Dethroning Moment: [Trope Name]

  • Complaint that the show is "Ruined Forever".
  • Claim that I was offended by a joke in an episode, and that I lost a lot of respect for the show at that point.
  • Claim that the straw that broke the camel's back was when a character did something out of character.
  • Complaint that completely misses the point of a supposedly offensive moment.
  • Angry rant directed entirely at the Mis-blamed author, and that I've lost a lot of respect for the show at this point.
  • Claim that I love Black Comedy as much as the next man, but this was a step too far.
  • Claim that a joke in the last episode made kittens cry. Seriously, not cool, Mis-blamed author.
  • Claim the show has suffered Seasonal Rot and then go off on a Nostalgia Filter-fueled rant about how much better the show used to be.
  • Angry rant directed entirely at a character for doing something dickish, as if that character were a real person.
  • Claim that I understood an offensive joke perfectly (even though I clearly didn't) and I still didn't find it funny. I lost all remaining respect for the show at this point.
  • Supposed defense against perceived intolerance against a minority, even though members of that minority are fine with the joke, thought it was funny, and might have even been the ones who wrote it in the first place.
  • Claim that an episode that wasn't supposed to be taken seriously was really preachy with a Family-Unfriendly Aesop, then rant against the moral and how it was Anvilicious. I somehow lost even more respect for the show at this point.
  • Nitpicky ranting that just screams "This person will continue to watch the show and will make a fuss every time there's a new episode."
  • Entry that LITERALLY breaks every fucking rule of the D Mo S page. I seriously don't get it.

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