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Darth Wiki: Waveform
A potentially dadaist approach to the superhero genre, this is the story of one of the most oddball heroes ever.

As Ordinary High-School Student, Gregor Iago Hertz, wakes up on his Dangerous Sixteenth Birthday, he's excited - stemming from a middle class family, he hopes on scoring the money to buy an iPod, his MacGuffin of choice to begin siege on the heart of his beloved rich, Alpha Bitch. However, his humble presents don't quite make the price, and so he storms off into the city in a bout of unnecessary teenage angst. Passing through unfamiliar districts, he walks past a TV store and is mystified when an announcer mentions that 'It is a cold day in hell'. The people around him look odd, and it might be that the sky has a strange tint...

Fleeing from the increasingly warped crowd, he stumbles into The Little Shop That Wasn't There Yesterday and sees - the Mac Phlebotinum 3000 ultra player. After having just enough money to buy it, he does, and coming home late hooks it up to his PC and goes back to sleep.

The next morning, his entire massive music collection is on the thing, and it seems to be stuck in "Shuffle All". But before he can return it, strange things start to happen.

Mainly, our unfortunate hero has gained the superpower to interpret whatever song he plays on the thing into reality. "Great Balls of Fire"!.

First envisioned as a Comic Book, but since the fight scenes only make sense when you have his actual music track of choice, Western Animation TV would fit better.

If written, it would provide examples of:

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alternative title(s): Waveform
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