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Dethroning Moment: Other
Even the other facets of media aren't safe from eliciting a negative reaction from their viewers.

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  • kablammin45: Adventures in Odyssey is a great series, though this troper was left shaking his head at the episode "A Glass Darkly". Poor Trent Dewhite is unable to catch a break from his teacher Dr. Hawthorne, who goes from just an overly strict teacher to a borderline Sadist Teacher. First off, The Bully Rodney Rathbone starts a food fight in the cafeteria that everyone gets involved in (except Trent), then the teacher comes in, and lays all the blame on Trent (with the exception of Rodney, possibly) just because he was holding freakin jello that had gotten in his hair! That's not all, though, Trent gets detention, and Dr. Hawthorne won't even let Trent off when Trent explains that he has a very important meeting to get to. Any normal, sane teacher would at least lessen the severity of the punishment if that happens, but noooooo. Then when Rodney later tries to turn loose a bunch of bees in the teacher's car, (which he's revealed to be allergic too later), Trent tries to get rid of them, then the teacher comes and blames Trent again, extending Trent's punishment even further. At the end comes a Shoot the Shaggy Dog, where Trent finally manages to call the people he was meeting with, but then they won't let Trent in because of him getting in trouble. To be fair though, Trent learns to believe something good can come out of something bad, which lessens the blow a little, but Dr. Hawthorne was still unbelievably harsh.
    • Ecojosh1: The episode "Castles and Cauldrons" made me stop listening. Jimmy's cousin Len comes to town and introduces him to the world of role playing games. The entire story revolves around RPG's being a form of witchcraft. The players become the characters, gain supernatural abilities, contact spirits, and perform rituals that involve drawing blood. No RPG in the real world is anything like that. Role playing games are just games, and plenty of Christians see nothing wrong with them. But the writers of this episode either have never seen anyone play the game, or they just lied to further their agenda. As if this wasn't bad enough, Mr. Whittaker destroys Len's game, and this is seen as a good thing. Remember kids, if someone you know owns something you think is ungodly, you should destroy it.

  • D Yellow Madness: The commercial where a tiny slobbish fat guy keeps making a teenage boy stop hanging out with his friends for unspecified reasons. At the end of the commercial, he drags the kid outside and says "pucker up" with a "this happening whether you like it or not" tone and the slogan is "cigarettes are bullies." It's like they're comparing being addicted to cigarettes and being bullied to being raped. That's all kinds of messed up and so is the fact that they're showing this commercial on Teen Nick. I wanna be able to watch some channel without hearing the beginning of a metaphorical rape scene.
  • Blackjack254: ALL Trix commercials are infuriating (that poor rabbit), but I specifically remember a commercial where the rabbit encounters aliens, and they say something, and the commercial challenges us to find out what they are saying. For those who remember this commercial, who honestly thought for one minute the aliens were saying anything other than "Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids"?
  • Mad Man 400096: The Doritos Super Bowl commercial from 2012 involving the dognote . Basically, a dog murders a cat and bribes its owner with Doritos not to tell anybody. How nobody has spoken out against this is beyond me.
  • fluffything: One Cheerios commercial makes me seeth with rage whenever I see it; the one where some Bratty Half-Pint girl goes around reacting to everything (and I do mean everything) with "That's for babies" except for the aforementioned Cheerios. Now, the commercial is supposed to imply that you never outgrow loving the cereal. But, instead, the little girl comes off as some smug little brat who treats everything that's not Cheerios with such utter snark and disdain. Hey, Cheerios? Next time you want to show us that people will never outgrow your precious cereal, how about you do so by using something other than some whiny brat?
    • Crazy Luigi: Even I admit that I could've done something better for this kind of message. Show a young kid enjoying the Cheerios, then go into an adult version of that same kid still liking it, and then move to that adult going into their grandparent stage still having some enjoyment out of the Cheerios. I admit, it's not a masterpiece myself, but at least it wouldn't be so damn annoying.
    • Gonzo Link: For me, the real DMOS isn't so much the commercial itself (which is terrible, to be sure) but the fact that Cheerios keeps reusing the damn thing. Every time I boot up a video on blip and this abomination resurfaces after months of being dormant, it takes just about all the effort in the world to keep from putting my fist through the screen of my laptop.
    • lilpurplebird: Oh gosh, Yes, all the way. It doesn't help that her voice is very jarring. Why they chose this specific girl is beyond me. Just because it may be her first time in front of the camera doesn't mean she's commercial material. And you can tell the mother isn't very happy with her as a whole, that laugh at the end was obviously forced.
