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Dethroning Moment: Moviebob
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  • Data Snake: When he said that Arkham City was just as sexist as Other M and the only reason people were more critical of Other M is because it was a Wii game made by a Japanese studio.
  • Jonn: "Magneto Was Right" is him saying nerds identify with the X-Men because they're oppressed special people. The metaphor is problematic, as noted elsewhere, since the average X-Man has enough power to kill people easily. He then goes on to decry "anti-intellectualism" in the media, such as Jersey Shore and My Name Is Earl. Problem is, the former is arguably tongue in cheek, and the latter definitely is. People don't watch those shows because they look up to the characters, they watch them because they want to see the idiots making idiots of themselves. What are fools for, if not to laugh at? And there are plenty of nerds who are just nerds, not particularly smart. Given the other complaints here, I'm starting to think I was right in my assumption that Moviebob is either a jerk, a troll, or both.
  • randomfox : A while back he did a two part episode about the Sonic series. It was understandably and predictably somber, and while he spent a good half of it jerking off Nintendo (what a surprise) the real kicker for me was when he started giving recommendations on how to "fix" the series. Out of the two, the one he elaborated on being a reboot of the franchise wherein the suggested plot was a combination of two bad movies, the big moment was his suggestion that they make Robotnik a credible villain by having him kill all the side characters, sounding especially elated when suggesting killing off Cream The Rabbit. First off, when has alienating a series existing fans and going for a sudden grimdark approach ever been successful? And even if you don't like all the peripheral side characters, which even fans are having trouble defending at this point, it's really sickening to hear an earnest suggestion to kill a six year old girl. It was bad enough (and oh, was it ever) when DC decided to do it; there is absolutely no need for Sega to go the same route. Besides, who in their right mind would actually want them to?
  • G Zillafan 77: in The Expendables review, he states that only machoo idiots would like it, which he claims are the worst kind of people. He also makes blanketed statements on way he dosen't like it. Only that the jokes aren't funny and the action sucks. The whole thing could be stated as "The Expendables sucks and you suck for watching it instead of Scott Pilgrim!"
    • Storm Kensho: What teed this troper off the most about this particular review was that I enjoyed both Expendables 2 and Scott Pilgrim! And yet somehow because I saw this movie, that automatically means I could never have seen Scott Pilgrim?! What?
    • gameragodzilla: This troper also agrees. He never actually backs up anything that he says, only that he says the action was bad and the jokes were unfunny, something that quite a lot of people disagree with (considering how both movies topped the box office when they came out and made an absolute killing overseas). What is even stupider is that Moviebob claims that modern action movies are better than 1980's action movies, despite modern movies employing Shaky Cam and quick cuts that obscure the action to the point of incomprehensibility. Yeah, real improvement there. Seriously, this troper thinks that the only reason Moviebob hates this series so much is because of how poorly Scott Pilgrim did in comparison, because almost every time he mentions this movie, it's in comparison with Scott Pilgrim. BTW, this is coming from someone who seen and liked both Expendables and Scott Pilgrim.
  • Kasumiwumi: When he spent seven minutes wangsting about The Amazing Spider-Man 2, calling it the movie that "broke" him. This would be fine by itself- just a guy bitching about what he thought was a bad Spider-Man film, if he didn't spend the following Friday saying that everyone is wrong about Spider-Man 3. Not only that, but he's gone on record as essentially having a fan-boner for Sam Raimi in general, so it's annoying to see him basically shrugging off anything TASM 2 did that was good, and doing the same thing for anything Sam Raimi's films did that was bad. It's a huge, glaringly-obvious bias.
    • Storm Kensho: What amused me the most about Movie Bob getting "broken" by Amazing Spider-man 2 was how he bashed on Amazing Spider-man 1 back in 2012, basically saying "This movie sucks because it isn't exactly like the comic." So we see that he hated the first movie, the second movie isn't getting nearly the acclaim as the first movie(I, personally, haven't gotten to see the second movie to make that call as of this writing), yet the second movie "broke" him? Why in the hell would he go into the sequel to a movie he hates with any sort of expectations in the first place!?
  • Xander VJ: In his "You're wrong about Spider-Man 3" commentary, the part where he defends the infamous "emo-Peter" scenes. He claims that this is Peter trying to be badass, and the reason why he behaves like that is because he's a hopeless dweeby geek that has no point of reference of what an actual badass is like, so he goes with what he "thinks" it is. Not only is that insulting to geeks in general (specially considering the patronizing tone of the whole video), but also it doesn't make any sense whatsoever, neither in the context of the movie nor of the Spider-Man mythos. What the black suit is supposed to do is to enhance negative emotions, particularly rage. Since when feeling angry compels you to try to behave like a badass in the middle of the street for no goddamn reason? Considering Bob's infamous contempt for the "bro-like" concept of badass, one can't help wondering if he's just projecting.
    • Larkmarn: I still like Bob, but the "You Are Wrong About Spider-Man 3" was condescending to a just comical degree. It's the name alone says it all: our opinion is wrong and Raimi did everything perfect. It could have been a decent video if it were simply considered "A Defense Of Spider-Man 3" but instead it's "you're all wrong, you just don't get it, you philistines."
    • Shark Toast: I stopped watching the video when he insulted people who thought the Raimi films were campy, calling them sad.

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