[[caption-width-right:350:The ultimate scam... and we were the suckers.]]

We are able to overlook [[FailureIsTheOnlyOption the Eds always failing at whatever they attempt]] as long as the episode is funny. [[DarthWiki/DethroningMomentofSuck These]] are the ones that aren't.

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* Tropers/GreatPikminFan: Want to see an IdiotBall? Try the episode "[[http://ed.wikia.com/wiki/Too_Smart_for_His_Own_Ed Too Smart for His Own Ed]]". Rolf, Ed, Edd and Plank are in a spelling bee, and after Plank and Rolf are eliminated, Edd loses by being off by one letter, which he corrects after. Then Ed ([[SarcasmMode surprise]], the same guy who won the betting episode ["All Eds are Off!"] and the race against the Eds for a jawbreaker [The end of "Ed or Tails"]) wins, and... everyone[[note]]Well, except for possibly Jonny who was too busy trying to get revenge on Nazz for "insulting" Plank; Plank himself; and the Kanker sisters, who weren't even in this episode, save for a brief appearance by May[[/note]] thinks he's smart and Edd is an idiot (even Ed's own sister Sarah, who's lived with him for her entire life, forces him to solve an algebra problem (that's not even her's -- it's Jimmy's) and gets mad along with the other kids when she finds out that, yes, Ed is stupid). Seriously, they think the same guy who destroyed Jonny's house by accident (long story), is smarter than the guy who could have been the one who built... 99.9% of Eddy's scams, and had a RunningGag of talking in such a complicated manner than nobody understands him. Just because Edd was off by ''one'' letter, and that was caused by stage fright. Although the episode did contain an upside: Edd doesn't share the blame that Eddy got after the other kids realized the whole "genius Ed" thing was a scam, for once.
* Tropers/{{Baronobeefdip}}: The episode where Nazz babysits Eddy, "To Sir with Ed", is a [=DMoS=]. First of all, why would a 12 year-old boy like Eddy need a babysitter? (Especially considering that Eddy seems perfectly capable of taking care of himself and that he's done fine without parental/adult/babysitter supervision before.) Second, why would Nazz (a girl who's either about the same age or only a few years older) be the one to babysit him? Also, there's the fact that she doesn't even bother telling Eddy in the first place what's really going on. Oh, [[FromBadToWorse but it gets better (not).]] Then, Nazz invites all of her friends over and they trash Eddy's house ([[SarcasmMode Great babysitting job you've done, Nazz. Trash the very house you're being paid to watch over]]). Oh, and the ending where [[spoiler:Eddy gets his tongue stuck in the door to his own room and Ed (normally one of the nicest characters in the series) puts a diaper on Eddy's tongue and calls him a "baby".]] That's right, the episode ends with Eddy (who hasn't done anything wrong in the entire episode) being heartbroken (poor guy genuinely thought he was finally going to get the girl) and humiliated in his own home all due to a big misunderstanding. Also, why didn't his parents just leave him a note or something that told them that Nazz was going to visit to keep an eye on things? Just who in their right minds would leave a 12-year-old and NOT let him know where they were going or if anyone was coming over to check up on things? Worst. Parenting. Ever.
** Tropers/Regulas314: I agree wholeheartedly, Nazz was condescending at best and a complete bitch at worst. It isn't Eddy's fault the house got destroyed, you can thank Ed and the giant chicken head of ice. This episode also retcons the fact that Eddy has been shown to be able to take care of himself. Unless this was a massive joke about how small he is that he's basically a baby, attitude and all, then that just makes it worse! Eddy's parents are no better than [[WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddparents Timmy Turner's;]] what kind of parents leave their 12 year old child home alone without letting him know they sent a babysitter to look after him for a bit? Double D's may be inattentive, but at least they leave sticky note instructions. As you pointed out, Eddy did NOTHING wrong in this episode to deserve the torment, the humiliation, or the heartbreak.