    • jccw227: Another Cheerios commercial that particularly bugs me is is one where a dad pours a bowl for his infant son, and as soon as his back is turned, the older brother comes in and steals the cereal and runs off. As soon as he leaves the dad turns around, laughs and says, "The Cheerios bandit got you again?" Implying that this isn't the first time this has happened. So in other words, he knows his older son is stealing, but does nothing to discourage it. The fact that the family is African American doesn't help matters.
    • Supernintendo128: I saw this stupid Honey Nut Cheerios commercial where Buzz meets Nelly and he and decides he needs to change Buzz and give him some "Swag." He takes his honey wand and throws it away, puts him in a rapper outfit, auto-tunes his voice, and tells him to drop his trademark "Bee Happy, Bee Healthy" catchphrase. Not only did Cheerios Sell Out to Rap fans, but, forgive me if I sound like a hipster, this commercial also embodys everything I hate about modern mainstream music. Heck, this whole "Must Be The Honey" ad campaign is ridiculous because it tries to make a cereal look cooler. A. Freaking. Cereal. Why?
  • Blackbird Mizu: Those Toyota Highlander commercials with the little kid. Basically this smug little bastard sits in his parents Highlander and talks about how he and his parents are so cool because of it. Meanwhile, a sad kid sits in the back of an older car while his parents sing. He mouths "Help me". Really? I normally don't mind car commercials that suggest getting the car will make you seem cooler, but the Highlander commercials with the kid piss me off to no end. For one, the implication that parents should buy cars based on what will make their kids popular and "cool". Second, we're supposed to feel sorry for the kid whose parents have the old, ugly car? Uh, no. I get that kids do get embarrassed by their parents, and sometimes there is good reason, but a bad car is not one of them. Not everyone can afford a big, fancy new SUV. Third, the little bastard whose parents have the Highlander acting all cool. His parents bought that car, what right does he have to be so damn smug about it? You don't choose your parents, and he was lucky enough to get parents with a lot of money. He has no right to act like he's so cool because his parents can buy nice things!
  • Blackbird Mizu: The commercials for Dr. Pepper 10. It's one thing to try and pass off your product as manly, but they do this by directly saying "This product is not for women!". They imply that women don't like action movies, and overall the whole thing seems like an immature "No Girls Allowed!" type of thing that a 9-year old boy would do.
    • t3hdow: Honestly, when I first watched the commercial, I thought it came off as great satire on the immature "manly" ads that have been all too common at the time. It was so insipid, over-the-top and ridiculous - the guy trying to pour Dr. Pepper into a cup while driving and partly spilling it was the highlight - there was no way it couldn't have been parody. Too bad that wasn't the case with the commercial's tagline at the end, which ruined an otherwise hilarious commercial. The D Mo S also doubles as a missed opportunity, thanks to the producers not having the hindsight to realize the gem they created. If only they cut out the last few seconds...
  • kablammin45: Another Toyota ad, this one involves a dad finding his kids in a Toyota SUV and excitingly telling them about the treehouse he has built in the backyard. Toyota could have handled this better, but no, they had to make these kids smarmy brats too. The kids ask in rather deadpan ways: "Does it have (insert awesome feature that Toyota's newest vehicle has)?" The Dad answers no each time. It ends with them saying: "Ummmm, I think we'll stay in here." Dang it, Toyota, why are all your kids such condescending fatheads? Get it through your head that the world isn't completely like that! It also brings us the unfortunate implication that kids think that if it doesn't have a screen, it's boring.
  • Mosquito Man: The Christmastime adverts where the phone that belonged to the rival company was sent to live on the Island of Misfit Toys. That's just arrogant.
  • Largo Quagmire: I cannot be the only person who feels like the Jack in the Box commercial where the young man marries a bacon hamburger is completely ridiculous. Barring that we live in a political environment where trivializing the right to marry is bound to piss people off, the whole idea is mind-numbingly stupid, and ends with the man eating the bacon burger. So he just... killed his wife? Consummated his marriage? For the love of God, what does it mean?!
    • lilpurplebird: I don't get it either, but all I know is this makes those Jack's family life commercials look genuine (and I'm shocked they got away with implying Jack has a bondage fetish in one commercial). It's awkward enough to watch as it is, so I just try to ignore it and keep from laughing at its stupidity.
