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  • robybang: The Ponzi scheme arc. Alan rips off his family and friends, only feels a token amount of guilt, and when Rose offers to pay him so he can pay everyone back in return for not telling Charlie that Rose made up being married to make Charlie want her, he gets all pissy because he doesn't want to lie to his brother. What? He just scammed his brother out of thousands of dollars, was planning on scamming Rose for the money, and was planning on using the information to blackmail Rose so she wouldn't tell about his scam, and now he chooses to act like he's any more moral than Rose? Granted, Alan has decayed a lot as a character. He started as the Henpecked Husband and voice of reason to being a Straw Loser and Butt Monkey, but at this point, he becomes completely irredeemable.
  • N Troper: Ok, so Judith kicks Herb out of her house because he followed Charlie's advice to put his foot down and stand up against Judith's abusive behavior. Alan hears about this, grins sadistically when he thinks about how the harpy bitch that constantly screws up his life is suffering, and later, goes to her house. Most viewers were expecting Alan to rub it in her face. Instead it ends up with Alan comforting her, and getting back with Judith, like if he forgot all the shit she put him through up to this point. Of Course, it ends with Judith breaking it up again, going back with Herb and remaining an abusive harpy for the rest of the series, never getting any comeuppance whatsoever for her actions. There should be a limit to how much one can Turn the Other Cheek.
  • Calamity 2007: Okay so some were angered by Charlie Harper's unceremonious death in the series, for such reason as it being mean-spirited and all that. But that's not why I'm posting this example, I'm posting this example because it retroactively ruined Rose as a character (at least in my eyes). I already started to not like her anymore during the Ponzi scheme arc which she convinces Charlie to sleep with her by using that damn "Manny-Quin" scheme. What makes this bad is that at least I assumed that when she hosted that fake wedding, she was trying to get Charlie to forget about her, which would have been nice Character Development for them both. But no! It all had to be another of her batshit insane plans to be with him. And the worst part is that it fucking worked! Because since Charlie Sheen left the show, the only resolution we got to this idiotic plot was her killing him because she caught him cheating on her. Oh, and guess what, not only does she get away this murder, but now she is currently stalking the new main character, Walden. Fuck her! Because of this debacle not only is she ruined as character, which is a real pity because I actually liked her at times, but this has ruined the whole series because every time she appears it gives me the urge to attack the TV.
  • The Real Yuma: Here's another one: the episode "Kinda Like Necrophilia" where Alan finds out that Charlie stole a girlfriend from him in high school. If Charlie hadn't done that then Alan may have ended with that high school sweetheart of his. It leaves this unanswered question: is Charlie responsible for most, if not all, of the crap in Alan's life. But here's the kicker: after Alan stole a girl from Charlie, a girl he was trying to get rid of anyway, he decides to sleep with Alan's old high school sweetheart as a form of payback.
  • Damasca Ramza: Alan's attitude in "Release the Dogs" where he's got insomnia and goes to see a therapist and turns out that his insomnia is because he's angry at Charlie for living a happy life where he doesn't have to work himself to the bone. So basically, his insomnia is because he's a jealous asshole.
  • Lordofthe Night: The episode "Gumby with a Pokey" where Charlie smokes pot and hallucinates all the different women he has dated/dumped over the years, asking him why he dumped them, giving either incomplete or biased reasons as to why the relationship ended, and it's expected that we are meant to look down on Charlie for breaking up with these women for perfectly legitimate reasons. Some of the women there include the crazy teacher who said she loved him on the first date, the satanist who drugged him and tried to use him as a baby maker, two women who each have a penis, a hooker he met in church and married on a whim, the french girl who just laid there during sex like a dead body. This moment even calls to mind the times Charlie has been criticized for not following through in his relationships with the three key women in his life; Mia, Chelsea and Rose. Mia who wanted to change him into a completely different person and everybody criticizes Charlie for ending it with her. Chelsea who left him for his brother's defense attorney and then expects she can just come back when she realizes how badly she messed up. And Rose who has stalked him, drugged him, messed with his mind and eventually killed him. And we're meant to think that Charlie is a commitment-phobe. I just sneer whenever someone gives him crap over his relationships now.
  • Brony Of The Octaves: How about the entire series finale, "Of Course He's Dead"? For every show, a finale is suppose to cover up loose ends and try to be at least a beautiful finale for a show, especially like this one. Instead if was nothing more of Lorre's huge Take That! to Charlie Sheen, with a little hits here and there to the characters (mainly Alan as usual), all while throwing cameos like Christian Slater and apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger of all people, heck even throwing Angus T. Jones (who had left the show as well as acting in general..). Fans even thought Charlie was suppose to make an appearance due to the title (and given The Reveal he's alive), but Lorre instead take the middle finger to it's fans. The show itself ends with Unfortunate Implications regarding Alan's life, all while throwing in an "appearance" of Charlie at the end only to be killed by a piano and then seeing Lorre do another Take That! to Charlie by saying "Winning!" and getting killed himself by a piano. What a perfect way to end a show after 12 years. To add insult to injury, Charlie Sheen was suppose to appear in the finale, but he wanted it to be a heartwarming ending with Alan and Charlie and to be a spin off with the two called "The Harpers".
    • ST Filmmaker: Not to mention those who still hate Judith, are disappointed that she achieved Karma Houdini status simply by not having anything bad happen to her.
    • Shadow 200: I got sick of this show a long time ago shortly after Sheen left, but decided to give the finale a shot. Big mistake on my part. Seriously first HIMYM and now this, what is it with CBS shows having terrible endings? I'm dreading what they'll do for TBBT.
  • The whole 'oops, I accidentally burnt down my fiance's house and now she hates me' moment. Totally contrived, just to take the show in a different direction. It's not like there weren't a hundred other ways Alan could have screwed up his relationship.... Totally didn't fit the character profile either, Alan was a klutz, but he wasn't a complete moron - indeed I'm sure this incident contradicted earlier episodes where he came across exactly like a 'fire marshall' type annoyingly risk averse personality.