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Disney: Mickey's Christmas Carol

"Joy to the children far and near
What a wondrous time of year
Isn't it just grand to say
Merry, Merry Christmas
Merry, Merry Christmas
Oh, what a merry Christmas day!"

It was the year 1983. For years, Mickey Mouse, a once mighty force in animation, was but a memory. After his fallout of popularity in the 1940s, and his final appearances in the 1950s, it seemed like there was no future for the mouse.

But then this film came along and changed that—well, sort of.

Mickey's Christmas Carol is a 24-minute film, and a fairly straightforward adaptation of that one classic story everybody knows about by now. Despite the short being billed as Mickey's comeback, he serves only as the character of Bob Cratchit. Scrooge McDuck (in the role of—take a wild guess—Ebenezer Scrooge!) carries the bulk of the film instead, making his first animated appearance, having previously never appeared outside of the Carl Barks Uncle Scrooge comics.

Debuting with the 1983 re-release of The Rescuers, this adaptation was fairly well received, but many moviegoers were obviously disappointed that the film had virtually nothing to do with Mickey at all. Although that feeling might have been a contribution to him coming back after that, since people wanted to see more of him. In 1984 it began airing annually around Christmas on network television, becoming a holiday favorite for many years.

Tropes Used in This Film:

  • Accidental Bargaining Skills: After Scrooge's reformation, he goes to the alms collectors. They are stunned at his sudden turnaround, which leads him to think they're holding out for more.
Scrooge: Good morning, gentlemen. I've something for ya.
[Puts a bag of coins on the second collector's head]
Collector for the Poor #1: Twenty gold sovereigns! Oh, no!
Scrooge: Not enough? Here.
[Puts another bag on the collector's pants]
Scrooge: Fifty gold sovereigns!
Collector for the Poor #2: Really, Mister Scrooge. It's...
Scrooge: Still not enough! You drive a hard bargain. Here you are.
[Throws several bags at the collectors]
Scrooge: One hundred gold pieces, and not a penny more!
Collector for the Poor #1: Oh, thank you, Mr. Scrooge! Thank you! And a *merry* Christmas to you!

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