  • Gonzo Link: Two words: Keith Stone. Attempted mascots don't get much more annoying and audience insulting than this abomination of an ad campaign. With the appearance of your stereotypical southern redneck, Keith was someone who managed to somehow fall in with luxury and lots of hot women despite being an insufferable asshole and misogynist prick, all because of his mere association with Keystone beer. The fact that Keystone clearly had high hopes for him as a mascot makes it all the more appealing that I rarely, if ever see it anymore.
  • SickBoy: This commercial for Klondike Bars from last year note . First of all, it isn't funny. Second of all, why are we still using stale jokes based on tired gender stereotypes (men are insensitive simpletons, women are boring and only good as eye candy)? It isn't often that you find something that's sexist toward men, but this commerical actually manages to be sexist toward both genders using jokes that were old when they were used 10 years ago on According to Jim. I've never actually had a Klondike Bar, but this commercial certainly doesn't make me want one.
    • Wooboo: There's a new one where a guy stands miserable in an elevator where a couple are giving each other "baby talk". Maybe it is just me, but seeing a couple showing affection for each other in public would make me smile, not stand there like I was forced to hear nails scratching a chalkboard. It makes the guy who wants a Klondike look like a irritable, cynical ass who can't stand to see others happy. It also doesn't help that the couple who are being cute and affectionate are thin and wearing jogging wear, where the guy in question is overweight and alone, much less the fact that he's basically being bribed into doing this with an ice-cream bar. What are you trying to say about your customers, Klondike?
  • Dr Zulu 2010: This australian commercial for the game Jam Sessions. Apparently, the guy who made the commercial didn't get the memo about it being a game for everyone (or worse, he is aware) as the kid throw a massive Cluster F-Bomb. I'm sorry but it's not funny, nor endearing, it's outright immature. Though it does allows it to remember the product... for a game who is about playing a guitar with the DS.
    • Supernintendo128: I agree, this commercial wasn't funny. It doesn't help with the fact that this game is rated E10+! And yes, this game will be remembered... for all the wrong reasons!
  • Darkton: There was a commercial for... something, I can't remember what, but the way they advertised it was "You're a whole new you!" How do they demonstrate this? Well, the man tries to talk to his child, the child 'realizes' he's not the real dad. He tries to talk to his wife, his wife turns him down, too. He tries to get attention from the dog, the dog starts growling at him. For a moment, I thought this was going to be a commercial for identity theft protection, but it wasn't. While what they attempted was "Use our product and you'll be a changed man," what they managed was "Use our product and you'll be mistrusted by your loved ones."
    • Emperor Oshron: For those wondering, the product in question was Dr. Scholl's, if I remember correctly, suggesting that having the right footwear will improve your health/posture and make you feel physically better. It still doesn't justify the over-the-top reactions that the man's family have towards him.
  • Kellor: Adobe put out a web commercial in which a CEO-type guy calls his "digital media consultant" into his office and keeps slapping him across the face until he says what the CEO wants to hear (which is, "You can definitely measure ROI on social media"). Adobe, and supposedly the viewer, is on the CEO's side. It raises a few questions, such as: If the CEO knows more about social media than his consultant, why does he hire one? Why doesn't the consultant go straight to HR (or quit) after the first slap? And finally, who would ever think this is funny?
  • Pikachu 4 Prezident: I remember there being some sort of ad campaign for Pop Tarts that was basically a parody of Survivor. It started off pretty good and enjoyable, showing every participant slowly get picked off one by one until there was nobody left. Okay, so that's standard issue for the Pop Tarts ads at the time; Pop Tarts exist as sentient beings and meet their ends by getting eaten (and even then, the concept of that is downright terrifying). Double Berry, one of the participants who was supposedly killed off right at the beginning of the event, was revealed to have saved everyone from their fates, and giving everyone a second chance at hope. Alright, awesome! So then, it boiled down to a vote to choose which boat the group would use to get off the island (which Wildberry's motorboat won in what I can assume was a landslide vote for the possible practicality of it), and managed to get off the island. Sounds good, right? Well, everything reaches a bullshit climax. The boat breaks down out in the middle of the ocean despite the fact that it seemed like a good idea, and it looks like they're stranded again. A cruise ship shows up, and it looks like all's well that ends well, right? Nope! Sorry, everyone gets eaten by the patrons on board, making several weeks and months of waiting and anticipation completely and utterly fucking pointless. They only did that because Status Quo Is God and the humans are always gonna eat them no matter whether we had any bearings on their fates or not. Fuck you guys, too! This story had such good potential and could have ended happily, but chances are they planned it all in advance anyways and it left a bitter taste in my mouth. It didn't make me want to eat Pop Tarts, but it sure as hell made me want to massacre all of those gluttonous bastards, all in the name of those Pop Tarts they unceremoniously chowed down on when things looked their best.
