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Die For Our Ship: Video Games
I adore Kairi from Kingdom Hearts but she's bashed by Riku/Sora shippers simply for living! Cut the girl some slack, it's not her fault that the main guy is in love with her.
A very wise crunchyroll user

Yes, Die for Our Ship even happens here and not just in the Dating Sims.

Some sections have gotten so big that they were moved to their own pages:

  • As quoted above, Kairi of Kingdom Hearts is rabidly hated by many Sora/Riku shippers despite being a kind-hearted princess type of a trio of friends without much overt romantic interest. Generally, she's portrayed by the shippers as a selfish homophobic bitch who hates Riku (usually due to one scene in which she expressed distrust toward him, which was eventually justified) and wants Sora for herself, and usually ends up dying in some over-the-top fashion. This is despite the fact that the significance of the interest in Kairi has absolutely nothing to do with who ends up with whom. The importance of both boys crushing on Kairi is that it binds the three friends to a child-like atmosphere in their otherwise dark experiences. Two friends competing over a girl (who is also a friend). What can be more heartwarming...
    • There also exists a cult following for Sora/Namine that are positively vicious toward Kairi, making her out to be dumb, selfish, and evil while insisting that Namine is perfectly wonderful in every way, so she deserves to be with Sora. On the flip side, whenever Sora/Kairi shippers actually turn up, half of them seem to demonize Namine, saying that she messed with Sora's memories and tried to steal him away from Kairi, which she actually did do... under the orders of her evil, abusive guardians, and once they were defeated, she set things right with Sora. The big kicker to all of this? Kairi and Namine are the SAME BEING anyway! Honestly, thinking about it too long is enough to give one a brain tumor ("I'm a tumor, I'm a tumor, I'm a tumor...") ("It's not a tumor!")
    • Namine even gets hate from rabid Roxas/Xion shippers.
    • Speaking of Xion, nearly every Axel/Roxas shipper hated her before the game was even released, and at least 75% of them still hate her now for getting in the way of their pairing.
    • The Sora/Riku shippers are just as bonkers where Xion is concerned. The moment screenshots appeared of Xion and Riku sharing the same breathing space, the shippers went nuts and started vilifying her for getting in the way of the ship. The best part? Xion is Sora's opposite-sex clone.
    • The Organization (or, the "ORGY-nization" if you see all the pairings) XIII are all either hated or loved for various reasons in terms of fandom, but Larxene is often depicted as more of an evil, violent, and sadistic bitch than necessary or just forgotten altogether in order to advance any of the yaoi pairings. Note that the Chain of Memories half of the Organization hasn't even really canonically interacted with the Kingdom Hearts II half on screen. This only encourages it by leading to shipping at near-random and therefore, bashing of rival ships. When you have people loathing Zexion for getting in the way of Xigbar/Demyx, who doesn't even appear in the same game as either of them, you know something is seriously wrong...
    • Lexeaus to any ship. Save for pairing him up with Zexion, which is unlikely, he might as well not exist as far as shipping is concerned.
  • An especially ironic example would be Princess Zelda, who is frequently bashed and vilified in Slash Fics wherein Link is paired up with her male-looking ninja alter ego (who is promptly retconned to actually *be* male), Sheik.
    • This tendency toward Zelda-bashing has continued with the release of Twilight Princess, where the Link/Midna shippers keep creating ways to reopen access to the Twilight Realm, chuck Zelda through it, and bring Midna back (particularly absurd since Midna and Zelda are very close by game's end and that outcome would not be disirable to Midna at all)—if not outright have the sovereign Princess of Hyrule be the first victim of the next conflict. And let's not talk about Ilia, who gets it much worse....
    • Zelink shippers aren't so innocent either. There were some very vocal sections who didn't take kindly to Midna, feeling very threatened by the fact that Midna spends most of the game with Link and is possibly implied to have feelings for him. (Meanwhile Zelda is a prisoner for most of the game).
    • While most Zelink and Midlink fans get along, there is that immature minority who would make you think otherwise.
    • Ocarina of Time, which arguably added multiple love interests, depending on who you ask. Saria, Malon, Zelda, and Ruto all suffer. The older Nabooru, who has the most overt interest in him but also the least dialogue, gets much less negative attention, mostly because fans interpret her as being just a flirt with no romantic interest. Princess Ruto, who finagled a Childhood Marriage Promise, is the most loathed girl by the shippers. The hatred of Ruto doesn't even make a whole lot of sense, considering that Link clearly isn't interested and the ending makes it impossible for them to be together even if he were.
    • While she doesn't get NEARLY as much hate as Princess Ruto, apparently if you ship Link with Zelda or Saria you must bash Malon.
    • Malon bashing increased much more when they revealed the timelines. Twilight Princess' Link is a farmer, starts with a horse and knows Malon's mom song, and since he isn' a prince nor part zora/gerudo, it made the idea of Link/Malon much more likeable as canon. Of course the other shippers hated that.
    • Wind Waker had only three significant female characters: One was Princess Zelda, the next (Medli) showed obvious attraction to another boy, and the third was... Link's sister. (There's also this weird fairy queen with the crush on Link, but hardly anyone ever remembers her.) Also, making Tetra an actual girl, instead of a girl pretending to be a boy, was probably a wise choice as well... At least, there are little to no Wind Waker Shipping Wars out there, but even without them, the number of fanfictions involving Link escaping Tetra's fan-overblown controlling bitch personality and heading off to be with Medli are astronomical. (They, however, almost never kill of Komali, who is hinted to be Medli's love interest. They rather pretend that he never existed.) Also, the only ones the Yaoi Fangirls pair Toon Link up with are... pretty much all of the other Links.
