Dethroning Moment: The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Boy, for a self-proclaimed genius, Jimmy really made some serious mistakes over the years.

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  • MadMan400096: For one of the biggest, stupidest Idiot Balls in cartoon history, look no further than the episode "Stranded". While the opening can be considered a Wall Banger (an argument between Jimmy and Cindy whether the equator can be seen, even though most kids their age know that it's a theoretical point of reference), what did it for me was the ending, where they argue over their next problem: Cindy says that Australia is a continent, but Jimmy says it's not. What was that about Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius again?
  • CJ Croen 1393: In The Movie, it was ten times worse when they have a debate about dinosaurs. First things first, Cindy's report is about how female dinosaurs are stronger than male dinosaurs. Ok so far, there is evidence of this being truenote . Then, she claims that the dinosaur skeleton she constructed is a Plesiosaurus. Barring the fact that Plesiosauruses aren't even dinosaurs to begin with, the... thing she constructed looks nothing like a Plesiosaurus. A Plesiosaurus is well known to have a barrel shaped body, flippers, a long neck, a small head, and are purely aquatic sea creatures (or, in layman's terms, say the word "Plesiosaurus" and try not to picture the Loch Ness Monster—hint hint, it's impossible). This skeleton is more or less a Velociraptor with a Parasaurolophus crest. Jimmy responds by pointing out that the model is inaccurate... by telling the class that the crest belongs to a Megalosaurus. No such crest even remotely exists on Megalosaurus.
  • Skarmory Silver: Speaking of paleontology, I give you "Sorry, Wrong Era." Wrong indeed on so many levels, but special mention goes to the goddamn Pteranodon. Pteranodons were neither scaly nor leathery-winged, they could not and did not pick up things with their feet, they did not fly anywhere inland, they did not live at the same time as T-Rex, they did not grow that big, and their babies were absolutely not the size of ten-year-old boys. Between this... atrocity and the shitload of Anachronism Stew throughout the episode (and mind you, this was supposed to be in the Cretaceous period), this has to be my inner paleontology nerd's least favorite episode of any Western cartoon (seriously, they should have hired a paleontologist as a consultant for the show in general). About the only mitigating factor, from my POV at least, was that they didn't consider throwing in a 300-foot-long, T-rex-gobbling Spinosaurus.
  • Manwiththeplan: For me, it's the Christmas episode. Jimmy acts like a Jerkass to Carl by trying to force his disbelief of Santa onto him, since Carl actually believes in Santa. Cindy and Libby call Jimmy on this and attempt to prove Santa real as reporters. Eventually, it turns out Santa is real and Jimmy ends up screwing up and incapacitating him, which threatens Christmas. When Cindy and Libby threaten to expose this back home, which would be perfect karma for the way Jimmy's been acting all this time, he uses an invention to physically launch them out of the North Pole! And the kicker comes at the end, after Jimmy, as usual, cleans up the mess he created to start with, Santa is able to make his deliveries....and he brings Cindy and Libby coal for trying to humiliate Jimmy! What!? Cindy and Libby, whose only crimes were actually giving a damn about Carl's feelings and doing their reporter duty to expose what Jimmy did and give him some well-deserved humbling, are punished by Santa while Jimmy is rewarded!? This pushed Jimmy into nigh Mary Sue territory for me, and really made me empathize with Cindy. It's no wonder Jimmy pisses her off.
    • deathedge: "Holly Jolly Jimmy" wouldn't have been SOOO bad if it wasn't for the fact that Jimmy gets the Dwarf star he had always wanted, and the reveal that Jimmy (as Sheen predicted) had been on the naughty list for a little while now. Jimmy should have gotten coal too for being a total jerk to Carl, and almost always being rather condescending towards everyone else around him.
  • Austin DR: For me, it's the episode "Send in the Clones". The premise is alright: Jimmy creates clones of himself to avoid his chores, and chaos ensues. The reason why this episode sucks is because no one noticed Jimmy's different hairstyles and voices. I mean, if they know anything about Jimmy, surely they would know that he wears his hair in a ice cream like whip, and surely they could distinguish his voice. One clone even had a frickin' mustache for Christ's sake!
    • Tyler FG: Not to mention how they end the episode. Jimmy is confronted by an angry mob, and they chase him away for it, and it's pretty obvious they're going to kick his ass. And they just end it there. This angry mob also included his own grandmother. Gee, what an understanding family!
  • Shadow200: "The Tomorrow Boys". The episode where Jimmy, Sheen, and Carl go to the Bad Future where Libby rules over all thanks to Jimmy's invention. Jimmy Moron, what may I ask got you the bright idea to create something that turns whoever uses it into a dictator? I'm starting to doubt the genius in him after that and other idiotic inventions he made.
  • BronyOftheOctaves: "Normal Boy", in so many spades. The episode was basically in a huge sense of Could Have Avoided This Plot hadn't been for everyone's rather crude attitude towards Jimmy just because the kid is super smart. What boggles my mind is why was this such a big deal in this episode if Jimmy has done stuff like this before? And yet here we have Judy, Jimmy's own mom saying she wished he was normal, and then everyone in the class giving him smart just because of his intelligence impressed Miss Fowl and Willougby. And then just throw in the idea of Jimmy being "stupid" because of his invention and Carl and Sheen take a huge drop of intelligence and assume him being 'stupid' is normal. What a "great" episode huh?