Die For Our Ship / Ranma

If Akane haters had it their way, Ranma wouldn't show any pain at her prospective death... he'd be happy instead!

Essentially every character in Ranma has experienced both this trope and Draco in Leather Pants at one point or another, often with one portrayal arising as a backlash to another.

  • Being the Tsundere official love interest of what is possibly the most-shipped fictional character in history, Akane Tendo is frequently flanderized to the point of psychosis (The Bitter End, anyone?). Even after the end of the manga, many fics depict her relationship with Ranma as suddenly and inexplicably taking a turn for the worse. This has led fans of her character to emphasize her compassionate side, sometimes overcorrecting to the point of "Saint Akane" who is a Love Martyr.
  • On the other hand, Shampoo is often written by fans as being heartless, psychotic, downright evil, and willing to kill Akane and Mousse in cold blood in front of Ranma to get her "Airen"'s love. While this does have some basis in canon where her personal motto is "obstacle is for killing," many of these fanon depictions of her get ridiculously over-the-top.
    • It doesn't help that Takahashi herself is inconsistent on Shampoo's personality. In one chapter she'll show some nice qualities, in another she'll be a total bitch who doesn't give a crap whether Mousse or Akane are alive.
  • Likewise, Ryōga's eternal grudge and posing as P-Chan, while not exactly admirable, often result in him being flanderized to pave the way for Ranma/Akane. This is despite the fact that in canon he's saved Ranma's life, helped him up when Ranma truly needed it (and Ranma also gave him a helping hand) and eventually begins to get over Akane, hooking up with Akari instead. In fact, it's especially strange when you consider that out of all of Ranma and Akane's long-term suitors, Ryōga is one of the very few (if not the only one) who willingly steps aside.
  • In contrast, Ranma's own arrogance and personality flaws are frequently overlooked because of his harsh childhood and the many demands honor has placed upon him. This leads other fans to remind the readers of the times that he's stretched honor to his advantage, performed petty con artistry and otherwise holds responsibility for some of his troubles... but they also go too far once in a while, portraying him as overtly evil, spiteful and malicious instead of the Jerk with a Heart of Gold he is in canon.
    • Also, Ranma's detractors (mostly detractors who also happen to be fans of Genma) have gone so far as to literally make Genma's arguments for him: they think that Ranma is to blame for problems that were clearly caused by Genma himself abusing his parental authority to burden Ranma with messes (apparently on account of Ranma not being proactive enough to solve those messes), and they even excuse the abusive Nekoken training from hell on account that Genma sincerely believed he was being useful. The idea that Takahashi deliberately designed Genma to be a jerk for comedic value, and Genma's parenting strategies were outright condemned in the manga, doesn't occur to them.
  • Ukyō is also made a Love Martyr, much at the expense of Akane (two words: Mike Rhea). In others, she's as bashed as Shampoo by "Saint Akane" fans. There was even one fic in which she was turned into a dog (granted, a troll fic deliberately written to spite her "followers," and the use of the Literal Genie to do this matched the series' humorous tone towards magic and was found Actually Pretty Funny by said followers.)
    • Then there's the militancy of many Ryōga/Ukyō shippers. While much of their violence is directed against the other prominent characters, Ryōga and Ukyō's respective love interests (Akari and Konatsu)... if they're lucky, they're either ignored entirely or randomly paired with other folks for the sheer sake of RyoKyo. If they're lucky.
      • It should be noted that unless you've read the manga you wouldn't know Akari or Konatsu even exist.
  • Akari, Ryoga's Manga-only love-interest often gets broken up with Ryōga or killed off to make way for Ryōga/Akane, Ryōga/Ukyō, or Ryōga/Ranma.