    • Oddly, original Fairy Companion Navi is mostly left out of shipping wars despite Word of God stating that she was in love with Link and was jealous of Zelda (though she didn't hate her by any means), and even despite her scrappy status. Might have something to do with her being only three inches tall.
    • With Skyward Sword, you now have three pairings that involve having to get rid of Zelda. The romance sidequest Link can start with the Item Check Girl, Peatrice. The new companion, Fi, who canonically does became emotionally attached to Link and, of course, Ghirahim, whose lines in the game practically ooze with desire on what he wants to do to Link.
    • And now we have Hyrule Warriors. The game is not even out yet, but when a couple of things revealed, the claws came out already. With the news revealed Zelda and Midna are playable characters , naturally the Zelink and Midlink fans prepare their attack. Oh but not at each other, no. There is a new female villain on the block, and she has a thing for Link. The immature sections of Midlink and Zelink shippers hate her already.
  • Arakune from BlazBlue; it's not easy to find a Bang Shishigami fan who doesn't want the critter dead for good. Bang's fandom logic for this is quite simple: the manliest man has to hook up with the woman he has his eyes set on, and it doesn't matter if she likes him or not at first; for them, Bang's passion will be corresponded no matter what. One can understand wanting Litchi to stop going through break the cutie deals for Arakune's sake, but these fans often act as if Bang had ownership and right to Litchi's whole persona because of his badassery, which reflects a pretty... selfish and entitled view of romance as a whole. (And considering that Bang is a Chivalrous Pervert, a rather decent guy and comes to actually care for Litchi's safety and well-being aside of liking her Gag Boobs, if he "knew" about such stuff, he would most likely be mortified. See his reaction to Tsubaki trying to stage a Shotgun Wedding for his sake in one of his joke endings!)
    • And sometimes, it's even more, with these fans, they would shove away how Arakune used to be human and might deserve a second chance, to these fans, the fact that he's an amorphous blob that ate Kaka clans for his dietary means that he really should be killed For Great Justice for all, and that Litchi insists that he can be saved means that she's a fool, and is constantly being blamed for trying to dissuade her own grief like someone who was never a good person to begin with (Joining NOL and aiding Relius in his would-be genocidal plan, despite unwilling, will do such thing for this fandom), people would rather pity Bang for not getting the girl and would think that she no longer deserves Bang (so now she's pegged to 'die' because of refusing the ship! What). Never mind that Bang himself also has a very flawed view on Litchi, thinking of her like a perfect Mary Sue that can do no wrong and being shocked when she turns out to be a person with deep issues, but apparently for these fans, Bang's manliness overrode all.
    • And believe it or not, the reverse of this could hold true too. Bang being some sort of Base Breaker (either seen as an annoying Idiot Hero or an Ensemble Dark Horse) means that some people would have him die so he'd stop pursuing Litchi already and leave her to her quest to save Arakune, because Bang could get annoying in some people's eyes. There's a reason why the Bang/Litchi pairing is pretty much nonexistant in the Japanese fandom, as they understood the values of tragic romance story, although they do not mind friendshipping between the two.
    • Noel Vermillion is quite hated, especially amongst Ragna/Jin shippers. There are also those who wishes Noel would fulfill her destiny of being killed to save the world, just so she doesn't get in the way of Jin/Tsubaki. Which is canonically Tsubaki's big problem, after Hazama takes a hold of her... and yet she still cannot bing herself to Murder the Hypotenuse when she has Noel at her complete mercy. Of course, many of the rabid Jin x Tsubaki fans fail to realize that Noel herself is a Shipper on Deck in favor of those two, that Noel's feelings for Ragna may be stronger than anything she'd feel for Jin, and took her job under Jin solely to aid her ailing family courtesy of Hazama's machinations. If it weren't for that, she'd have held out for Tsubaki to have that role.
    • Also, the anti Jin x Ragna shippers insist, and insist, AND INSIST that any prospect Foe Yay comes solely from Yukianesa's Mind Control, and that the shippers are all a bunch of sickos. One can undestand being turned off by the BIG CATCH of the pairing, but sheeeeeesh - talk about obsessed.
    • Also, due to its presentation and permeance as well as how Western fans perceive her, Ragna/Celica is often fitted with cement shoes before walking the plank in the States. That Celica's also a chronophantasma of the woman who would raise Ragna, Jin and Saya in the isolated church certainly does not help its case.
  • Amy Rose in Sonic the Hedgehog (and to a lesser extent, Sally Acorn in the Archie Sonic comics) is forever reviled by Sonic/Shadow slash shippers, a prospect made easier due to her Stalker with a Crush status. The Sally and Amy fans also hate each other's characters, each blaming the other's chosen character for making the series Jump the Shark and Flanderization destroying theirs.
    • Elise, Sonic's awkward love interest in Sonic '06. She's widely hated by Sonamy fans. But then again, she's pretty much hated by everyone.
    • Depending on what is supported, Shadow, Knuckles, and Rouge are subjected to this treatment, with Rouge being portrayed as an evil seductress trying to lure Knuckles and Shadow away from each other by the Shadow/Knuckles shippers, Shadow being portrayed as a gun-toting manic by the Knuckles/Rouge shippers, and Knuckles being portrayed as abusive and obsessive by the Rouge/Shadow shippers. (And for the latter, this is if Knuckles isn't portrayed as wanting Rouge dead so that she won't be able to try to steal the Master Emerald anymore.)
    • This is also the case with the Shadamy shippers, who usually portray Sonic as a Jerkass who doesn't want Amy until she's off with someone else.
    • Many fanfics kill Sonic off in order to pair Amy up with... Metal Sonic. The real irony is that the first time Metal and Amy met, Metal kidnapped her.
    • In the case of Sonic X, there is mutual hatred between fans of Cosmo/Tails and Cream/Tails. Cosmo dies in the final episode anyways.
    • Also in Sonic X, Molly is bashed for trying to steal Shadow away from Maria. The ironic thing is that Maria is already dead by the time Molly is introduced.
    • Within the Fleetway fandom there's a joke that Tekno and Amy are more then best friends. Cybernik is already The Scrappy due to his annoying behavior, but Word of God saying there's a romantic connection between Tekno and Cybernik just dug his grave even more.
    • Word of Rafei is that the Sonic Boom iteration of Amy is going to have her Sonic stalker tendencies strongly dialed down. Of course, this doesn't stop her from spending a stage with Sonic (and another with Tails and a third with Knuckles), nor does it stop her from befriending Sticks. We could be dealing with a new cold war, folks.
  • Star Fox, with its predominantly male cast, naturally gets this, especially in the form of Krystal the blue vixen, who is both Fox's love interest and the Base Breaker of the series as a whole. A portion of fans shunt her aside in favor of Fox/Falco and Fox/Wolf; there's also Fara Phoenix from the 1993 Nintendo Power comics based off of the SNES game as a replacement, even though she and Fox have little chemistry between them. More precisely: As much as Fox and Krystal do.
    • On the flip side, just about no one will even dare ship Panther with Krystal: lo and behold, rabid fans burst like crazy.
    • Fara's and Krystal's fans are constantly at each others' throats.
    • And even the Ho Yay shippers as mentioned can go crazy on one another, especially with Wolf, who is often a victim of Ship-to-Ship Combat with Leon, or even James.
  • Tales of Symphonia has this for Colette, the female lead who interferes with alternate pairings (both het and yaoi) for the male lead. She's detested by much of the fandom, mostly for being a Barrier Maiden despite, statwise and storywise, being an incredibly capable Glass Cannon. This already bad situation is completely destroyed by the presence of Sheena, a female with obvious interest in the male lead who has a tragic past and a Character Development is seen as better than Colette's nevermind the Break the Cutie that poor Colette herself goes through, and to top it off, is portrayed as a fully-capable Action Girl, which brings up the fangirls's misogyny. And this is despite the fact that, in real life, most people would probably love Colette. Including, in-universe, almost all of her romantic rivals.
    • Zelos is loathed by some Lloyd/Sheena fans for his canonical interest in Sheena, who take the worst of his Handsome Lech persona and turn him into a straight up Jerk Ass. While it is possible to both kill off Zelos and pair Lloyd up with Sheena in the game, you cannot do both at the same time, and if you do kill off Zelos, you've not only thrown off the canon altogether, but thoroughly set Lloyd up with Colette.
    • At the shipwars' height, to people who shipped Kratos/Anna, Raine was a bitch and a slut stalking Kratos and trying to force him to forget the only true love he could ever have. To Kratos/Raine shippers, Anna was a blank NPC who Kratos didn't really love, but only felt sorry for. This was despite the fact that Kratos and Raine had fairly minimal subtext, that Kratos and Anna canonically had a child together, and that Anna has been dead for so long in the first game that she and Raine would never have needed to be in competition.
    • Anna also gets the same treatment from some Kratos/Yuan fans, although they usually leave Raine out of it entirely. In this case, it also seems partly driven by Het Is Ew.
  • Tales of Legendia also has this for Shirley, who, like Colette in Symphonia, is the game's female lead. She interferes with alternate pairings for Senel (Senel/Chloe apparently being the overwhelming favourite), especially since she and Senel apparently become "engaged" at the end of the Main Quest. But even so, it would seem that the vast majority of the Legendia fandom just generally wish Shirley to burn in the fiery depths of hell anyway.
    • This is made slightly ridiculous by Senel being a Chaste Hero, who shows no interest in anyone bar his dead ex-girlfriend Stella — who's also Shirley's dead sister. Indeed, the two girls actually bond in one scene over the fact that he doesn't seem to have anything but friendship for either of them! (Despite Shirley being engaged to him, bizarrely enough.)
    • Even more absurd is that both Senel/Shirley AND Senel/Chloe were already suffering by the point a love triangle emerged. Neither got together with him in the end, but their pining for him prior to that wore thin VERY fast. It makes one consider the possibility that perhaps any pairing with Chaste Hero Senel isn't a good idea at all, and that perhaps Shirley and Chloe should just hook up with each other.
  • For The King of Fighters fandom, we have Kyo's girlfriend, Yuki. Sweet, outspoken, straight-A student... and absolutely hated by Kyo/Iori slashers, Kyo/Shingo shippers, Kyo/Athena fans of the self-projecting kind, and authors who want their Author Avatars to hump Kyo instead of this unfortunate Naďve Everygirl who gets caught in the crossfire between Kyo and the Orochi clan who want to sacrifice her to bring Orochi back into this world, since she's the last descendant of the legendary Kushinada sacrificial maid.
