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Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu: Fan Fic
  • Robynne AKA Hottie II in her Super Hottie Goddess transformation knocked out Cthulhu himself with one punch, twice (actually two from different universes) in Hottie 3: The Best Fan Fic in the World.
  • In Aeon Natum Engel, Dagon is Mind Raped by Fettel. Let that sink in for a bit! That he's also killed seconds later is just a bonus.
  • In Nobody Dies, Terrifying!Rei doesn't just punch out Ramiel. She FALCON PUNCHES her.
  • Ami from Dungeon Keeper Ami has, up to this point, beaten a Horned Reaper, what is possibly the oldest dragon in the world and the Avatar, all in single combat. This might be what helps her reputation for Defeating the Undefeatable surpass her reputation for being the biggest, most depraved rapist ever.
    • To be fair, Did you just RAPE Cthulhu is also an accomplishment. In the last Episode the Unraveller of Mysteries, a literal God of Evil undressed and penetrated Ami. Ami wasn't really enthusiastic about it and after it was over the Unraveller told Ami to call her up again. But Ami doesn't think so, because really, she didn't feel a thing while it lasted and was only sore afterwards.
  • A mod over at Toho Kingdom writes yearly holiday themed fanfics with members of the site as character. Last Christmas fic featured Cthulhu as the main villain. After the military fails epically to kill him, they get a pair of mecha from Santa Claus and manage to kill him.
  • In Dumbledores Army and the Year of Darkness, Ernie Macmillan has the stones to punch out a Dementor. Yeah, he goes down... but he tried. And he gave his secret wife, Susan Bones Macmillan time to whip out her wand and summon her Patronus.
  • During his first appearence in the Tamers Forever Series Chaosgallantmon absolutely DESTROYS both Azulongmon and Zuqhaiomon in about ten seconds flat.
  • In Manchester Lost, Crowley punched Lucifer - In the FACE!!! There's also the part where War yells, "Mommy, you're an idiot!" followed by decapitation.
  • The Spore wiki fiction universe has a rather epic one involving the hero fighting and actually defeating Satan(A.K.A. Kamik'Shi) and then sealing him in the sword that stabbed him.
  • In Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, Harry created a Patronus so powerful it was able to not just drive away a Dementor, but actively kill it.
  • In Soul Chess, Lelouch did what Ichigo in Bleach could only DREAM of and Geassed Aizen to kill himself. It's considered by many as Lelouch's greatest achievement in the fic.
  • To Kill A Thief: Light shouting out about Dark Fin Fish.
  • Alex really knows how to own Marceline in her press conference at the Candy Kingdom with her Badass Normal moves. Her fight with her father also counts to it.
  • In the Pony POV Series, G1 Mimic's Dying Moment of Awesome involved kicking Discord in the face, several thousand times at the speed of sound, which results in one of his teeth being permanently knocked out.
    • The Mane Six's previous defeats of Nightmare Moon and Discord, of course, but they add two to the count with the defeat of Nightmare Whisper and Applejack teaming up with five alternate versions of herself to defeat Nightmare Mirror.
    • Pinkie and Minty managed to defeat Princess Luna with a musical number during the Cosmic Retcon of G3. Even though Strife had weakened her, that's still a great accomplishment.
    • Cadence managing to defeat Havoc's Avatar. It may not have been NEARLY as strong as the real thing, but that's still impressive.
    • The Paradise Estate Ponies, even taking into account they had three Alicorns supporting them (all three were considerably weaker than him), managed to defeat Discord in a straight up fight with the Rainbow Of Light. Unfortunately, Galaxia decided to shatter him, allowing him to Body Surf into a new body.
    • Dark World!Spike manages to get the upperhand on Rancor, the Draconequus of Violence, Passions, and Anger, and force her into retreat temporarily. She is a young Draconequus, but still.
    • There's also an Alternate Universe Rainbow Dash being shown killing Pinkie's Nightmare, Nightmare Granfalloon.
    • The Dark World Mane Six managing to defeat Odyne!Cruelty, first destroying her body (unfortunately killing the possessed Sparkler in the process), then by blasting her soul with the Elements, banishing her from mortal reality.
    • One that occurs offscreen was a mortal Pegasus, armed with the Concept Killing Spear, managed to kill the demigod Cupid, permanently, due to having a personal hatred of love. Unfortunately for said Pegasus, Cupid was the son of Venus, who descended to the mortal plain in an Unstoppable Rage and killed her before she could use the spear on Venus as well.
    • The Dark World Mane Cast — with help from the G1, G2, G3, and G4 (pre-Reign of Chaos) Mane Casts — manage to defeat Nightmare Eclipse/Paradox (who ends up fused with Twilight) and her Psycho Ranger Co-Dragons (who are seemingly destroyed).
    • Shining Armor fights Makarov — an Equineoid Abomination/Physical God — to a standstill during their Final Battle, and earlier almost kills him after his Berserk Button is pushed to breaking point. Though Makarov is actually finished off by the Blank Wolf instead. Speaking of, then the SA arc's Grand Finale has Shining and Cadence fighting the Wolf together, eventually mortally wounding and killing it.