  • Kittens: Those dang Special K commercials; I just noticed that in a lot of commercials they portray foods like donuts, chocolate and ice cream like its the most satanic thing in the world. I do like the cereal and the bars, they are good and all, but is it really necessary for them to make women think that if they ate something like a doughnut or ice cream one day they're gonna turn into grotesque fat monsters the next day? Really there's nothing wrong with eating fattening foods as long as you exercise and eat healthy things along with it but I really think its ridiculous that they're making sugary fattening foods look evil.
    • fluffything: By far, the worst of the Special K commercials, in my opinion at least, features a girl going door to door selling donuts. She rings the doorbell and a lady answers it. Said lady then smugly says "You're cute" and slams the door in the poor girl's face. Really, just really? The commercial with the guy in the cupcake costume was bad enough, but at least you could excuse the lady being rude since that was an adult in a costume. This commercial, however, involves a child (emphasis on child) simply trying to sell donuts for what I can only guess is some sort of girl scouts-esque fund raiser. What's worse is that the little girl wasn't being mean, she wasn't being pushy, and she wasn't being forceful. She just politely asked if the lady wanted to buy some donuts for her, and the lady acts like a total bitch towards her and slams the door in her face. What kind of message is Special K sending to its demographic? That the only way to lose weight is to eat their product and act like asses towards anyone who offers you unhealthy food? That it's ok to be rude to children? I'm surprised that lady didn't make that poor little girl cry. The whole thing just comes off as mean-spirited.
  • Ecojosh1: There are some commercials for Honda that involve people visiting a competitor, talking about how the Honda is better than what the competitor is selling, and then leaving to buy a Honda. What sort of douche does that? "Let's visit a dealership that doesn't sell what we want, waste the salesman's time, insult him, and then leave."
  • The Dog Sage: Those Allstate "Mayhem" commercials which have the 'Mayhem' guy basically trying to scare you into buying their insurance by showing possible "mayhem". Why don't they scream "DANGER! DANGER! BOOGA! BOOGA! BOOGA!" at audience instead?
  • Rosiemom112629: There was an ad for Walgreens that promoted healthy eating. A husband and wife were having a powdered doughnut and a health drink, respectively. The wife grows more and more irritated until she rips the doughnut out of her husband's hand, destroys it, flings down the pieces, and then hands him a bottle of her drink. It got so irritating that I wanted to see the husband throw the bottle across the room while yelling "I don't want your drink, you bitch! I wanted my doughnut!".
  • Rem Tar 85: Very similar to the Cheerios commercial mentioned above, with the kid stealing his baby brother's Cheerios, comes a commercial from the 90's in Puerto Rico for Chef Boyardee Ravioli, which was (thankfully) eventually dropped. In it, a mother makes a baby-sized portion of ravioli for her baby, but must go do other chores, so she asks her baby's pre-teen brother to feed him. While the mother is away, the kid proceeds to eat his baby brother's ravioli. Not just eat it, but he basically makes it torture for the baby, making a show of slowly putting the ravioli in his mouth, savoring it like it's the most delicious thing ever, all the while the hungry baby whimpers and pouts. As the kid finished the ravioli, he hears his mother coming, panics and then uses his fingers to smear the leftover sauce on the baby's lips and chin, and in comes the mother, who happily declares "Oh, what a good baby, you ate it all!", and the older brother just has the most smug smirk on his face you could imagine. Never have I seen a commercial as infuriating as this.
  • Tell All 111: Ah, Lynx... dear, dear old Lynx (or Axe as it is known in the US). The "2012: The Final Edition" commercials were eye-rolling at worst, but Lynx Apollo... good God, Lynx Apollo. There is quite a lot that is wrong with them. Astronauts have made a positive contribution to society and risked their lives doing so and if you want to show them as something to aspire to be, fine, but you can do that without making firemen and lifeguards seem like lesser men, especially when their profession is saving lives. Not to mention the portrayal of women as superficial human beings who run to the more macho man. Seriously Lynx, I know your target demographic is primarily men under 30, but as a member of that demographic, even I have to say that if you're going to use gimmicks, you need to go back to the drawing board.
    • ading: I completely agree, but there's one thing you're missing. Why is the woman even kissing the fireman/lifeguard in the first place? If they're not in a relationship, then women are apparently expected to just suddenly fall in love with anyone who saves their life. And if they're not in a relationship, then that makes the women bitches for running to the astronaut immediately. Hell, how do they even know it's a real astronaut? I mean, an astronaut doesn't need to wear his space suit on Earth, and someone could dress up as an astronaut without actually being one, so how do they know?