    • To a lesser extent, this is also true of Athena; where Kyo is concerned, some fics portray Athena as either a Stalker with a Crush or a manipulator who selfishly toys with Kyo (and/or Kensou's) feelings for her own gratification. Also, others seem to think that Kensou is entitled to Athena's body and feelings for being her Dogged Nice Guy, and thus bash her and call her "slut" and "ungrateful" since she doesn't like him in that way — nevermind that both Athena and Kensou have other sides to their personalities.
    • [McNinja Andy Bogard]], in both The King of Fighters and its sister series Fatal Fury. Andy took quite a beating from rabid fanboys who preferred Mai with their Author Avatars, other male characters (like Terry, Joe, Eiji Kisaragi, Iori, or even someone from a completely different, unrelated series), and/or other female characters (from Fatal Fury, The King of Fighters, and otherwise).
    • Blue Mary, Terry Bogard's later love interest. Too many authors resent her for being an obstacle for their Author Avatars. Though the fact that many of them have only seen the anime adaptations thus barely know she exists (also not knowing that the anime is the only place Terry has a "dying girlfriend curse") may be a factor there.
  • In Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, there isn't a lot of bashing, but the majority of what there is is thrown against Iris, for daring to be the twin sister of the Cute and Psycho Dahlia Hawthorne and Phoenix's ex-girlfriend who dated him to save him from her evil sister. To some extreme Phoenix/Edgeworth shippers, this means Iris is "an evil, hypocritical, stupid Canon Sue whore who keeps Phoenix and Miles away from each other." To make things worse, the case that introduced Iris also gave fuel for both Phoenix/Maya and Phoenix/Edgeworth shippers, making her something of a Third-Option Love Interest. Fortunately, the series never resolves potential romances between the main characters, which keeps bashing to a minimum.
    • Leona Clyde from the Takarazuka musical gets a lot of hate for taking the place of several canon characters in Phoenix's life and being his love interest to boot. Of course, much of the shipper hate is mitigated by the wonderful Ho Yay number with Phoenix dancing with/being assaulted by Edgeworth's backup dancer clones.
    • In-universe example: Pearl Fey. Having seen many members of her family (including her mother) deal with broken marriages due to the matriarchal nature of Kurain, she's desperate for her beloved cousin "Mystic Maya" to have a happy and secure marriage with Phoenix Wright. This leads to her flipping out and slapping Nick on occasion if he so much as stands next to other women (including Iris, Pearl's own sister), despite the pair's constant recital of She Is Not My Girlfriend.
  • Omitsu is the favored punching bag for bitter shippers in the Ganbare Goemon fandom, as she is the sole love interest of the main series - a matter exacerbated by her lack of screen time outside of kidnapping plots, leading her to be denounced as a useless cuckoldress or simply ignored as a result. To rub more salt into the wound, Konami has been making Goemon and Omitsu's romance more overt in recent times, and even threw in a couple of moments to sink the more popular GoeYae couple. (The fans of the aforementioned couple have the manga and Bouken Jidai Katsugeki to go on, but they're Alternate Continuity, so they "don't count.")
  • Metal Gear Solid fans who prefer Otacon over Meryl can actually kill her off in game if they so choose. No, it's not canon, but it's better than nothing. They appear to have noticed this and provided ample evidence for both Snake/EVA and Snake/Ocelot, letting you choose which one you like better.
    • Guns of the Patriots sets up a romance between Naomi and Otacon, over which Snake shows visible signs of annoyance. Later on in the story, she commits suicide by deactivating the nanomachines that are keeping her alive. Since Naomi has a list of Kick the Dog moments as long as one's arm, it's probably for the best that she did die. Heaven knows what her standing with the fandom would be if she had survived to get in the way of Snake/Otacon.
    • The horrible treatment Rosemary gets from people who ship Raiden with the other characters, especially from the slashers. While admittedly annoying in Sons of Liberty with plenty of narmalicious quotes, people really took Accentuate the Negative to extremes with her character. The sheer amount of vitriol sent her way would almost make the non-MGS fan think she was the true villain of the series and more depraved than Vamp and more monstrous than Volgin. She did become more likeable for some when Guns of the Patriots rolled around, though.
    • Johnny "Akiba" Sasaki has recently received this treatment as well. In Guns of the Patriots, he gets to marry Meryl; since then, some pretty rabid Snake/Meryl shippers have brutally bashed his brains out too. As if he didn't have enough troubles already...
  • Even the Mario fandom suffers from this. Mario himself has been bashed and demonized in fanfiction for the sake of pairing Peach with Bowser or Luigi, and tomboyish Princess Daisy is bashed by people who want to pair Luigi with Peach and those hung up on Luigi being gay.
    • In the anime film Super Mario Bros: The Great Plan to Rescue Princess Peach, Prince Hal from the Flower Kingdom comes under fire from this due to him being Peach's fiance. In other words, messing up the MarioxPeach ending. Thankfully for them, Hal is a Canon Foreigner who will never show up in the games.
  • There are countless Soul series fanfics where the non-playable character Rothion gets killed off so they can pair his wife Sophitia off with someone else, usually Siegfried or Taki. In one case, she's been paired up with Darth Vader.
  • Even Mega Man Battle Network suffers from this. Mayl, in particular, gets all the hatred of the yaoi fans (not to mention a humiliating Fan Nickname) for daring to stand in the way of Lan/Chaud... never mind that Lan/Mayl is the Official Couple, as the sixth game shows in the ending. And the ever-shrinking Lan/Mayl fandom tends to demean Dex, who has a huge crush on the pink-haired girl... Then there's the feud between Chaud/Yai and Chaud/Anetta fans.
  • Mega Man Star Force. Two het pairings (Geo/Sonia and Geo/Luna) are all but canon and the first game has some heavy Ho Yay between Geo and Pat. Throw in any other oddball pairings implied from the anime or whatever and you start to see the problem. It's mostly contained to the two big het pairings, though - G/S shippers say Luna's too much of a Clingy Jealous Girl and G/L shippers say Sonia and Geo are Like Brother and Sister.
    • The third game even seems to acknowledge the Ship-to-Ship Combat by giving Geo (during the trip to Alohaha) the chance to recover a valuable keepsake of one (and only one) of his three close friends: Sonia, Luna, or Bud. While all three options result in rather tender moments, picking one of the girls has the other fuming, whereas picking Bud has Zack remark (much to Sonia and Luna's mutual ire) that Geo was essentially picking the lesser of three evils.
  • Drakengard fandom falls into this habit as well, with both Nowe/Manah and Nowe/Eris fans blasting the third side of the Love Triangle for getting in the way on their OTP. Usually, it is Manah who gets the brunt of the hatred (which probably has something to do with the fact that she was the Big Bad in the first game), but there are quite a few Eris-haters out there, too.
  • Pity Anomen Delryn of Baldur's Gate, a noble would-be paladin who is deeply flawed with pride and, to a degree, selfishness, despite his essentially honorable and kind nature. He arguably caused the npc modding community, and tends to suffer badly at the hands of the fanfic community, usually in favor of Xan, Edwin, or Kelsey. On the other side of the gender equation, the naive and idealistic Aerie tends to be revealed to be a Clingy Jealous Girl, secretly evil, or worse.
    • Aerie as a Clingy Jealous Girl is pretty much canon. Secretly evil, not so much.
    • Anomen's real problem is less Die for Our Ship than "die for any ship at all". He is the one and only romanceable NPC if you're playing a female PC in an unmodded game, and struck a lot of people as whiny, grating, stupid, or all three. The presence of otherworldly bishounen Haer'Daelis as a very visible intended Love Interest (he tries to seduce away your love interest, if you're a male PC) cut late in development just adds insult to injury for those who disliked Anomen already. Long story short: Revenge Fic poured in from a wide range of interests, and with a large modding community to support it, got more than a little out of hand...
  • Lili from Tekken is often portrayed as a full-blown Rich Bitch or Alpha Bitch, in order to accomodate relationships with people she's not even closely related with (e.g: Steve and Christie). And here, she's just being a normal Ojou who happens to like fighting... However, the idea of Lili/Asuka seems to be almost universally unopposed, if only because the hints are laid on so thick by canon (especially from Lili's side) it's rather hard to go against it.
  • Spyro the Dragon. Yes, even this fandom has some nasty eruptions:
    • Probably the worst flak is given to Spyro/Cynder, although Sierra themselves pretty much showed that they were the one true pairing. Many claims hold Cynder as a cliched character with a generic dark past, leading to ridiculous flame wars with fans and non-fans. For added insanity, keep in mind that Cynder doesn't even exist in the same continuity as pretty much all of other dragons/beings Spyro gets paired with by fans.
    • Then there are those who will fight about Flame/Ember and Spyro/Ember. (Despite the fact that, at the end of the final game in the classic series, Ember hooks up with an armadilo named Bandit. Who, oddly enough, doesn't follow victim to this trope... Provided people even remember he exists.)
    • The ones who prefer Spyro/Elora or that Spyro not be paired with anyone, period.
  • Breath of Fire II saw a rather one-sided attack on Nina by fans of the Ryu/Katt pairing. And, yes, in fanfiction, her personality generally takes one on the noggin.
    • Although they're less guilty of it, fans of Ryu/Nina aren't completely innocent of this sort of thing, either, as they tend to completely Flanderize Katt into a brainless, unrefined, and violent idiot. The game's "Blind Idiot" Translation doesn't help much in either case, giving very little canon insight into their personalities to begin with.
  • Neverwinter Nights 2 makes this actually possible, since under certain circumstances, the main character may have to kill Elanee, Neeshka, or Bishop.
    • It helps that the companions' personalities change depending on the player's choices, so a dead Neeshka is quite likely to have joined the enemy of her own volition, while a surviving Neeshka is a steadfast and loyal companion who can beat Blood Magic with the Power of Friendship. It's also worth noting that Neeshka and Bishop were originally supposed to be romanceable, but the subplots got Dummied Out. Naturally the modding community has seen fit to repair this.
  • Touhou fandom has a lot of choices to work with, what with the main characters being virtual launchers of a thousand ships and no Official Couple in sight, so there tends not to be much in the way of hard feelings towards the other non-shipped characters... except Alice. The Marisa/Alice ship being one of the most popular, some Reimu/Marisa shippers have the tendency to portray Alice in the most negative light possible to drive Marisa away from her. For example, the "Touhou Seasons" quartet of doujinshi has Reimu and Alice both fawning over Marisa; while Reimu can be a little annoying, Alice is portrayed as barely being tolerated, with massive and bothersome nosebleeding whenever she interacts in the slightest with Marisa.note  Another doujin has, as its entire plot, Alice soiling and then embarrassing herself in front of Reimu and Marisa. And then there's the Alternate Character Interpretation of Alice as a creepy yandere doll otaku...
