Darth Wiki / Waverton

Waverton is a short story about Tyler and Jennifer Wells, a couple in The '50s that are moving to a small cul-de-sac neighborhood called Waverton. Everyone seems very nice and the couple who owns the neighborhood, Jon and Karen Rheam, are the friendliest. Jon helps them move their furniture in and Karen invites them over to have some of her special homemade recipes.

But soon, the Wells start to notice things. Whenever Jon is around, the Wells' dog, Spiffy, begins to bark loudly, almost out of fear. Shortly afterward, he goes missing. Then, Tyler sees a salesman knock on Jon's door. Jon invites him inside, but the salesman never comes back out. They know that Waverton holds a very dark secret. But what might that secret be? Everyone in Waverton is a cannibal.

This story contains examples of: