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Darthwiki: To Hunt And Be Hunted
To Hunt and be Hunted, short THABH is a book in the works, written by Elfe.

THABH is the working title, thought it is most defintley here to stay- It may be demoted to subtitle though, since Tropers/Elfe intends to write a sequel to which this title would no longer fit.

Senka is a shadow vampire. Instead of sucking peoples blood, she steals their shadow. Or would, if circumstances, consequences of such hadn't had her off actual shadows. The remedy to this is artificial shade, which her friend Quest, a spider fae and scientist creates for her.

Oh, and she also hunts blood vampires, which are more of the traditional kind. However, when a (solo) raid on a blood vampire nest goes wrong and leads to Senka finding out that the Vampires have kidnapped Phil, a mutual friend to her and Quest, and also the Token Human and resident Nervous Wreck, the race is on.

Unfortunatley for her, this lot of vampires is much more cunning than she is used to.


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