    • It doesn't help that the series is pretty much devoid of men, which allows the yuri fanboys and fangirls to go wild.
  • In the Tokimeki Memorial Japanese fandom, there was back in the time of the Classic Kirameki Saga's boom in 1996 quite a backlash concerning Yoshio Saotome's pairing in the wake of the Motto! Tokimeki Memorial Radio Drama series, which is one of the pillars of the Classic Kirameki Saga's mythos: near the end of this Radio Drama series, a whole chapter (Chapter 9) was dedicated on how Yoshio and Mio Kisaragi hook up. Since in the original game, aside from his best friend of a main protagonist Naoto, and his little sister Yumi, the person Yoshio had the most interaction with was his friend since Junior High Yuko Asahina, a good number of people took that pairing as granted ( despite the fact Yuko considers Yoshio as a kusare-sen friend, aka a person she doesn't really want to have as a friend but is inevitably a friend anyways) and were not amused at this shipping course change. The whole thing, of course, evolved as well into Ship-to-Ship Combat with those who liked the new course. The mess has fortunately died down nowadays.
  • Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones actually provides a canon example of this when Kaileena is killed by the Vizier and becomes the Sands of Time, and isn't revived until the end (whereupon she declares that she will be leaving the planet so that no one can abuse her power again). This opens up the way for the Prince to court Farah again without having to worry about competition. Of course, since most fans liked Farah better, this was actually very well received.
  • Not even Mortal Kombat is free of this. Action Girl Sareena gets Ship Tease with Sub-Zero and Noob Saibot... guess what happens to her.
  • Most Mao/Almaz shippers tend to use the Almaz ending for fanfictions, because Almaz's love interest, Sapphire, ends up wanting to kill him, thinking he is going to kidnap her if she doesn't stike back, automatically getting her out of the way, and making her a pretty nice target. Nevermind that Mao also wants to kill him for his title in this ending.
    • Vocal Valvatorez/Fenrich shippers aren't exactly thrilled with Artina since she possesses some Common Mary Sue Traits and, initially at least, a rather sharp tongue. On the flip side, some of the people who ship Val/Artina are not exactly fond of Fenrich's Jerk Sue traits.
    • Then there's the, thankfully very small, minority of Val/Fuka shippers who hate both of the other ships. This is in spite of the fact that FUKA ships both of them herself and even chooses to sink her own ship in her epilogue because she doesn't want to get in the way of Artina and Fenrich!
  • Flora gets treated this way by some members of the Professor Layton fandom, because she's seen as an obstacle to hooking up Layton with his apprentice Luke. This is a particularly odd example, because 1) Layton's only known canonical romance was with a woman, 2) Flora is Layton's adopted daughter (though there are Layton/Flora shippers too), and 3) Luke is thirteen to Layton's 37.
  • Star Ocean: The Second Story gets a lot of this between Claude, Rena and Dias; Rena/Dias shippers tend to turn Claude from a good-hearted but very lost teenager into a weak, whiny jerk whose only purpose is to drive Rena into the arms of Dias, who is suddenly smooth, tender and incredibly good in bed. In canon, Dias is very aloof and awkward with emotions, and he and Rena spend most of the game thinking of each other as surrogate big brother/little sister despite not being related. But most of the shippers never acknowledge that and go straight for the romance.
    • The fan attitude towards Claude isn't helped by the fact that Dias only joins the party if you play as Rena, and the impression when playing as Claude is that Dias doesn't join due to Claude being a jerkass to him.
    • Or else they make Rena into the whiny jealous borderline-stalker, so that Claude can run off with Dias... or Ashton, in some cases, which usually involves bashing Precis the same way.
    • The worst part of the ship wars in this fandom? You can choose who ends up with who in this game! There is absolutely no reason for anyone to die for anyone's ship! Just pair them with someone else in the party, or have them end up alone if you prefer, and it's just as canon as everyone else's ship!
  • While not as vicious as other fandoms, Guilty Gear has its share of charabashing based on pairings, and specially after some rounds of Ship Sinking. The main victim is Kuradoberi Jam (perceived as a shrill bitch who wants to keep Sol and Ky away due to her flirting with Ky in canon). Moreover, a scene in AC+ where she tried to poison Ky become another reason to increase the hate.
    • (Curiously, Dizzy gets much less hate than expected after, you know, becoming the Maiden of the Grove, marrying Ky and being the mother of his child, Sin.)
    • On the other hand, a small number of TestamentxDizzy fans are sour with Ky Kiske. They think that Ky stole Dizzy, the only person left in Testament's world.
  • Particularly convenient in Persona 3 Portable, where fans who dislike FeMCxShinjiro insist that his death is the canon path. And they'd be right, considering that even if she saves him from the gunshot the supressants would still kill him eventually
    • Aside of this, the fact that the FeMC can be paired with the 10-year-old Ken Amada is rather... polemic on its own.