* Tropers/MadMan400096: That series' [=DMoS=] for me was "Postcards From the Ed". Long story short, [[JerkAss Eddy]] (and Eddy alone, mind you) scams Plank's visiting parents, accidentally kills them, and all three Eds get punished. Ed's punishing is sort of justified with him taking on the responsibility of courting Plank's parents [[HanlonsRazor without knowing the consequences of Eddy's actions]], but Edd didn't do a damn thing. That's not funny. Just [[DarthWiki/WallBanger infuriating]].
* Tropers/Marioking98341: What about "[[Recap/EdEddnEddyS4E1IfItSmellsLikeAnEd If It Smells Like An Ed]]"? This absolute gem of an episode had:
*** 1. KarmaHoudini {{Jerkass}} Jimmy. (No, that wasn't a typo.) Jimmy caused all 3 Eds pain by making them look like bad guys: He plants a stolen paintbrush on Ed, gets the hockey stick in the [[BuffySpeakTalk Friendship Day Heart Thing of Symbolism]] blamed on Eddy, and plants a rag he used to wipe off Plank's mouth on Edd. CharacterDerailment for him! He even pulled a GambitRoulette!
*** 2. The Plot. It was Friendship Day! And on said day, Eddy gave Jimmy a wedgie when Jimmy offers a token of friendship and Jimmy targets him and both his friends? That doesn't make sense; If Jimmy is going for revenge, just make it Eddy! Don't turn all three Eds into the laughing stock of the goddamn cul-de-sac and have the Kankers use BlackComedyRape in a G rated manner.
*** 3. Edd. As always, he does nothing wrong, nor has much evidence against him. And also, if they think Jimmy is innocent due to timidness, then should Edd get a automatic skip of being guilty? Sheesh, no wonder I hate this episode so much!
*** Psi Basilisk: Rolf did not know of Jimmy's plan; he basically says near the end that he just thought that Jimmy was giving him free candy for some reason. Not that this makes the episode any better. In fact, Using Rolf as an unknowing patsy actually makes Jimmy's actions in this horrendous episode even worse.
** Animeking1108: Unlike everyone else, I actually sympathize with Jimmy. My problem with this episode was how the kids reacted to Jimmy's humiliation. While I expected [[JerkAss Eddy, Kevin]], and maybe [[TheDitz Ed and Jonny]] to laugh at Jimmy, the fact that [[NiceGuy Edd, Rolf,]] [[NiceGirl and Nazz]] were laughing too was just sickening. It's especially jarring with Nazz since she actually called out everyone else for laughing at Jimmy after he got chased by Victor. This episode was one big OutOfCharacterMoment.
* Tropers/{{Frankiefoster}}: For my Moment, it has to be "Mission Ed Possible". Why? Double D was a fat jerk to Ed and Eddy, and their friendship seemed to fly out the window in favor of "his duty was to send report cards". The smug look on his face and the comment he made as Eddy and Ed were being dragged off by their parents threw me off. He was supposed to be the smart, nice kid, not the obnoxious jerk. It was like they were just totally bored with the series and decided to Flanderize Edd for fun. I could take all the examples above, but THAT one made me swear off of Ed, Edd n' Eddy for the rest of the season.
** Tropers/{{Cheapsunglasses}}: This episode did enrage me, but after seeing it a few more times, I still hate it for a very different set of reasons. I will concede that Ed and Eddy had no right to forge their grades and that their parents were entitled to see their report cards--I'll even begrudgingly admit that I feel Eddy deserved whatever punishment his parents have planned for him because his bad grades are due to a lack of effort. However, what I cannot forgive are the following things: Double D's blindness to reality in regards to his friends and his callousness towards Ed. His idealistic babbling almost made me feel like he didn't even know them. He also knows that Ed comes from a ''very'' abusive family, and chances are Ed's stories about his aunt, motivated by guilt-tripping they may be, are likely not exaggerated; also, Ed does not belong in a school to begin with--he needs professional help! Yet he does not hesitate to give Ed's evil mother a legitimate excuse to be angry with him, and his last sentence in the episode shows, to me, that his claim about "feeling sick" for taking the task in the first place is nothing but a dirty lie and that he feels nothing but satisfaction for getting his friends in trouble.
* fluffything: On behalf of my fellow EENE fans, I'd like to add "[[Recap/EdEddnEddyS4E12YourEdHere Your Ed Here]]" as a DMOS for being the absolute [[MoralEventHorizon low point]] for Kevin. In the episode, Kevin finds Eddy's ID card and finds out his middle name is Skipper. Horrified, Eddy tries to convince Kevin to keep it a secret and Kevin says he will... but only if Eddy will do a few "favors" for him. Cue Eddy doing some absolutely humiliating tasks (Including an infamous scene where he kisses Double D) just to keep Kevin from revealing his secret. And, how does Kevin repay him? He tells everyone Eddy's middle name anyway. In other words, Kevin just made Eddy do all of those things for his own sick pleasure rather than keep his word. Keep in mind that Eddy had done nothing to spite Kevin in this episode (at least in others, Eddy actually directly causes Kevin's rage). Because of it, Kevin went from a JerkJock [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold with some noble tendencies]] to a JerkWithAHeartOfJerk who harasses the Eds for no reason other than they exist in the eyes of the fandom.
** Tropers/MelancholyUtopia: While you pointed out what I mostly loathed about the episode (I could actually forgive "It Smells Like an Ed" in regards to this piece of shit) you forgot to mention another irksome moment; [[{{Hypocrite}} Eddy's hypocrisy]]. Yes, this was an absolute low blow on Kevin's part and he was a total jerk, but what Eddy did to Edd made me sick. Double D was comforting him (what you would expect from him) when his name was revealed and everyone made fun of him. To cheer him up, Double D tells him his middle female name; Marion. What does Eddy do? He laughs at it, calls everyone in the cul-de-sac to attention so they can make fun of Double D. And they all gather around to laugh at a very blushing, embarrassed Edd. What? Is this how you repay the ONLY person who didn't laugh at you for your middle name, Eddy? The one trying to cheer you up and tell you to be proud of your name? I knew you were a {{Jerkass}}, but I never thought [[TookALevelInJerkass you would stoop this low!]]
* heartauthor: The endings of all three of the holiday specials left a bad taste in my mouth, but the worst ending belongs to "Ed Edd n Eddy's Boo Haw Haw". Ed's Halloween-related visions have been causing trouble for all the other kids all night, and they end up chasing the Eds into a hole. While Eddy and Double D cower in fear, Ed [[AssPull dresses up in a robe and begins reading a newspaper]], proclaiming his work is done. The other kids then proceed to viciously beat Eddy and Double D, and Ed has one last vision...of Eddy and Double D frolicking in flowers. That's seriously how it ends. Sure, I know the Eds [[StatusQuoIsGod are never supposed to win]], but the most infuriating part is that [[CantGetAwayWithNuthin Eddy and Double D]] didn't do anything but got the punishment, while Ed got off [[KarmaHoudini scot-free]]! Sure, Eddy was more than willing to take Jimmy's candy, but only after Ed took it from him! Like I said, I know the Eds aren't usually supposed to win, but following that formula for the holiday specials just didn't work for me.
* {{NTroper}}: "Cry Ed", the episode where all the kids from the Cul de Sac (Minus the Eds of course) take care of Jimmy after an injury. An injury caused by a clothespin that lightly pokes at Jimmy's foot, which prompts Jimmy to react as if his foot broke. Seriously? A clothespin grazes your foot and you act for half the episode as if you had just come out of a NoHoldsBarredBeatdown? There's MinorInjuryOverreaction, and there is this. It elevates Jimmy's FragileFlower credentials to a sickening level.
* Tropers/DontReadThis: "Dear Ed". The episode where Jonny and Plank have a fallout and are separated. Late on in the episode, the Eds decide that the only way Jonny can be happy again is to allow him to meet a new friend. So they throw him a party at Eddy's house, and Jonny, followed by the rest of the kids, actually show up. Now what stands out for me is Kevin's behavior during the party, particularly the scene where he smashes Eddy's records to pieces out of sheer disgust for the music. Now I know Kevin is a JerkJock, but he would only show his hatred of the Eds when they get in his way. Eddy did absolutely NOTHING to Kevin and yet he shows blatant disrespect for Eddy's personal belongings. I mean seriously, he doesn't like Eddy's taste in music, so he decides to wreck his possessions?
