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  • Knight9910: In my opinion the real worst VG Cats strip was #259: The Comedian, or more specifically it was The Comedian, before it was edited and the part where Leo confessed to raping and murdering Aeris' mom was replaced with a lame joke about anal. (Related note: changing the original to just a series of lame jokes really just means Aeris is the one who crosses the Moral Event Horizon for murdering Leo for what amounts to... well, a series of lame jokes.) It's bad enough Scott made that one, but then he made the next strip into an insult aimed at anyone who didn't like 259, under the pretense that they were offended by the abortion thing, as opposed to them being offended by the fact that he'd suddenly changed lovable dimwit Leo into a seriously disturbed sociopath with no redeeming qualities or by the fact that a quirky comic about video games was now about Leo being a mentally ill sociopath with no redeeming qualities. That almost made me stop reading the comic altogether.
  • Midna: That Scott would make a rebuttal strip at all to mock people who didn't like the previous strip says a lot. A simple "If you can't stomach the comic, you shouldn't be reading it" would have sufficed. We didn't need to see a cat eating one of the members of a dance group made up of aborted fetuses. Wasn't this strip about video games anyway?
  • Grand Duke Nukem: VG Cats also gives us "Nerd Rage", a parody of The Word that's more Ann Coulter than Stephen Colbert.
  • Hikaru The Hedgehog: Those may be bad, but I present you what is, quite possibly, the worst VG Cats strip ever made. It's basically a rant about Final Fantasy XIII and why it sucks. But that's not it. Oh no. The absolute worst thing about it is that it is the point where I realized that the comic has now become an excuse for Scott to voice his opinions. It's sad, because I used to love this comic.
  • biznizz: The "Nerd Rage" one nearly broke me, but the one that was it for me was this abomination. In it, Scott using his Author Avatar Aeris, expresses his rage & disbelief that gamers use other mediums which touch upon games & game franchises. Basically, Scott says if you want backstory and world building novels / comics / whatever, something is wrong with you. Go piss off, Scott.
  • kablammin45: As much as I dislike that Winnie-the-Pooh strip VG Cats did, this one really rubs me the wrong way. It involves a cruel, heartless Yoshi giving Baby Mario over to the baddies, saying he hopes he gets crib death. I know it's Baby Mario, but someone who shoves a sock into a baby's mouth and wants him/her to die isn't funny, it's terrible! It doesn't help that things like that have probably happened in real life, too. Whoever thinks they can make something as horrible as killing babies seem funny has something wrong with them.
  • So We Ate Them: Same troper, different webcomic; VG Cats. This strip. Misogyny for shock value? That can be let fly. Misogyny, realistically portrayed misogyny, as the punchline of a joke! You don't do that. You just don't.
    • Scarlet Wave: What really solidifies this as VG Cats's nadir is that the second-to-last panel tied up the joke (commentary about sexism in games) perfectly well, yet the author believed that adding the last panel would make the comic funnier.
  • Cerotech Omega: Strip #362. Splatoon strips are in vogue, so this webcomic was bound to get one sooner or later, but Cap'n Cuttlefish with a roll of toilet paper after a "miscolored ink" joke? We're talking three (maybe four or five) offensive possibilities for the price of one! Scott Ramsoomair, are you even trying?!
  • Tropers/Chilliwack: Strip #363. Leo was supposed to paint the whole place blue, but he wasted time painting the walls. And so in a last ditch effort to create a "blue" atmosphere, he shouts out "Iwata's Dead!"... Get it? It's funny because someone died. This was in extremely bad taste, even for VGCats. Especially when you consider than Iwata was one of the most respected and beloved figureheads of gaming in recent years, at least by CEO standards.
  • Heartlesswithaheart: Strip #364. While the first part is an amusing enough Take That at people that buy Amiibo to sell them at an inflated price, the final two panels make it this. The whole "murder because someone is using something for more than staring at it in a pretty package" is in bad enough taste, but using it as the punchline just makes it terrible.