  • Bumblebee Magnus: The new Denny's commercial that plays on a lot of Blip videos about the dad explaining the good deal he got on their breakfast to his kids. This wouldn't be so bad if 1) they weren't freakin' preschoolers (ya know, tiny children that don't even fully comprehend money yet), 2) the dad wanted to explain this to his kids, why didn't he just say to the little people who take everything literally what it actually was (he could have easily said 'I got a good price on our meal today') and 3) the dialogue is so stilted that it doesn't come off as cute but as annoyingly bad as George Lucas' script for Episode I.
  • Saiyan Warrior 006: The new M & Ms mascot Brown (Is that her name?) Apparently they wanted a new female lead in place of Green. But they failed spectacularly as Brown is pretty much a smug know it all bitch who acts like she's better than everyone. The latest commercial featuring her has her trick Red into getting into a girl who loves chocolate and its implied at the end she's going to eat him and Brown has a smile on her face when she sends him off. Honestly can't we just have Red and Yellow, or bring back Blue instead of this broad?
    • Lawand Disorder: Just M & M commercials in general these days bug me. You're talking about cartoon characters, whose main appeal has historically been (and continues to be) very young children, and pretty well all the commercials now have a heavy focus on their sex lives. Not in the 'nod to the parents' sort of way cartoons use so families will watch shows together, but in a way that seems to say the executives didn't consider children might watch at all.
  • Kittens: There's this recent commercial for the Mcdonalds shamrock shakes that has this guy come home and his wife comes straight out of nowhere and she acts like the guy slept with another woman but it turns out he had a shamrock shake and the wife gets angry and tells him "I hate you." But then he gives her one too and then she suddenly turns happy and says "I love you." and acts like its the most romantic thing ever. Really, Mcdonalds? Do they really think we women are that gullible? I can understand if they're trying to be funny but this was just unfunny and irratating and I thought they should of just stuck with the commercials with uncle ol' grimacy or the one where the people do irish dances because at least they're less irritating than this.
  • ilovedededeAGAIN: Nintendo has such good games but makes bad commercials, all the time. My original DMOS was for the commercial for New Super Mario Bros..2, but it got deleted for not explaining why it was a DMOS. That's where the commercial for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon kicks in. First off, all it is is just a kid in his house, in the dark, with his flashlight, and then a ghost appears, so what does he do? Vacuum it up, obviously. Then Luigi comes in, the box art and shown, and it ends right there. Why they had to create this is beyond me, but the reason I hate this commercial is because it they showed it way too often after the actual game's release, plus the fact that other than Luigi, ghosts, and a flashlight, it has nothing else that makes it more detailing. Why couldn't they put him in one of the game's mansions instead of the kid's house? And also how did the ghosts pop out of the 3DS? (XL?). It makes no sense. Many people may not agree with me, but this commercial makes the original Luigi's Mansion look bad. Couldn't Nintendo put more effort into this? I hate this commercial more than anything else.
  • Supernintendo128: This infamous ad for Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. This commercial is so bad on so many levels. The children in the ad are annoying and the dialog is childish and cheesy. And one of the children say "It was just a normal day in The Mushroom Kingdom..." Yes, because a mystery man selling mushrooms that make people blow up like a balloon is totally a normal day in the mushroom kingdom. What a terrible ad for a great game!
  • Shining Armor 87: A radio advertisement for the shore store New Balance North Jersey, in which a man tries to get his pet parrot to talk, only for him to recite the amazing features of the store because he listened to the radio and heard commercials for them in the pet store. It just reeks of uncreativity and could have been for literally anything else.
  • Supa Soap 101: For this fellow Troper, it was the Pepsi Next Baby Commercial. The ad shows a mother caring for her newborn child, when suddenly the father comes in with a box of Pepsi Next. The next following scenes show the parents being so excited about the Soda, and ignoring their child, who displays amazing talents! This commercial displayed how bad some parents are, to where they care more about a soda over their own child! A. Fucking. Soda. It also angers me, because this fellow troper also was ignored through most of his childhood. If these were real parents, then they would've had their child taken away by Child Services.