    • A flashback episode gives the G1 Cast another example by defeating Lilith, the First Witch and a being composed of pure evil magic that could have destroyed the entire world, by Magic Star sealing her magic in the newly forged Alicorn Amulet followed by Megan blasting her with the Rainbow of Light to finish her off.
  • From the same creator as the above, My Little Pony G3 vs Hatred ends in with the G3 Ponies using the combined love and tolerance of all four My Little Pony series to defeat an Eldritch Abomination born from (or acting upon) the combined intolerance and hatred of G3 the fandom has (Alexwarlorn often takes meta and fandom tropes and makes a Cosmic Horror Story out of them).
  • Mines of Dragon Mountain: Twilight Sparkle at one point blasts Tirac through a meter thick wall of granite in order to rescue Spike.
  • The Stallions Of Harmony Verse: Early in the story, Shining Armor declares that he would punch Princess Celestia if she would ever go evil, earning him the "Princess Puncher" nickname. Eventually he does that to Tyrant Celestia in a nightmare. Later it is Prince Blueblood instead who punches Nightmare Moon. And that was after all other stallions, stronger, more combat experienced, couldn't so much as touch her. Needless to say, it wasn't very effective and only managed to piss her off even more than she was.
  • Fittingly, pops up near the end of the MLP/Cthulhu Mythos crossover fic The Stars Will Aid Their Escape. Well, not Cthulhu himself (he doesn't show up), but the Mane Six manage to defeat Nyarlathotep with the Elements of Harmony. They also kill the Dark Young and manage to banish Shub-Niggurath back where she came from, though they didn't actually fight her.
  • In the one-year anniversary chapter of You Got HaruhiRolled!, the author wreaks havoc by summoning a giant, animate cheesecake which goes about destroying everything it comes across. The author spends so much time gloating that he is unstoppable that he doesn't notice the main characters travel through his portal to another of his fanfictions. The fic they travel to is The Obesity of Haruhi Suzumiya, an Alternate Universe fic in which every character is morbidly obese. They take this fic's version of Haruhi with them, and she devours the cake in a matter of seconds. Not to be outdone with that, Kyon defeats the author by informing him of the existence of a truly NSFW Doujinshi. note  The author's disgust makes him sink into a literal Plot Hole, and Haruhi sits on him.
  • Austraeoh: a flashback in the second installment, Eljunbyro, has Rainbow Dash, enraged by her friends' death, single-handedly channels the Elements' power to turn Discord to stone. She then proceeds to smash the statue to pieces.
    • In Odrsjot, Rainbow at one point manages to knock out the Dragon matriarch Nevlamas - with some help from the Element of Loyalty.
  • Harmony Theory: Rainbow, Astrid and Star Fall acttually manage to chase off Nightmre Umbra. However, Umbra is still regaining her strength.
  • The God Empress Of Ponykind has The Emperor killing the Chaos Gods, and Celestia and Luna fighting the Windigos in the Warp and destroying them.
  • Death Note Equestria: When Applejack is exposed as the Third Kira, she hits Princess Luna hard enough to send her stumbling back.
  • The Conversion Bureau: Cold War: When Princess Xenole... I mean, Celestia repeated threatens a UN conference full of world leaders, and kidnaps and tries to justify the forced conversion of over 2,000 Chinese civilians, Ronald Reagan finally has enough of her shit and punches her right in the face.
  • Almost literal example in a fanmade Death Battle on devaint between Godzilla and Cthulhu. It ends with Godzilla kicking Cthulhu so hard Cthulhu splits in half, and rips on of the halves up until there's barely anything left of it but mush and incinerates the other with his Breath Weapon. The maker of the fight points out that Cthulhu being described as reforming made his apparently immortality seem more like a high grade Healing Factor that could be overcome if he's damaged enough, especially since Godzilla in a bad mood is often very thorough when he makes sure his enemies are dead.
  • In the climax of Sonic X: Dark Chaos, Demon admiral Firmus D'Arnazhee is so enraged when he discovers the conspiracy behind the Metarex war that he takes out his sidearm and shoots the Devil in the back. It doesn't end well.
  • The current page image for Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu? is of The Flying Nun elbowing Cthulhu in the schnoz, and it is awesome. Original image came from here.
  • Samwise Gamgee's canon Cthulhu-punching is lampshaded in the Lord of the Rings fanfic Left. Frodo is astonished when Sam tells him about his battle with Shelob, and he's even more astonished that Sam does not seem to acknowledge how spectacular it was.
  • Queen Of All Oni: Jade killing Kaito and Ikazuki probably counts as this. Meanwhile, her and Blankman managing to temporarily hurt Nameless during the fight in the Vault of Endless Night definitely does.
    • Speaking of Blankman, a flashback reveals how he singlehandedly managed to kill the entity that the cult he was raised in worshipped. For bonus point, it was implied to be the freakin' Slender Man.
  • The Rise Of Darth Vulcan: At one point, Tirek shows up and almost effortlessly overpowers the titular Villain Protagonist Evil Sorcerer who responds by blowing Tirek's head off with a shotgun.

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