  • Feron of Mass Effect fame is slowly becoming a target amongst the hardcore fans of Any!Shepard/Liara (particularly Female Shepard), especially after Word of God suggested that Liara may have had feelings for the drell during the prequel comic tie-in to Mass Effect 2 (regardless of her relationship status with Shepard). Because it's totally healthy to not move on even a little after your S/O supposedly died right before your eyes, right? It is worth noting that Liara never acts upon those supposed feelings: if you continue the romance, Liara says she only saw Feron as a good, platonic friend and nothing more. It doesn't stop the more hardcore fans from invoking this trope on him.
    • If asked about how she feels in Lair of the Shadow Broker, Liara says that Feron is too emotionally damaged after his torture for a relationship, and if Shepard romanced her, she will say she pointed out that she was "taken". Interestingly enough, it is possible to indirectly kill him by not completing Lair of the Shadow Broker.
    • Despite there being no overt references or hints of romance between Kal'Reegar and Tali (not that it's ever stopped anyone) in game, Kal'Reegar fares no better with the hardcore Tali/Male Shepard fans. While he can die in-game, most just kill him off on Haestrom anyways, this doesn't mean this trope plus Ron the Death Eater doesn't seep in from time to time too. The hate has gone down somewhat, seeing as how the poor guy gets killed off-screen if he did survive the second game. Somewhat.
    • Some people don't like that Tali and Garrus can hook up, this is completely ignoring that it only happens if neither party is romanced or dead. Then again, this is the reason why you cannot start a romantic relationship with either in 3. It's worth noting that virtually no one who hates this pairing bashes Garrus over this, even Male!Shepard fans (the ostensible "competition"). Tali seems to fare much worse among Female!Shepard fans who hate the pairing.
    • Can also be invoked in the first game; Want to romance Ashley as Male!Shep, or Kaidan as Fem!Shep? Well, then the Sadistic Choice on Virmire just got significantly easier... but don't tell the one you're not dating.
    • Then there's Kaidan who gets blasted by the more rabid Fem!Shep/Garrus (or Shakarian) shippers for either being an abusive asshole who emotionally manipulates Shepard into staying with him and very viciously blasts Garrus for siding with Cereberus alongside Shepard or the complete reverse, being generally just a bland and boring guy. Some shippers have even gone so far as to write fanfiction wherein the entire Normandy crew emotionally or physically abuse Kaidan simply for being there and daring to show interest in Fem!Shep.
    • Liara is hit with this from people who ship Shepard with pretty much anyone else, largely due to perceived creator favoritism, treating her as a Stalker with a Crush and a Yandere. It didn't help that Liara, among other things, pulls Shepard's armor from his body and enshrines it in her apartment. Liara faces particular ire from fans of Kaidan or Ashley who blame Liara for all of their distrust of Shepard. While that was a severe communications failure on Liara's part, some have interpreted it as Liara deliberately keeping them in the dark so that she could have Shepard all to herself. The fact that Liara canonically kept quiet about Tali's feelings for Shepard to improve her own chances with him isn't exactly a point in her favor.
  • Before the Garrus/Tali pairing in Mass Effect 3, a significant number of Fenris fangirls similarly lost their minds over Fenris and Isabela hooking up in Dragon Age II, despite the fact that, similar to the Mass Effect example, it only happens if neither party is romanced by the player. Isabela is frequently trashed as being slutty and amoral (being canonically promiscuous doesn't help) and not good enough for Fenris. Some go as far as to take the option to give her up to the qunari at the end of Act 2. As an interesting contrast, fans that don't bash the pairing have a tendency to Take a Third Option and ship Hawke/Fenris/Isabela instead.
    • Fans are so used to this, they were pre-emptively worried for Inquisition newcomer Josephine after rumours emerged that she and Cullen might hook up. Nothing actually came of it - the non-player romances ( Iron Bull / Dorian and implied Josephine / Blackwall) seem to have avoided it this go around.
  • In Aveyond, the Dameon hate is extremely strong due to fans preferring Rhen/Lars to Rhen/Dameon.
  • The Harvest Moon fandom is completely dedicated to shipping; the games are more-or-less Dating Sim's with farm elements to most fans. Of course there's going to be shipping wars, usually related to The Rival of certain characters. IE; in More Friends of Mineral Town related fanfics related to Claire/Kai, Popuri's already flanderized in canon personality gets flanderized into having no redeeming factors and just being a Clingy Jealous Girl to Kai.
    • Sabrina seems to get the worst of this from her massive Hatedom, especially when it comes to the Vaughn/Chelsea pairing.
    • In Tree of Tranquility/Animal Parade, the three most popular guys to marry are Gill, Chase and Luke (and the fourth would be Wizard but he has no love rival). Their love interests Luna, Maya and Selena ARE NOT liked at all. Special mention to Luna and Selena though as in Animal Parade, if you tell them you like Gill or Luke, their worse personalty comes out and to be fair, Luna and Gill aren't really a good match...and neither is Luke and Selena. At worse, Luna is seen as a stupid brat that doesn't understand Gill's feelings at all even during their rival scenes and Selena is seen as a whore who basically seduced Luke in the first place. Maya gets the least amount of flak out of the three but she's bashed for getting a hot guy like Chase.
    • And in A Wonderful Life, hardly anyone likes Muffy. Fanfics that pair up Jack with one of the other bachelorettes (usually Celia) often derail Muffy into being a slut. And then you have people who dismiss Celia as being "a boring housewife."
