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So Bad, It's Horrible are the works with the lowest writing quality of all; those which gain no genuine audience whatsoever. Trying to give them a quality rating is like trying to measure the depth of a black hole: It has none.

Or anyhow, that's how all people who read/watch/play/etc. the work have perceived it as. The work is absolutely terrible, and not just because of unfortunate or otherwise offensive content. No past or present positive opinions can be found about the work, nor does it contain Guilty Pleasures or anything So Bad, It's Good. Nobody who watches it likes it.

Such works can be recognized by the following:
  • The work as a whole is truly terrible by the standard of the medium involved, with a low quality in all aspects of work creation: storytelling, drawing, writing and so on.
  • The work has a small audience, and if it's produced for profit it has poor sales.
  • They have been panned by multiple critics for their low quality, or even inspired multiple cases of Critic Breakdown.
  • The work's flaws may be parodied by a number of other works, and in some cases the work may even become a pop culture-level Snark Bait.

Some Real Life examples can be found on Idiot Programming, Idiot Design, and TheAllegedCar.Real Life. Popular works, deliberately badly done works and individual episodes and chapters don't belong here.

Important Notes:
  1. Merely being offensive in its subject matter is not enough to justify a work as So Bad It's Horrible. Hard as it is to imagine at times, there is a market for all types of deviancy (no matter how small a niche it is). It has to fail to appeal even to that niche to qualify as this.

  2. A certain work isn't horrible just because a few well-known Caustic Critics reviewed it. There needs to be independent evidence, such as actual professional pannings, to list it. Once it is listed, those critics can provide the detailed review(s).

  3. This page is not for horrible episodes or individual chapters of otherwise good episodic works. For those, see Dethroning Moment of Suck and Seasonal Rot.

  4. Fan Fiction and Web Originals (for example, YouTube Poop) have been banned from this namespace. note 

Alternative Title(s): Horrible