  • fluffything: If there's one fast food mascot I hate in recent years, it's that obnoxious "Now That's Better" ginger lady from the Wendy's commercials. It's bad enough that she has an unhealthy obsession with the product, but that's not the worst of it. No, the worst (and the DMOS) for this god-awful campaign is the commercial in which two (single?) mothers talk about how they used to have lunch together but now eat a single cracker while the Spokeslady brags about her Wendy's meal in front of them. Oh, and then the commercial jokes about a kid eating a pine cone because he's hungry. Because eating disorders and starving kids are funny! Just, who? Why? How? What deranged maniac thought this was a good marketing idea? The Wendy's Mascot lady was merely obnoxious before, but now she's just downright evil. Hey, lady? Stop bragging about how great Wendy's is and give half of your goddamnned sandwich to the kid who's clearly hungry!
    • Wooboo: The one commercial that really annoyed the ever lovin' fluff out of me was the one where the friends are sitting in to watch a movie together. One of their friends (and why he is one, I have no idea) begins rattling off the endings to every single one. The second they mention it, he starts telling them exactly how it ends, to the point where you wonder if he's got some sort of condition. Why are they hanging out with this guy? Not only is this an annoying character to have show up, but it isn't even all that terribly original. Three other advertisements have used this same tired joke in the past, to my memory. But of course, the red-haired Wendy's girl shows up and lets her own obnoxious obsession crop up when she tries to get them all to go to Wendy's. Why? Why would they want to go out to eat when they were already staying home to watch a movie together? One character annoying the crap out of the viewer is bad, but two is enough to make me change the channel whenever I see it starting until it just goes away.
    • Samuel: And furthermore, I can easily go too far of wanting to gouge my eyes out over the thought of her debut appearance. It starts with two guys driving in the car. One of them decide which restaurant they should go to, and out of the blue, the redhead pops up from the back seat, and tells them to go to Wendy's. So they park at Wendy's. There are two problems that involves Fridge Logic. One: What the hell was she even doing hiding in the backseat of their car in the first place? What happened was just utterly creepy, as if she is some sort of psychopath. And two: Why was she dictating the guys into going to eat at Wendy's if they're going to a generic restaurant? If they wanted to eat at any restaurant other than Wendy's, why couldn't they just turn down her advice? When a fast-food company hires a smoking hot redhead with a huge personality flaw, that's when you know something is definitely wrong. Congratulations, Wendy's. You have murdered my mood to eat at your restaurant again.
    • Silver06: Yeah, alot of the Wendy's commercials come off as overly condescending and even downright insulting when they're not bragging about their "Fresh" square shaped meat-filler patties, and the new commercials push that even further. I sometimes wonder how the real Wendy Thomas (The founder's daugther and face of Wendy's) can tolerate this butchering of her image.
  • fluffything: For the longest time, the Five Hour Energy Drink commercials have been non-entertaining, but not that bad. Their most recent commercial? Pure utter doucheiness. It essentially is just this utterly obnoxious guy going on and on about all the "amazing" things he did in five hours thanks to the aforementioned energy drink. Oh, how annoying this guy is. He's every single stereotype, parody, and whatnot of a Jerk Jock utter douche annoyance completely and utterly played straight. Everything about this commercial from the guy's bragging to the blatant use of Auto-Tune makes me want to reach into the TV and punch him. The guy makes Johnny Bravo look like a upper-class gentleman in comparision. Hey, whoever pitched this commercial idea to Five Hour Energy Drink's executives? Try something less annoying next time.
  • fluffything: Direct TV's latest advertising campaign (of course dealing with the old Cable VS Satellite debate) is mind-numbingly dumb in-and-of itself to the point where saying it would only appeal to the Lowest Common Denominator would be an insult to the lowest common denominator. But, until recently, they were never outright offensive. That changed in a recent commercial where a woman says "cable is worse than..." and then cuts to her being knocked over by one of those "wacky arm-waving inflatable people" things and implying that the thing either molested and/or raped her. Whoever made/approved/directed/was involved in any way with that commercial? There's a little something you need to know. Rape is not funny. Molestation is not funny. Saying that something as petty and insignificant as cable TV is worse than rape is Not. Fucking. Funny! I have met rape victims. I have met molestation victims. To undermine what those people had to go through isn't just disrespectful, it's downright inhumane.
  • fluffything: Shark (a vacuum company) has a commercial in which they compare their product to Dyson (another vacuum company). So, how do they do this? Do they compare the quality of how the two products clean floors? Nope. Instead, they portray the Dyson salesperson as a stereotypical Cockeny-accented British person wearing cliched clothing from the 1920s-1940s (In other words, he looks like an extra out of Mary Poppins). Really, Shark? This is how you decide to portray your competition? By portraying them as a stereotype? Oh, but it gets more ridiculous. Their reasoning why their product is better? Dyson vacuums cost $600, while Shark vacuums are cheaper. You know what? I'd rather spend the $600 than buy a vacuum from someone who resorts to stereotyping other nations.