    • Another example in the Wonderful Life fandom is Marlin. In canon, he has a tendency of being a little overprotective of the people he cares about. However, in just about every Jack/Celia fic, Marlin's protectiveness gets Flanderized to Stalker with a Crush levels.
  • In Team Fortress 2, the Medic's wife gets this from slash ficcers, despite the fact she's only mentioned in one line (where an enemy Demoman claims he is sleeping with her).
  • Shizune Hakamichi from the Visual Novel Katawa Shoujo seems to have suffered the misfourtune of being pratically set up of this. First, her route is very much an aquired taste, relying more on intellectual nuance, Foreshadowing and subtext than the "feels" that are common in other routes. Meaning that you need to play it a few times in order to truly get it. (The fact that it is the most linear route, with only one choice, as well as a Slice of Life narrative structure that not everyone appreciates, doesn't help matters.) Second, she is a Spirited Competitor to a degree that one either finds charming and endearing or obnoxious and annoying; she can also can be rather blunt (justified in part because she is deaf-mute). Thirdly she is The Rival to Lilly who is by far one of the most adored characters in the game and whose route is seen as much smoother and sweeter except for the end, but that one also ends up well. Lastly, her best friend Misha is an Ensemble Dark Horse who doesn't have a route of her own and is, in fact, in unrequited love with Shizune herself - which is what triggers THE single choice in the Shizune route. You'd think people would not be able to pour so much hate at an eighteen year old deaf girl.
    • Interestingly enough, in Lilly's route, Shizune reconciles with Lilly, and initiates the process. And instead of competing with the other girls over Hisao, Shizune, along with Misha, is a Shipper on Deck.
    • Lilly herself gets some of this trope from fans of the other route, who resent her for being the most popular girl. She is also sometimes accused of being a Mary Sue, although this, like other tropes, is deconstructed, when Hisao finds himself relying on her too much, doesn't challenge her decision to go to Scotland until almost literally the last second, and realizes that she has flaws of her own, such as hiding her emotions.
  • Golden Sun has had a very strong shipping base since the first game, but it was the third game when people really got violent about it. When it was made cannon that Isaac and Jenna got married, and were the main protagonists parents, the hate fics began to flow like water. Many fans had been a fan of shipping Isaac and Mia, as well as Garet and Jenna. The takes of these fics have been from Isaac being detached and a jerk, Jenna cheating on him with someone else (freeing him up) or simply stating that one half of the couple is dead already.
    • The second game caused an odd inversion of this. Felix is often paired, not with the girl he jumped off of a tower for, but the antagonist that he actually killed in the late game. Sheba doesn't tend to get killed off, just paired with Ivan, but the reasons for reviving Karst jump around.
  • Resident Evil has multiple examples:
    • Ada Wong often gets this treatment from more militant "Cleon" fans. This is in stark contrast to how the Raymond Vester is treated. To wit, they both save people who showed them kindness, both steal viruses and sell them off in some extremely morally questionable dealings, and possibly work for the same organization. This may be due to how Ada has a kiss with Leon in 2 and their interactions throughout 4, which could then interfere with Claire/Leon as a pairing, whereas the one Raymond is shipped with on a regular basis is Parker, who himself isn't paired off with other characters in the game by the fans.
      • Then again, it doesn't exactly help the fact that in Leon's second scenario in 2, his romance with Ada is shoehorned in with no warning.
    • Steve Burnside is often vilified and treated as a rapist or wife-beater so Leon can rescue Claire from the relationship.
    • But the inverse happens with Cleve fans in fanfiction, where Leon ends up a rapist or wife-beater, so Steve can rescue Claire.
    • Jessica Sherawat is hated for many reasons, one of which being how she flirts with Chris so much. Some of the more rabid Valenfield (Chris/Jill) fans hate her for that reason alone. Because, clearly, being a traitor, trying to kill a guy twice, hitting another guy who got in the way and leaving him to die, destroying major pieces of evidence, etc. is somehow forgivable if the character doesn't in the way of your ship.
    • Curiously, Parker gets harsh treatment from Valenfield shippers as well. This requires ignoring some Ho Yay some fans see he has with Raymond and how Parker implies that Chris and Jill are together and tries to get Jessica to stop bothering Chris.
  • In Shining Force 2 Princess Elis gets bashed a lot for taking Bowie (the main character) away from the healer Sarah who spends the whole game crushing on him. Bowie chooses Elis at the end of the game despite her having about two minutes of screentime, if that. There's a large consensus on the hatred of Elis, however.
  • Fate/stay night: Rabid Gilgamesh/Saber shippers bash the crap out of Shirou for his supposed "sexism" in initially not wanting Saber to fight, never mind the fact that it's made blindingly clear that Shirou doesn't want Saber fighting due to his hero complex and because he doesn't want to see the girl he loves hurt or killed. Apparently, a socially awkward, impulsive teenager with a tendency of putting his foot in his mouth is much more horrible than a guy trying to kill a girl, trying to force her to marry him, and all but saying he wants to rape her.
    • Rin gets plenty of hatred from Shirou/Sakura shippers for "stealing" Shirou from Sakura in Unlimited Blade Works. Saber also gets some bashing, mostly because she's the most popular heroine and Shirou and Saber are more or less considered the Official Couple by Type-Moon, but not nearly as much as Rin.
    • And let's not forget the massive hate that Sakura tends to get from both Rin/Shirou and Saber/Shirou fans, who tend to see her as a prospect Sympathetic Sue as well as "girly and thus weak".
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