with her husband's help. A third involves an Imagine Spot where a boy thinks about how his parents will turn him out onto the streets if he dares eat their pudding...
    • Another one featured the parents talking to two little kids and telling them a story about a girl who took some Jello Temptations and fell into a pit with boogeymen and snakes and stayed there for a hundred years. The kids are visibly terrified.
    • Then there's poor Olive, who is forced into child labor by working in a coal mine for eating the pudding. Apparently Chocolate Temptations is looking to tap into the 'Abusive Parents who enjoy chocolate pudding' market.
  • The M&Ms commercial where the Brown M&M knowingly sets up the Red M&M up for a situation in which he gets ripped apart (offscreen) in a scene that plays like a rape scene. Most likely because he annoyed her by coming onto her.
  • The infamous "No Pressure" commercials for the 10:10 campaign, which had people (including children!) getting blown up for not agreeing to take part.
  • Never, ever, say no to Panda cheese. Or a giant, silent, terrifying panda will appear to ruin your day.
  • Japanese Sega Saturn spokesman Segata Sanshiro hunted down people who weren't playing the system, then beat them unconscious and left their battered bodies in piles as he walked away to find new targets. One commercial for Bomberman Fight!! showed Segata throwing an opponent into the air with such force that he exploded when he hit the ground TWICE.
    • He's kind enough to leave one console near the battered bodies of his victim so he doesn't have to go through them again in case they don't have enough money.
  • Do NOT park in the reserved parking space of the SSI Shredders president. "Get the memo yet, hippie?"
  • New commercials for a kind of macaroni and cheese features kids doing this to their parents for taking some of their mac and cheese. The punishments involve pawning their jewelry and golf clubs and getting them arrested; one kid simply takes all the pots and pans in the house with him on an overnight visit.
  • Spilling coffee is unforgivable.
  • Drink Wilkins Coffee, or Kermit the Frog will make your life a living hell.
  • A commercial for Heinz brand pickles showed an elegantly-dressed elderly woman upending an entire restaurant when the pickle served to her was a dull, soggy brand.