* Tropers/BarthVader: The ending of the Christmas Special. It seems [[spoiler:Eddy had learned his lessons for once. Santa Claus drops the gifts for the Eds and the other kids. Then Eddy grabs the JerkassBall and steals all the presents. Ed and Edd try to stop him, which ends with all three Eds losing their presents. Then, Kankers happen. Yes, Ed and Edd didn't do a thing to deserve it, how did you guess?]] Okay, I know this is [[SadistShow "Ed Edd 'n' Eddy"]] we're talking about, but would throwing the Eds a bone in a ChristmasSpecial be that much of a problem?
* Tropers/FairyDreamer: The first part of "Out With The Old, In With The Ed". The kids have always been jerks, but this was a new low. Eddy tricks the kids into thinking it's still summer when it's really fall and school is supposed to start soon. Rather than go home to their parents and explain to them, the kids ''break into Double D's house'' and steal all his school supplies (except for a highlighter pen). Even Nazz, who's usually the nice girl, doesn't object to this! That moment ruined the entire first half of this episode for me.
* Tropers/{{Mineburst}}: I'd like to add "Smile for the Ed" for reasons similar to "Your Ed Here". What happens is that Kevin messes up Eddy's school photo, sells the photos to everyone in school and have everyone wear them as masks while laughing at Eddy himself. The worst part is the ending: Just as Eddy could have his photo fixed, Kevin messes it up again, and then a locker filled with photos explodes. Eddy is forced to clean up the school and gets detention for impersonating the principal - which was actually done by Edd. Talk about adding insects to injury! I found this episode (especially its ending) quite depressing as to how the antagonist gets off scot-free while the victim gets punished for nothing TWICE.
* Tropers/{{AngelLovingDude}}: I've been thinking about this for awhile, but there's a particular scene in Urban Ed (the cardboard city episode) that has always bothered me. In it, Nazz is carrying some of the merchandise she's purchased and Double D offers her a hand. He then looks up to see Ed and Eddy dropping yogurt like something else pigeons do. Double D pushes her out of the way and she's annoyed. I suppose that's fair as she doesn't know why he did that. And after he prevents any yogurt from falling on her a few more times, Ed drops an anvil (against Eddy's warning). And yet even though Double D prevented her from being killed by a falling anvil, she rewards him by karate chopping him. Either Nazz is an ungrateful bitch, or she's TooDumbToLive.
* Tropers/{{TheUnknownUploader}}: For me, the ending to For Your Ed Only is this. Here's how the episode starts: The Eds are giving Jonny a balloon ride. That's it. Then kevin rides up, and pops the balloon, nearly killing them. Don't believe me? Jonny falls head first on the ground and ends up in China! This is what causes them to find Sarah's diary. Then when the kids are looking for Sarah's diary, Kevin doesn't give a crap. And at the end of the episode, the Eds--and Jonny--get punished. Yeah, Eddy took the diary, but Ed and Edd wanted to return. And Jonny wasn't even there! So why the hell is he getting punished and not Kevin? Once again, Kevin gets off scot-free. I hate that bastard.
* Tropers/AlinhoAlisson: "A Fistful of Ed", the episode starts with Double D teaching some of the kids how to raise eggs. Suddenly, the Kankers burst in and try to steal the eggs and bully Double D. Scared, he drops the book he was holding, it then falls and breaks Lee's foot, sending the Kankers away. This leaves everyone in the room shocked and afraid Double D might try to bully them. Why? Even if he scared the Kankers away, he was barely acting in self defense. This is specially weird, because in the ending, Jimmy beats the hell out of Double D and is then seen as a hero. The episode builds itself in making a series of accidents happen and making Double D seem like a bad guy. To make it worse, Eddy decides to pull a TookALevelInJerkass and use the accidents as an excuse to bully the other kids and promote Double D's bad guy image. To make it even worse, Ed starts believing Double D is a bully as well, making both him and Double D cry and leaving him severely depressed. In general, this episode not only makes the nicest character in the whole show suffer a TraumaCongaLine, it also makes him suffer a hell of a beating and still not getting any respect from the other kids.