Dethroning Moment: Dragon Ball Z

...why? WHY???

With this series being a Long Runner, this was only to be expected before fans wish that these moments would be sent to the other dimension.

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  • Dashguy: The treatment of Yamcha in Dragon Ball Z is downright sickening. Despite being Gokuís very first rival and one of his oldest and most loyal friends, he gets unceremoniously killed by a Mook during the fight against the Saiyans. It gets worse. After he comes back to life, his role and girlfriend, whom he had known for years, get suddenly taken by a sociopath with a tendency for causing more trouble than he solves. In the end, he gets reduced to a talking piece of background.
    • Monsund: Whats even worse is that none of his friends seem to care at all that Yamcha lost the girl he had been love with for 15 years (and heavily implied to have been planning to marry). They even cracked cruel jokes at his expense. Some friends they are, what ever happened to True Companions?
    • Gendo Ikari: Honestly, the general treatment of the entire supporting cast, left a lot to be desired. Lunch is probably the worst case. At least other supporting characters got cameos during later arcs but her last apparition was at the end of the original series. Z opened with the explanation that she went away with Tien (who, upon being reintroduced, doesn't say a word about her), and she's never seen nor mentioned again. When asked, Akira Toriyama justified having forgotten about her by saying he didn't put a cameo of her at the end of the manga at the last minute. She got one at the end of the anime, at least.
    • Tye Dye Wildebeest: The treatment of the (non saiyan) Z fighters during the Cell Games was especially sickening. Chiaotzu didn't even show up, and the rest of them might as well have stayed home for all the difference they made. At one point during Cell and Gohan's kamehameha battle, Piccolo, Krillin, Tien and Yamcha all decide to attack Cell at once to give Gohan more of an edge. All of them, combined, only manage to mildly annoy Cell, and in the end it's a single attack by Vegeta that gives Gohan the opening he needs. It'd be one thing if they were just Demoted to Extra, but at this point it seemed like the writers were going out of their way to show how hopelessly inferior they were to the saiyans.
  • Darkton: Another one from the Cell Saga was the beginning. Freeza has not only survived the explosion of Namek, but is bringing his father with him. And what's worse, they've arrived on Earth. Now, our hero lineup consists of Gohan, Kurilin, Piccolo, Vegeta, Tenshinhan, and Yamucha, with Bulma and Puar caught in the crossfire. Most of these people have died at least once, so unless there's some technicality on who brings them back, if they die this time, it's permanent. This could've made a great Hold the Line story, as the Z-Fighters try hard not to die in battle. But that's not what happens. Instead, some purple-haired punk with blue eyes shows up and starts trash-talking Freeza. Then he... turns into a Super Saiyan? The heck? Isn't that supposed to be a "once every 1000 years" thing? Then he kills Freeza in three episodes (well, one and two eighths of episodes) where it took Goku over 20. It gets worse; he kills Freeza's father, despite him being almost as strong as Freeza, in less the time it took for Freeza to die. Then, when Goku does show up, he explains that he's the son of Bulma and Vegeta, despite the two only having one scene together. Yamucha, her official boyfriend, is said to be a playboy, despite him being afraid of women. In the end, the boy, named Trunks, sets up a saga that's basically a rip-off of The Terminator. What just happened? Allow me to explain. A Marty Stu showed up, became a Super Saiyan (a trait also shared by Goku), killed Freeza and his father in seconds, and set up two characters who were never meant to be.
    • Mind Narrative: If Trunks being a Super Saiyan didn't annoy you, perhaps Gohan being a 13-year-old SSJ2 would. Or Goten, who became SSJ at about six years old before learning how to fly. What unseen off-screen mid-battle trauma did Goten and child!Trunks suffer to trigger the transformation? And that's not even getting into GT where Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr., both 1/16 Saiyan, turn SSJ at about five years old in the World Tournament. Does Saiyan blood work like homeopathic medicine, where they become stronger the more their genealogy is diluted?
  • Spider Fan 14: In the final episode of the Cell Games saga, Hercule takes all the credit for killing Cell, which everyone main/supporting character is OK with. Goku died to help kill Cell and this is how they repay him? At least a scrap of acknowledgement would be nice.
  • Blazar: In the finale of the Cell Saga, Goku threw Gohan into a fight to the death with Perfect Cell with absolutely no warning or time to prepare (he had several days in which he could have told the others of his plans). Not only did this supposedly perfect hero and Friend to All Living Things put the fate of the world on the shoulders of his eleven-year-old, he gave Cell a senzu bean first, then proceeded to just sit back and watch as Cell brutally beat Gohan to near-death, not lifting a finger to help him until Piccolo finally called him out on it, even going so far as to actively stop Piccolo from helping him, this while Gohan was screaming in agony due to being slowly crushed to death by Cell. Yeah, Goku was a real wonderful father - and people wonder why some of us think Piccolo was a better father to Gohan than Goku ever was.
