Determinator: Web Original

  • Tifa Lockheart in the fan film series Dead Fantasy is an insanely awesome representation of this trope. Throughout five shorts, she has been slapped with an axe capable of downing a skyscraper, beaten to a bleeding pulp, which involved literally having the Materia knocked out of her, jumped onto a train, been slashed quite a few times, filled with arrows like it was target practice, stabbed through the arm, and chained up by kusarigama. It takes Hayate's intervention to finally stop her.
    • In another of Monty Oum's creations, RWBY, Jaune of all people. In a late episode, an Ursa, one that's bigger, stronger and more heavily-armoured than any previously encountered swats down Cardin with little effort, so Jaune steps in to try and take it down. Even though he's physically outmatched by the creature and his Aura is low, he continually throws himself at the creature and eventually slays it. He also demonstrated this willingness to throw himself into impossible odds in his hopeless duel against Cardin earlier on.
      • This attitude is deconstructed with Yang in her backstory. Desperate to find her biological mother after her stepmother (and Ruby's mother) disappeared, the very little Yang took Ruby through a giant forest, bearing numerous injuries along the way, to find her mom. By time she'd reached Qrow's house, Yang was heavily wounded and exhausted to the point of near unconsciousness, just in time for a Grimm to try and kill her and Ruby, and the only reason Yang's stubbornness hadn't gotten her and Ruby killed was because of Qrow killing the Grimm, saving the two. Yang shares this story with an exhausted, rundown Blake, who was dedicating every minute of her life to finding Torchwick at the expense of her health and sanity, hoping that she would stop Blake from going too far with this trope.
  • The Protectors of the Plot Continuum. They have been led for a time by the Big Bad, faced a never-ending deluge of badfic, and been driven out of their headquarters by The Plague; however, they never stop the fight against Mary Sues.
  • LordKaT is the brain behind the Until We Win videos, where he plays obscenely difficult video games and does not stop until he does in fact beat it.
  • As of today (12th April 2011) 'Card Games FTW' - the youtube account of LittleKuriboh - is back up after its fifth banning.
  • In a Meta sense, see the page picture up there? It went through the third biggest Image Pickin Forum with the crowner with the most number of images EVER. It was open for months (IIRC) without any examples with above zero points. But guess what, we made it, and there's the picture. The people who participated in the forum are all Determinators.
  • The New Avengers as a whole, and several other characters as well, in Marvels RPG.
  • The Nostalgia Chick lives in either LA or New York City. She will run from either of these places to Virginia and Chicago to stalk and fight (and chloroform), respectively.
  • On that note, The Nostalgia Critic had run from Chicago to Pennsylvania for a brawl with the Nerd.
  • From Touhou: a Glimmer of an Outside World, there's Shujiko, who becomes one of these as soon as she draws upon her ability.
  • In The Salvation War, the First-Death humans (those who have died and are now in hell) that become main characters are basically this. Extra points because they mostly are members of the US Army. As one of its characters puts it:
    Liutenant Jade "Broomstick" Kim: Okay, guys. We donít have to eat. We donít have to sleep. We heal ten times faster than ordinary humans. Weíre the United States military. Letís go blow up some baldricks.
  • In The Gamers Alliance, Leopold and Orestes stop at nothing to get the job done.
  • Fantendo's user Cloverfield Monster. Despite being lynched and told to leave, he never gives up on making games.
  • Zerosaga1 is known for having this attribute, even when playing extremely difficult games.
  • Church of Red vs. Blue is basically this. He acts like he doesn't care and isn't very good at being The Hero, but if there's something he thinks has to be done, he never gives up until he accomplishes it. This goes as far as to him facing Wash and the Meta at the same time, after being shot, with just a pistol and Doc to help, after Tex is trapped in the memory unit in season 8. It doesn't work, but he still tried.
  • "A Simple Walk (Into Mordor)", a set of videos featuring Chris and Kerry of Rooster Teeth setting out to walk the distance between (the shooting locations of) Hobbiton to Mordor. Despite the conditions they walked across, the blisters they busted, how incredibly poor their hygiene was and how many laws they had to break to get there, they did it in six days and buried the One Ring in the site of Mordor.
  • Worm has several, including the protagonist, but a few stand out even among these:
    • Chevalier, who at one point takes a laser to to gut, wakes up an hour later having had major battlefield surgery to stitch him back up, and promptly grabs his sword and armor before heading out to challenge Behemoth, one of the deadliest entities in existence, to a swordfight.
    • Taylor, who in spite of being cut in half first controls her landing so as to merely break her remaining limbs hitting the water, then invoke an Emergency Transformation device to return to the fight, and then continue fighting even as (late in the battle) the transformation is wearing off and her core organs are falling out of her abdominal cavity.
  • If you aren't a mook in the Madness Combat universe, you are automatically this trope. And while most of them are dead, they died hard. Some of them multiple times!
  • Jesse Cox ran into a Game-Breaking Bug during the final battle of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance which caused him to lose the final boss battle repeatedly. Follows of his social media know he was attempting it for several hours and was on the verge of giving up. And then...
    I give up on giving up. I am a gamer. I CANNOT walk away from this stupid ass boss. BUG OR NO BUG. I will win.
    • He then works out how to do it by changing resolutions during the fight.
  • Out of the many badasses inhabiting AJCO, the Shrinking Violet with a stammer is the most determined. Egg has been kicked down and beaten up - physically, mentally and emotionally - more times than is possible to count but just keeps going. No matter how many times her attempts to help have gone sour, she will not stop trying to help. She gets just that little bit stronger every time she picks herself up - she'll probably be a Badass Pacifist when she's older.
  • The Mob of Twitch Plays Pokťmon do not stop until they have defeated the Champion. No matter how many Pokemon are released, no matter how many times they lose, and no matter how powerful the enemies in front of them become, they just won't stop. As a side-effect, their hosts come across as this in-universe - Red spent days in Team Rocket HQ, AJ spent three and a half hours to get out of the first route in the game, and Napoleon spent eight hours in the Great Marsh trying to avoid disaster. Camilla A Slash gets the prize, however, for fighting the Elite Four over one hundred times.
  • The humans from Void Of The Stars