  • Mesousa2877: Dear lord, the new Twix commercials are are the type of concept that is no doubt DOA. Basically, the Twix company decided to split up to represent each bar, despite, well, both have them tasting the exact same. This gimmick would work if they had the second bar taste completely different as a test run, but instead, they have this "Left Twix" and "Right Twix" crap. Since day 1, I've thought this was inane, and it doesn't seem to want to get away at the moment.
  • fluffything: Subway's commercials have been annoying as of late, but they are nothing compared to their latest commercial. It's nothing but two women bragging competitively at one another about how much they love avocadoes. That's it. That's the entire commercial. It's like listening to two teenage girls arguing over who is a bigger fan of the latest teen heartthrob. It doesn't make me want to buy a Subway sandwich. It makes me want to take an avocado and shove it in my ears so I can finally stop hearing those two annoying women.
  • Samuel: Burger King's "Ringmaster Whopper" campaign ad that showcased the said Whopper nearly made me want to stop eating at their restaurant. It starts with a couple in the restaurant, ready to have their whoppers. The girlfriend is a blonde in case you haven't noticed. The boyfriend asks her to open her whopper and sees a diamond ring in it. Excited, she makes an announcement that "Burger King" had put a diamond ring in it, but what she didn't know is that it was the boyfriend that gave her the ring. What made me despise this commercial with a hot, scalding passion is that not only the stereotypical blonde joke is really tiresome (and her acting is irritating), but the fact that the guy had worked his hands to the bone just to get her the engagement ring. But no, let's have her think Burger King has proposed to her and not the boyfriend! Hard work and money down the toilet! This is one of the worst ads to ever been shat out of the anus of a human being.
  • Tropers/heartauthor: Over the years, I've always found Discovery Channel's Shark Week interesting, at the very least. But the commercial for this year's Shark Week... ugh, it makes me want to gag just thinking about it. The commercial is basically a fake news story about a cute little seal named Snuffy being released back into the ocean. The scene switches to a female reporter and a giant group of Snuffy fans at the harbor where they're releasing the seal. However, without warning, and before poor Snuffy even gets into the water... a flippin' shark jumps out of the water and eats the little seal. We don't actually see Snuffy getting eaten, but from the tattered remains of the gurney and the way the crowd of fans (which includes children) begin freaking out, you can tell exactly what happened. The commercial ends with the tagline "It's a bad week to be a seal." ... Okay, I get that sharks are vicious creatures, and that part of their diet happens to be cute little animals. But that doesn't mean Shark Week can have a commercial where a shark eats said cute little animal, effectively traumatizing an entire crowd of unsuspecting people, and try to pass it off as "funny." Who in the world thought this was a good idea?
  • Tropers/Latios2: [adult swim] thought of a brilliant way to advertise the second season The Heart She Holler during the summer of 2013. How so did they you ask? Well, during advertisements of the other shows on their line up, most of them would for a split second get cut off by a screaming woman from the mentioned show. Oh but wait, It got worse; a few weeks after it started happening it got more frequent, longer and even louder! But the worst of it all came to a peak around the end of August, when they made a full commercial of the woman in the commercial just starring at the viewer blood thirsty in a painfully awful version of Nothing Is Scarier for about a good 10 or so seconds. Fuck you [adult swim], you have made me decide to actively avoid watching the second season now.
    • Silvermoon424: That commercial was pure Nightmare Fuel. To make matters even worse, not only was the commercial ridiculously long by the end of August, it was played constantly (usually at least once per show). It got to the point where I ended up just changing the channel whenever it came on and switching back a couple of minutes later.
  • Dark Cyber Wolf: For this troper, it's the Cougar Life commercial. A woman goes up and asks the audience "Tired of meeting the same type of women in bars?" Then she tells a random woman that she needs a sandwich, shoves the sandwich in her FACE, and the woman just goes "Ugh! Meat!" The first woman continues talking to the audience with "Immature girls who think that they're 'all that'?" After that, she tells another random woman who asked her date "Oh, so you're a computer geek," that she "folds sweaters for a living, honey." Then she discusses the idea behind the Cougar Life, and how older women want young guys "just like you!" It ends with a third random woman asking a guy, "Buy me a drink?" before this woman shoves her out of the way and asks the guy, "How 'bout I buy you a drink?" Then the guy smiles. Now, here's my issue with it: The first random woman didn't say something like "Ugh, carbs" or "Ugh, food" (neither of which would have been funny anyway). She says "Ugh! Meat!" To me, that implies that Random Woman #1 might've been a vegetarian. Even if otherwise, there was NO reason to just forcefeed the sandwich to her. Then the second random woman doesn't really seem like she's being rude - computer geeks are getting way more respect these days, but then the woman just goes up to her and says "You fold sweaters for a living." And? What exactly is wrong with that? Now for Random Woman #3, who asked a guy if he'd buy her a drink. Then our "protagonist" shoves her out of the way without the guy answering and asks herself. This was not funny, it does not portray the other women as immature, it just portrays this woman as a total Jerk Ass.
