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  • Charred Knight: The Curb-Stomp Battle between Suzaku and the three "aces" of Britannia, basically the ultimate example of Informed Ability. Not only does it make Britannia look like a pile of shit, but it makes the Black Knights look like morons for not being able to destroy them.
  • Valkir: The ending to R2: The war between Britannia and Japan was over resources, not hatred, racism, or all that other puppy-hugs social worker bullcrap. Lelouch focusing the world's hatred on him and then planning his own demise doesn't mean anything to the ultimate reason anyone was fighting in the first place unless his corpse suddenly makes the sky rain Sakuradite. Britannia was only treating Japan like third-class citizens to try and vindicate to their own people why there was any reason to invade and take their resources. But so we can have a sappy, feel-good ending and have the show shoehorn in some cheesy savior motif, suddenly we're expected to believe that everyone loves each other because Lelouch was the worst person ever. Ozymandias did something similar in Watchmen - at least Alan Moore was smart enough to realize that some overly elaborate Thanatos Gambit like Zero Requiem would only stop the fighting for a very, very short time.
  • Palmon18: Euphemia's genocide. So, Lelouch looks at her and says "Hey, now that we have achieved peace in Japan, I wanna show you my powers! If I wanted to, I could make you kill the Japanese and become a monster in the history books!" And then, his Geass went off. So after she took a gun and started shooting all of the Japanese around her, Lelouch gave her a bullet for her troubles and I left the series for good.
    • Man With The Plan: It was a prime example of They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot. If the world peace plan had actually been allowed to happen, and then somehow get devastatingly crushed, it would have been really interesting, and it would have given Euphemia plenty of Character Development to go through in response to her dream being dashed like that. But no, she gets killed instead and the plan never really gets off the ground.
  • Acesoldier Zero: The Black Knights deciding to join Schneizel after learning the truth of Lelouch's past in R2 should definitely qualify, if only because it makes them all come across as treacherous and stupid, and, in the case of Ohgi, completely hypocritical. The fact that all of them get happy endings while Lelouch, the guy who made them what they were and led them to victory after victory, dies does not help one bit.
    • Echoing Silence: Plus a brainwashed individual could never question their orders and turn on their master if he had absolute control as Lelouch did. When Lelouch used his geass, people fell to his command and committed his orders without question, even if Euphie had one moment of resistance she still fell to his command. And with the footage that Schneizel had of people unwaveringly falling to Lelouch's command with his geass, which means they should have figured, "If I am not questioning this or saying "Yes my lord" to Lelouch, maybe I'm not brainwashed," or at the very least begun to question if Schneizel was full of shit.