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Deal With The Devil: Web Original
  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: an interesting twist version of the Ordeal, where the Mephistopheles's offer to the Faustus is, effectively, to help rule "Hell" if he'll just kill one person... the Faustus accepts, believing he will be able to use this authority to reconstruct a better world, but by carrying out his assignment ends up abandoning his original motivations, ethics, and, indeed, everything he ever made the deal for in the first place... which was, presumably, the point of the ordeal to begin with. Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Faustus: The Musical!
  • Fantasy Powers League: The Broker's main schtick, name your superpower and it's yours, as long as you're willing to pay it forward...
  • Inverted in Tasakeru. To save Hanami's life, Zero makes a deal with a God. That's not to say that it won't still have consequences...
  • In the Whateley Universe, the mutant codenamed Gypsy gave her soul to The Kellith and accepted a demon mark in exchange for what Gypsy wanted most. Confidence. Since Carmilla has killed The Kellith, Gypsy is now bonded to Carmilla, and things are looking a lot better for her.
  • In The Nostalgia Critic's review of Care Bears II, he made a deal with the Bennett The Sage who was pretending to be the devil. Instead his soul, Critic gave Bennett all of his money to forget all about Sequel Month. Bennett pointed out that he wasn't really the devil but still made the deal anyway when Critic said he'd give him everything. note 
    • Nothing gets Linkara into an angry rant like One More Day, in which "Spiderman! Makes a deal! With the devil!!!" It has almost become one of his Catch Phrases.
  • The Demon was Just Under Three Feet Tall.
  • The cast of Sevenshot Kid are absolutely terrible with this.
  • The entire premise of Lilium is essentially this.
  • In Dark Dream Chronicle, going through Session gives you enhanced strength, stamina, endurance, brainpower, you name it, all at the low low price of giving your Soul to "the Master". Also, if you aren't Immune, you die horribly around the age of 27. Oh, and if you get picked to be an Enforcer, you get all of your emotions removed. Have fun~
  • SCP-738 of the SCP Foundation. The price paid for a deal is something intended to cause emotional pain to the person making the deal, like the death of a best friend or losing all memories of one's mother. Interestingly, when a test subject who is severely mentally handicapped is sent in to make a deal, the entity accepts it... but then sighs in regret once it's complete.
  • This news story from The Onion suggests that Beyoncé made a deal with a witch for talent and fame in exchange for her first child. And as soon as Blue Ivy Carter was born...
  • In Fate By Blades there is a devil-esque figure who makes deals with mortals, often with the condition that someone involved with said deal take a Horny Devil consort. The opening antagonist, Gilliam, does this but later breaks his end of the deal, causing his whole rebellion to fail, while Lucas makes a similar deal to acquire a demonic consort to tempt Kona over to his side. Lucas is more successful as Kona ends up joining him.
  • Kyle from Statless And Tactless considers any deal made with Joe to be a devil's bargain. The fact Joe is clearly evil and makes his posts in red text doesn't help.
  • The Cleanser from the Sporewiki Fiction Universe seems to zig-zag this trope. On one hand, he often grants people deals in exchange for their souls. On the other hand, he uses his ownership of your soul for benevolent purposes, and, though he often tricks you, he does so to maximize the benefit he gains from the deal, and any harm this causes you is merely a side effect. In addition, most deals with him are stated to go fine.
    • To make it even more confusing, he does collect the souls he owns after their deaths and put you in a lake filled with lava and instruments of torture, but, once he feels you have made up for your accumulated sins, he alters you such that this results in orgasmic pleasure rather than agonizing pain.
    • Ultimately, whether or not a deal with the Cleanser counts as a deal with the devil depends on whether or not you view the Cleanser as a good or evil character.
  • According to SF Debris Janeway became a Starfleet captain by sacrificing the souls of Omicron Theta to the Devil (by means of the crystalline entity), and has him on speed dial. It's definitely a business relationship, because she dismisses the advice of her shoulder devil as "religious crap".
  • "Who Do You Want Me To Kill" has the devil come to a young man named Simon with the offer to kill one, and only one, person of his choice. Simon decides to have the devil kill "the person who has hurt him the most". Simon immediately drops dead.
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