    • Silvermoon424: It also has the Unfortunate Implication that young women are all vapid, petulant airheads and that younger men should be hooking up with "real" women (aka cougars). What sucks is that the older commercials for Cougar Life have been inoffensive and straightforward (and even featured a catchy jingle); it feels like this annoying commercial has been airing forever. At least make a new one!
  • Ithoughtyouwere Luigi: In the Progressive commercials, there is Flo; usually she's annoying, but the recent commercial takes the cake for her. First a man scoffs at the bored in the "shop," asking "What else can it do, zero gravity, remove particles?" Cue Flo making the room zero gravity, probably scarring the customers, but then she hits one of her own employees with the particle remover! She's not just annoying, but she's also pure evil!
  • fluffything: One commercial by (a dating site) features a little girl telling her grandfather (supposedly the owner of the site) that her teacher met a lady that he is in love with. She then tells the grandfather that she told the teacher the relationship would never work out. Why? Well, it's because he didn't meet said lady on And, then she has the nerve to say that she told the teacher that he should check out the site since there's a lot of single ladies for him. Where do I start with how terrible this is? First of all, who does this kid think she is deciding to tell her own teacher who he can date and who he can't date? Kid, it's none of your business. Second, her reasoning that the relationship won't work out just because he didn't meet her on Seriously, that's the only reason the girl gives for the relationship not working. From what I could tell, the teacher seemed rather happy with the lady and there were no implications that she wasn't a bad person either. But, the icing on this cake of awful is that the girl had the gall to suggest that her teacher should hook up with some other ladies just because they were on said website. In other words, she was essentially suggesting that her teacher should either dump his girlfriend for absolutely terrible reasons or cheat on her. Just the sheer shallowness of this commercial is enough to make my blood boil in rage.
  • Falcon Pain: GEICO ads are hit-or-miss with their attempts at humor, but even when they're not funny, and even when you are aware of the misleading nature of their central message (it's true that people who switch to GEICO save hundreds of dollars on average... but that's mainly because company rates differ based on customers' experiences and needs, and people don't usually switch to a company that will charge higher rates), there's a solid idea that viewers can at least consider comparing rates and seeing if they can get a better deal. So they typically don't offend me... until I saw one installment of their "artwork/motivational poster" campaign. A painting of a man flirts with a painting of two women, until one of them points out that he didn't save hundreds of dollars by switching to GEICO, so they instead take interest in a painting of an ugly geek who did. It's not funny, it's not clever, and the presentation borders on insulting. But worst of all, by changing the message from "people who switch are happy/you could save by switching" to an outright implication that the savings are guaranteed and that there's something wrong with anyone who doesn't switch, the ad is now officially a lie.
  • supernintendo128: I can not stand this commercial for Veggetti, a vegetarian pasta maker, for the same reason people hate those stupid Special K commercials. I hate how this commercial prays on a woman's fear of gaining weight and and treats pasta like a food that fattens you up the very next day. They base the amount of carbs and calories regular pasta has on four freaking cups. Four. Freaking. Cups. What kind of non big eater would eat that much pasta!? Pasta is good in moderation, and if you are really afraid of gaining weight eating it, don't buy some worthless device to turn your veggies into pasta, just eat a salad, it's faster not to mention cheaper.
  • Dastardly Demolition: The Halo mandarin oranges ads. Here's an example. I you can't see the video goes down, the ads go like this; Parent is going to eat one of the Halos, child gets mad, parent sheepishly asks for one, kid in a rude tone reveals something childish about parent such as playing in the sprinklers in their underwear, parent backs down out of embarrassment, slogan. I don't hate these ads but I feel that they belong here on account of how bratty those kids are behaving to their parents.
    • Supernintendo128: Agreed, it's not cute, it's not funny, it's obnoxious. I am sick of seeing these commercials.

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