  • Kantonkage: Then at the end of DBZ, Goku runs off again!! He abandoned his family for which included his beloved granddaughter to train Uub a kid he just met. Which turns out to be a waste of time, as he is immediately hit with the Worf Effect.
  • RAZ: The ending of the Cell saga. After transforming into Super Saiyan 2 form, Gohan decides to be a stupid, selfish idiot, ignore everyone with common sense, and drag things with Cell out, which ultimately winds up endangering all of Earth when Cell nearly explodes and as a result winds up getting Goku killed from his dumbassery. Gee, is it any wonder why readers weren't all that apt about having him play the role of The Hero after that? And aside from that, Cell officially elevates himself to Villain Sue status with the way he comes back even stronger for one last match (magically in his Perfect form no less), via the Namekian regenerative cells from Piccolo that he has in him—- an ability that, I might add, has been repeatedly stated in the past to drain one's energy when it's used, which if anything would have made him weaker by that point! But nope, the usual rules are ignored in his favor so he can curbstorm everyone and even successfully wound Gohan just to try to amp up the question of if they'll make it or not. The end result is a horrible mess of a conclusion that leaves one rancid taste in my mouth.
    • Hobgoblin: Cell was already stated to have the DNA of not only the Saiyans, which is how he increases in strength, but also Freeza, which is how he survives in conditions that would otherwise kill him. So his power-up isn't magical. The main issue with his return is that he manages to come back even after stating that the nucleus of his head needs to be intact for his regeneration to work, a fact that is overlooked when he completely blows up his entire body and even earlier when Goku destroys his entire upper body with a Warp Kamehameha.
  • Dephlogisticate: Vegeta's sacrifice in the Majin Buu Saga; when he uses Final Explosion, which is essentially the equivalent of a nuclear warhead going off, Majin Buu manages to regenerate. Vegeta's redeeming moment: Wasted
  • Dr Zulu 2010: For me, it has to be Goku's decision to choose Mr Satan and Dende over his children and Piccolo during the Majin Buu saga. While in hindsight, Satan turns out to be essential about Kid Buu's ultimate defeat, that still doesn't change much in the grand scheme of things. Let's put that on another light. What if Piccolo was the one who goes to Namek and tell his race of what happened while Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Goten and Trunks could face off Kid Buu in an epic final showdown. Can you imagine the awesomness it could turn out to be?
  • Falconwing: Dragonball Z Battle Of Gods was full of all sorts of things to bitch about. But none was more infuriating than the incomprehensible decision to retcon the story behind Planet Vegeta's destruction. Instead of Freeza blowing up the planet out of fear of a Super Saiyan. He was ordered by Villain Sue Beerus to do it for the most pettiest of reasons. Not only does it make Freeza look like a total pussy, it made Vegeta, and Goku's battles with him utterly pointless.
  • Why Not Now: There's a reason many die-hard fans such as myself consider the Buu Saga a total failure, cool in some ways, but a huge flop overall, weak in storytelling and abominable in characterization, but the crowning moment for this "honor" that exemplifies everything that was wrong with the Buu Saga and indeed late Dragon Ball Z had to be Goku just leaving his sons behind to die on Earth at the hands of Majin Buu when he very easily had the power to save them. The plot Hand Waves this by never bringing it up again and implying that since they can be revived from death that it totally nullifies the downright evil crime Goku committed of letting his own flesh and blood die. Now, not only does this make death utterly meaningless on a level never seen before in Dragon Ball Z (not even in previous sagas), but it ignores the fact that there are some acts you just can't come back from. Knowingly letting a family member die is perhaps the darkest and most sadistic thing a villain can do, never mind the HERO of your goddamn story! It's utter failure on Goku's part and proof that he is perhaps the worst father ever, that he only viewed his family as more of an afterthought next to fighting and adventuring, and that just because something is easily fixed doesn't mean there isn't lingering pain. If a real life father left one of his OWN CHILDREN to die, that child could never look at the father the same way again, and it also negates the "Larger-Than-Life God Even Among Gods" image they were trying to give Goku in the final chapter of DBZ, because a true paragon of morality would look after his own and choose his family, not a fraud who insulted and dishonored them for seven years and an alien child he barely knows. All around fucking FAIL.